Native Instruments

Virtual sound-fusion laboratory.
Vocoder, synthesizer, granular sampler.

The Vocoding Engine

VOKATOR's advanced engine uses 1024 frequency bands. In addition to its transparent, full-resolution operation, bands can even be grouped together for a vintage-vocoder emulation. To ensure optimal dynamic range across the frequency spectrum, an integrated multi-band compressor balances the levels of all bands.

Configurable Design

A pair of vocoding channels can either be spectrally combined or played independently. Channel A can be switched between an integrated file player or external input A, while Channel B can be set to a full-featured synthesizer, a time-stretching granular sampler, or external input B.

Synthesizer can be switched to a re-synthesis sampler.

Diverse Sound Sources

VOKATOR is both an effect plug-in and a vocoder-based synthesizer. Its synthesizer features an advanced dual-oscillator design with dynamic preset morphing controlled by the modulation wheel. VOKATOR's granular sampler can independently control a sample's pitch and time. A full range of modulators &endash; step sequencers, envelope followers, LFOs, and more &endash; can be easily routed to any of the synthesizer's or sampler's parameters.

Native Instruments

Specifically designed for rhythmic loop playback.
INTAKT is based on the KONTAKT engine

One-screen interface features sound shaping abilities. Using multiple algorithms, INTAKT automatically syncs to tempo, while a library of loops from Zero-G and East West provides sample source material for nearly any musical style. Naturally, INTAKT provides a wealth of sound shaping options, including a multimode filter, an envelope follower, two LFOs, effects, and more.

Three Algorithms

INTAKT features three sample playback algorithms to ensure maximum sound quality for a variety of source material.

Using an advanced peak-detection algorithm, the Beat Machine divides the imported audio into individual hits. Each hit can have individual settings for pitch, playback direction, pitch envelope, amp envelope, distortion, delay, and more. A MIDI file can be easily exported so that groove, accent, and feel can be manipulated in any host sequencer. The Beat Machine can directly open REX files which already contain marker information.

The Time Machine time-stretches or compresses the sound in realtime. By first analyzing the source sound, Time Machine can dynamically adapt itself to a wide variety of source sounds, from sustained vocals to polyphonic percussion.

The Sampler mode plays back the source sound like a standard sampler, by linking pitch with time. INTAKT uses a sophisticated interpolation to ensure high sound quality, with extreme pitch shifts too.

Shape and Create

Not only does INTAKT sync, stretch, and pitch, but it filters, effects and modulates as well. A sound-shaping filter, flexible envelopes, syncable LFOs, and distortion, delay, and lo-fi effects let to manipulate any loop.


Zero-G and East West have compiled a library of thousands of loops covering a broad range of pop, hip-hop, and electronic styles. Acoustic drums, ethnic percussion, vintage jazz kits, and rhythmic guitars have been meticulously recorded in the world's finest studios and are ready for any production. Powerful drum and bass, kicking techno, driving funk, and the latest in synthetic rhythms give INTAKT's Library a stunning breadth and modern edge.

Even though INTAKT ships with enough loops to produce hundreds of tracks, it also imports WAV, AIFF, REX1 and REX2 files, Gigasampler, AKAI, HAlion, EXS, BATTERY, and KONTAKT instruments.

Native Instruments

Sampler player that ships with a library and can import the most common sample formats.
Powered by the KONTAKT engine.

The factory library contains hundreds of detailed pianos, basses, loops, drums, guitars, strings, and more from the East West and Zero-G libraries. KOMPAKT can also import KONTAKT, Gigasampler, HALion, EXS, AKAI, and other common formats.

Sound and Shaping

Multi-mode filters, envelopes, LFOs. Reverb, chorus, delay effects.

With freely-downloadable Direct from Disk extension, playback lets samples be as large as available hard drive space. Eight-part multitimbrality and 256 voice polyphony.


KOMPAKT features a selection of sounds from the East West and Zero-G libraries. Shipping on five CDs, the three gigabyte library includes acoustic and electric pianos, basses, drums, loops, and guitars. A wide range of orchestral strings and solo instruments mix with choirs, brass, and percussion. The world of synths are also covered with vintage leads, pads, basses, and much more.

An integrated browser with full drag and drop support makes it easy to find the sound. All important instrument parameters can be immediately adjusted without the need to page, or scroll.

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2003 february issue 111

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