Native Instruments


Three software music instruments
The bundle includes the XPRESS B4, PRO-53, and FM7
versions of the legendary classics
B3, Prophet-5TM, and FM synths

B4 XPRESS produces the sound of the legendary B3 drawbar organ including rotary speaker. PRO-53 XPRESS generates the sound of the Prophet-5TM analog synth. FM7 XPRESS delivers the digital sound of the famous FM synths of the 1980s.

Live and in the studio
Since all three instruments can run standalone and as a plug-in, XPRESS KEYBOARDS are equally suited for playing live at home, on stage, and for composing songs in a sequencer.

Individual and as bundle
XPRESS KEYBOARDS includes B4 XPRESS, FM7 XPRESS, and PRO-53 XPRESS and will be offered as a bundle at an attractive price in the NI Online Shop and stores worldwide. In addition the instruments can be purchased individually as direct download from the NI Online Shop.

Presets and controls
The three XPRESS KEYBOARDS are designed for maximum playability and deliver the most popular sounds of their predecessors. Altogether 160 presets cover a large spectrum of sounds, from fat basses to lead and pad sounds, from organ sounds to keyboard tones. In addition the presets can be changed through selected sound parameters (depending on the preset) letting you customize the sound.


B4 XPRESS delivers the popular organ sound of the 60’s and 70’s. Countless music productions of this era used the warm and powerful sound of the legendary drawbar organ. B4 XPRESS generates the sounds of the hardware predecessor with precision and includes 32 of the best presets from the Native Instruments B4 Organ.
Sound settings
In addition some of the most important sound parameters can be altered: the rotary speakers (a must for a striking organ sound) are tweaked with the Rotor control. Drive controls the degree of distortion, ideal for rocking organ sounds. Vibrato adds an expressive vibrato, Percussion a percussive velocity sound. Bass, Treble, and Brilliance change the color of the sound.

FM 7

At the beginning of the 1980s a new synthesis type called frequency modulation (FM) changed the sound generation and left a significant mark on the sound of pop and alternative music alike. FM7 XPRESS includes 64 presets, including precise bass sounds, crystalline bells, metallic leads, and pulsing pads, plus some impressive analog-style sounds and pulsing loops.
Sound settings
The control surface offers several controls for sonic fine-tuning: Harmonic adds new overtones and changes the basic sound, while Brightness boosts the high end. With Attack, Decay, and Release you can turn a punchy bass into a long string sound by altering the envelope times. FX controls the effects level for the sounds: depending on the preset you can increase or decrease the chorus, delay, or hall. The Modulation Wheel lets you dynamically alter the sounds while playing live.

Pro 53

PRO-53 XPRESS emulates the full, powerful analog sounds of the Sequential Circuits TM Prophet-5 . Fat basses, warm pads, energetic leads, and brass and string sounds with real character are all possible with PRO-53. The PRO-53 XPRESS includes 64 of the best sounds from its big brother PRO-53.
Sound settings
The most important parameters can be tweaked for custom sounds: Brightness, Resonance, Shape, Attack, and Decay control the filter of the PRO-53, allowing for countless sonic variations. FX controls the effects level for the sounds: depending on the preset you can increase or decrease the chorus, delay, or hall. The Modulation Wheel gives sounds even more life and expressiveness by smoothly altering various sound settings.

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