Moog Etherwave Pro

Portable, professional quality theremin designed for the gigging musician
This is a truly refined theremin design with its striking, bent-hardwood, tiger-maple front control surface

$1495.00 in US dollars

In addition to its fine tone and playability, it offers Pitch and Volume CV outputs, for connecting to voltage-controlled. gear, such as the Minimoog Voyager, or Moogerfooger Effects
Each Etherwave Pro is shipped with its own stand and a DVD tutorial featuring first-rate thereminist, Pamelia Kurstin. Coming soon, a padded gig bag will be available for Etherwave Pro owners so they can transport and protect their instruments with ease. The Etherwave Pro is a real investment for the thereminist who wants the finest playing instrument available, and with Bob Moog's 50 years of theremin design, it is a piece of electronic music history in the making.

The Etherwave Pro is a stunningly bold and beautiful theremin for the gigging musician. Drawing on his 50 years of experience, Bob Moog has designed the next step in the evolution of the original electronic instrument, the Theremin. The Etherwave Pro is a step up both from the best-selling Etherwave. It features professional quality response and sound in a package designed both for beauty and portability. Whether you're a seasoned thereminist or someone drawn to it's unusual sound and looks, you'll appreciate the quality of response and control this product offers.

Moog theremins are real attention getters on stage - whether it's a Nine Inch Nails concert or Simon and Garfunkel (Etherwaves have been seen and heard on both tours) - the audience will be captivated by the instrument that allows the musician to "pull music out of air".

The Etherwave Pro features removable pitch and volume antennas. The Pitch range of this instrument extends to 6 1/2 octaves. Both Volume and Pitch antenna response are tuned from the wooden pitch and volume knobs as well as the fine adjustment trim controls at the bottom of the front panel.

The front panel controls include a range switch which allows for choosing one of three octave ranges. The Timbre rotary switch is used to select one of the five preset timbres (classic theremin tones) or enables the front panel Waveform, Brightness, and Filter controls, which allow the thereminist to tailor their own personal theremin tone.

The Etherwave Pro also features a headphone output with level control and a dedicated tuner output. A lighted Standby switch allows the Etherwave Pro to be on but silences the audio output.

A line-level audio output is provided, as well as Pitch and Volume Control Voltages, for interfacing the Etherwave Pro with the Minimoog Voyager Synthesizer, or Moogerfooger Analog Effects.

The Etherwave Pro features a power supply that operates with line voltages from 100 VAC to 240VAC, 50-60 Hz.

Moog Music info

Moog Music • Usa phone 828 251 0090

Italy: MIDIWARE Srl. - Phone: (++39) 06 3036 345

Australia - Victoria- Hawthorn - Awave Productions - Phone: 613 9819 4603
Belgium - Netherlands -Luxembourg: AMPTEC - Phone: 32-011-28-14-58
Denmark - Sweden - Norway - Finland: Elmelid Musik - Phone: 46 (0) 413 55 99 33
UK: Turnkey/Soho Soundhouse - Phone: 44 207 419 9999 FAX: 44 207 379 0093
France: M.E.S.I. - Phone: 331 4005 1718 FAX: 331 4005 0011
Germany: EMC - Phone: 49 7345 238141 0
Iceland: Sampil-Notan - Phone: 354 595 1960 Fax: 354 595 1961
Spain: Ventamatic - Phone: 34 93 363 7100
Japan: Moridaira Musical Instrument - Phone: 81-3-3862-1641 Fax: 81-3-3864-7454
Korea: MIDIstation - Phone: 82-2-747-8285

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2004 issue december 132

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