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DJ Mary

Miljenko Rajakovic also known as
Techno Made in Croatia


2004 (may)
DJ MARY upcoming releases:

DJ Mary New ep for Soul Access
(09/2004 - SA003)

From Croatia With Love - Various Artists
(09/2004 - Technique/NL)

16th Strike - Various Artists
(01/2005 - Giant and Dwarf 016)

2004 (april)

DJ MARY start his Label SOUL ACCESS (distributed through German Still-Music Distribution) and first release is his own DJ Mary: "Drumatic" ep (Soul Access 001 - release April 1, 2004). 3-track ep in style of percussive driving tribalistic techno stuff. Techno Made in Croatia.
In plans are releases(ep's)/remixes of some knowing Artists/names. Other possible Artists & next releases on Soul Access Records in the close future can be from belgian artist Ortin Cam, Lars Klein, Crazy X-Ray & Michael-Paul, Felipe & Nicolas Bacher, etc....

"Drumatic" - EP
Soul Access 001

Soul Access Records was launched by DJ Mary with the sole aim of pushing forward quality techno music.
Label is supported from many well known artists like Marco Bailey, Dave The Drummer, Billy Nasty, Rino Cerrone, Michael Burkat, Deetron, Lars Klein, Markantonio, Umek, Valentino Kanzyani, Trevor Rockliffe, Zzino, Ortin Cam, Dejan Milicevic, Marko Nastic, Thomas Krome, Marco Carola, Felipe, etc..

Next Soul Access Records releases:
SA002 - ORTIN CAM (Tom Macoye) :
"Dark Groovez" ep (June 2004)

SA003 - DJ MARY: next ep (September 2004)

Third and the last release ever under the name of MAR-TEX , happened once again for French Label Choice Records on the beginning of 2004. It's a 4-track EP "Maska" and it combines a fine mixture of tribal funky techno music.
Choice 013 - Release Date: February 2004.

. .

DJ MARY - interview by Kleo Patras
Exclusive interview (P)&(C)-2004-Future Style
. .

You run your own label, you have your own music released and you play Dj gigs ... who do you feel pushes musical progression the most: labels, DJs, or producers ?
Most musical progression and influences for me in techno music now I getting from Labels such as Analytic Trail, Tortured, GFR, Session, Recycled Loops, Pornographic, Genetic, Sway, etc..and of DJ's & Producers like Markantonio, Rino Cerrone, Gaetano Parisio, Hertz, my Slovenian friends Umek & Valentino Kanzyani, Oxia, etc..

How did you get into the world of Djing ?
I started my listening of electronic music with Kraftwerk „Man Machine“ album, Jean-Michel Jarre and new wave techno-pop scene bands like Human League, old Depeche Mode stuff, Soft Cell, Visage, Ultravox, Japan, Blancmange,……….
I started working in a Club called KSET ( '88-89). We`re presented some interesting electronic music with mixing of industrial sound. I have played a lot of electronic styles, older stuff like Cabaret Voltaire, DAF, Severed Heads,… then a lot of industrial scene like Test Department, SPK, which are really influenced on me and my music today. Here are also bands like Skinny Puppy, Front Line Assembly (my favorite band from these days) & all their projects and still one brilliant project Clock Dva of genius Adi Newton ………. At this moment we`re including in our music also a lots of EBM production (Nitzer Ebb, Front 242, Ministry,.…), New Beat and Acid House production.

How old were you when you knew you wanted to be a DJ ?
Maybe 19!

Who were your biggest influences as a DJ? As a producer ?
Sven Vath, was long time absolutely the best dj for me. I watched him maybe 10 times and really amazing, this man is brilliant. This is real techno with movie in Your head. He really know the people and drive on Your mind. That man have a good influence on me……..karizmatic man….

How would you describe your sound as a DJ? As a producer ?
It is similar `cause; As music producer I work what I like to play on parties.. My sound is at the moment tribalistic, driving pumping percussive danceable techno with a lots of loops and other groovy repetitive sounds ... and you start to move on the dancefloor!:)

How will be your tomorrow-style ?
Same like today, always groovy, danceable & rhythmic with interesting sounds..

Give Future Style your all-time top 10 tracks (any genre).
01. SOFT CELL Non Stop Erotic Cabaret
02. CABARET VOLTAIRE many of them
03. FRONT LINE ASSEMBLY many of them
04. CLOCK DVA Man Amplified + Sign
05. TEST DEPARTMENT many of them
06. SKINNY PUPPY Bites/Cleanse Fold & Manipulate
07. DELERIUM all records
08. NITZER EBB Belief

Give Future Style your current top 10 tracks.
01. Umberto Carmignani / Functional Elements / GFR1214
02. DJ Mary / Drumatic ep / Soul Access 01
03. Markantonio & Rino Cerrone / Total Impact ep / Analytic Trail 06
04. Philip Braunstein / Soul Murder ep / GFR1212
05. A.Richley & R.Rivera / Uran Bloodsport ep / AMC 20
06. DJ Preach / Insomniak ep / LTD 15
07. Mumps (Umek) / Mechanism QS ep / Tortured 33 promo
08. Formula Premiere / V/A - Race 03 / GFR-PREM03
09. Michael Burkat / Dark Entries 2004 ep / StillMB 04
10. 8th + 9th Strike / Various Artists ep's / Giant and Dwarf 08 & 09 Promos

What do you think about "House" music ?
I like UK tech-house scene and dj's/artists like Terry Francis, Gideon Jackson, Grant Dell, Richard Grey, Nathan Coles and many others. I have chance to listen them so much `cause they coming very often in Croatia to play..Love their sound and good production..I don't like so much this house and vocal house tunes `cause it is too commercial for me..

What are a couple favourite cities and clubs to play ?
Rex Club - Paris (several times), L'Anfer Club - Dijon, L'etoile Club - Metz, L'after Club - Amneville, Paradogs Club - Prague , Radost FX Club - Prague, Machovo Jezero - near Prague, Bernolak Club / Stereodrome - Bratislava, Gazometer - Vienna, Cazin Club (Cembrankeller) - Linz, , Docks Home - Torino, Ambasada Gavioli (1 year resident 99/2000) - Izola, K4 - Ljubljana, Hala Golovec - Celje, Colosseum Club - Skopje

What's been your favourite event so far ?
Definitely «Automatik» night @ Rex Club - Paris. I was playin' 3 times there and every time was fantastic, really good atmosphere, great crowd of mixing culture and rases..People really love & listen music there..I love this place!!

Is there anything that bothers you about DJing ?
Yes, when come some young dj who just start to be a dj and think he's the best on the world!:)

Where's your dream event ?
I don't know, maybe Ibiza on some good techno event, then Tokyo, seems to me very different than in Europe..

How did your studio career develop ?
I have start recognise studio work 1993 with my friends on project IMPLANT CODE and after this 1995 with my other friend in PRINCIPIA AUDIOMATICA project. Both projects are released on Italian electronic based label Minus Habens Records from Bari..

Are there any other producers you would like to work with in the future ?
Many of them….

Did you work in somebody's studio ?
Yes, I'm working in one studio of my friend?. Now I working all on my computer and midi keyboard. Today you can made all things at home on computer..

Are you working with musicians ?
No, never!

Do you play any instruments ?
Yes, keyboards!:)

How do you build a track? When you start out working on a track do you come together with song ideas ?
I start out building a track with some loops and after this arrange it with compositions and choosing the sounds..

Does inspiration usually come easy for you ?
Sometimes yes sometimes not! It depends on what I want to make..

Do you have any subject in particular for getting inspiration ?
I get inspiration with listening a lots of new tracks and records I usually play in my dj sets..

Do you have your own DJ gear ?
No, I never had my own dj gear..

Vinyl or CD ... what do you prefer ?
Still prefer more vinyl than mp3 or other digital things ..….

How do you feel about the technology advances in DJ equipment ?
I don't like it all these things `…. For me dj-ing is still turntable! Save the vinyl!

What was your first turntable ?
It was a turntable of my mom and dad somewhere in the beginning of seventies… an old one with 3 speeds 33 / 45 / 78!:)

Do you feel that the internet and MP3s have affected your work in a postive or negative way ?
I think for now in negative way `cause with mp3 songs everybody can be a dj ... come on the net , stole the tracks and then play them on Final Scratch .... for me vinyl is still relevant..
Also in production way .. if mp3 tracks will win , it will be very hard to release new songs (CDs, vinyl or and anything else) and get money from the sales `cause everything will be online before releasing and nobody will buy new releases if can stole from the net for free and playin' on final scratch….

Who are your biggest musical influences ?
I was growing up on industrial and electronic music and my musical influences were Frankfurt, Swedish techno and then the Napoli techno scene that is very interesting for me.. really good sound and production of Italian Artists such as Gaetano, Carola, Rino, Markantonio,….

Who was your musical idol as a teenager ?
My musical idols when I was teenager were bands like Kraftwerk, Depeche Mode, then electronic bands such as Skinny Puppy, Front Line Assembly, Clock DVA, Test Department, Laibach,.. watching all these band live n stage was great experience for me..

Are there any particular artists that are exciting you right now ?
Not like before when I was teenager, `cause music can not surprise me like before and I'm listening really many things and a lots of stuff is boring today for me.. people are fascinated for example with this new electro and electroclash but for me this is old sound, ebm and Canadian disco in a different way.... I was listening to a lots of similar kind of music from1982 to 1992, the most innovative period in electronic music .. and I think it was the best time for approching new electronic music .. I have learned a lots of things in that time..

How much time do you spend listening to new music each week ?
Not so much as before, but all the time I'm getting new stuff..

Other than techno music, are there other types of music that you'd like to get involved with ?
If you mean what other music I would like to do .. nothing for now…I released 2 first electronic-experimental style works and it was nice experience. It was an 'advance' of the music released later, the genre of music I prefer to listen at this time ..
Otherwise, if you're meaning what I'm listening now at home behind techno, ... well .. it is tech-house, lots of ambient stuff, atmospheric drum'n bass of LTJ Bukem and other similar artists. This atmospheric music is wonderful when driving car, it's so relaxing! I don't like to listen some pumping music when I'm driving! I listen to radio or this kind of relaxing stuff..

What are you working on at the moment and what plans do you have for the future ?
After a successful first record release (2002) on Choice Records 010 from Paris (under MAR-TEX "Kindergarten 1" ep), 2003 was bringing to me a big breakthrough with superb release on highly respected Bailey/Varela's Label Pornographic Recordings 010 (track under DJ MARY-TEX on "Pornographic 010 - Various Artists" double ep), then on Michael Burkat/Lars Klein's german Label Northwest Dynamics 04 (MAR-TEX "Bazen" ep) and at the beginning of 2004 the second release on Choice Records 013 and last Mar-Tex release ever (MAR-TEX "Maska" ep). This project does'n't exist longer . Mar-Tex was collaboration between DJ Mary and Cortex. It's finished 2003.
I'm now working on some new tracks for several Labels..
Now you can find new musical works and tracks under DJ MARY project between others , on my Label SOUL ACCESS (strted in 2004 and distributed by german Still-Music Company). First release is my "Drumatic" ep (March 2004) in style of percussive driving tribalistic techno sound.
2nd episode of Soul Access well be main acter Tom Macoye aka ORTIN CAM's "Dark Groovez" ep (June 2004). Tom is a young and newer remerkable talented Belgian artist!
Im' also working on my new tracks and releases for other Labels like Giant and Dwarf, Tehnique, Electric Delicate, etc….
Also I have plans to play more and more into Europe and other continents..

What are you afraid of regarding the future ?
Some too much newer and not so good dj's with much playings and also I'm afraid of boring music..

Why did you start your own label ?
I was launched SOUL ACCESS Records with the sole aim of pushing forward quality techno music similar to the music I prefer to play in my dj sets. Take a look on new Soul Access Label & Releases. Also I've started it to promote my tracks and me by a my-own label .
It can be also easier to get some bookings outside of Croatia if you have your own Label..

What do you like more, studio work or being on stage ?
I like more being on stage `cause you are between people and not between only 4 walls….

What kind of directions do you see your career taking in the future ?
Hope will playing still more often outside of Croatia, making a good music and meeting the people around the world..

How old are you ?
Where are you from ?
Zagreb, Croatia
The main traits of your character. ?
Sedateness, apathy, phlegm, carefulness, accuracy .
What's your zodiac ?
Your principal defect. ?
I'm lazi, undecided and hesitant!
What is the best moment of the day ?
What books do you have on your bedside table ?
“Alchemist” of Paulo Coelho
Your favourite poet ?
Isidor Ducasse Comte de Lautréamont (“Les Chants De Maldoror”)
Whats the last movie you saw ?
I don't go so much to the Cinema `cause don't have so much time and interests, but always goin' there for some interesting SF's like Alien and others of this kind of serious space movies..I love Alien and this stuff…The last watched was the last Matrix , but it was not so good as the 1st Matrix!
Your favourite composer ?
If you are referring to classical music .. it is definitely Wagner!
What are your all-time favorite albums ?
SOFT CELL - “Non Stop Erotic Cabaret” from 1982
What are your interests outside music ?
Walking with my wife on the nice sunny weather! :) Go with my wife in Chinese Restaurant!:)
Being with my wife on the Croatian seaside!
Your dream of happiness. ?
Me and my wife in bad and worst!:)
What's the best thing in the world ?
I'm not sure best thing exists in today's world!:) But think it is PEACE! We had a war and I know what it is. I don't want it again..
The best place in the world ?
I don't know where is the best place in the world, but I was in Paris several times and I like this romantic place very much, you can really feel the things the people are speaking of. I love this place.. every time is like my first time!:)
What's your favourite website ? ' ' Fascinating and spacey '! I love this kind of SF oriented sites..but this is the best!
What do you hate most ?
Hypocrisy, lying, injustice, oppression, terrorism..
Lowlines ... some people have nothing and other too much!
The colour you prefer ?
Grey, Dark Blue
What's your favourite food ?
Italian, Chinese..
What is your soul's present condition ?
Still good one for now!:)
Your motto ?
Be yourself!
Do you have any pets ?
No, I love the pets but don't have conditions for this, I'm not at home through the weekends and it's a little bit bad for pets!:)

: Unnecessary
Peace: Necessary
Heroes: It's good that exist
Past: Good to remember
Future: Good to knows that everything will be good
The Internet: I can not without it
Drugs: Everybody have their own choice!
Sex: Good and bad!
Love: Everybody must ones in life try it, it is something special, we are made for love
Heaven: We'll go there at the end
Hell: Somebody miss the way!:)
Success: Good feeling
Friends: You're rich how many friends you have

Finally, do you have a message for all your fans ?
Be yourself and listen to music feel from inside of your soul. In every music have good and bad music, hope everybody can find good one. Hope will meet you in your part of the world!

. .

. DJ Mary biography
. DJ Mary has been into electronic music since the end of the eighties beginning of ninetines, when he started polishing his CD's & turntable skills with a refreshing choice of hard funky music, enriched with EBM (electronic body music), Acid House, New Beat and others. More than ten years of DJ-ing experiences, ardent dedication, and a unique choice of music (varying from one set to another) have modelled a DJ/Producer, who enjoys big respect and popularity at the Croatian electronic music scene. His deep love of electronic music has produced an equisite music taste, which is the primary source of inspiration for his work. He uses his technical skills to perfection, playing with mathematically structured Techno sequences and moods, while hypnotising the audience with relentlessly percussive driving beats.DJ Mary has been successfully building a reputation as one of the most exciting Croatian DJs by playing alongside some of today’s most prominent world dj's at major dance events and clubs in Zagreb and other parts of Croatia, as well as abroad in Europe. With influences going back to Kraftwerk, Cabaret Voltaire, SPK, Test Dept., Clock DVA, Front Line Assembly, Skinny Puppy, Maurizio & Basic Channel, Lassigue Bendthaus, Frankfurt and Swedish Techno, Mary has made it a rule to himself to always play music from the soul and with the soul. There must be more to a set than just technical perfection.
"I like my sets to fluctuate between being hypnotic and powerful, music taste built on electronic music of the 80’s and 90’s gave me a good basis for the work I’ve been doing nowadays, from tribalistic driving techno to sometimes harder funky techno-house sets." Production wise, after a successful first record release 2002 on Choice Records 010 from Paris (under MAR-TEX "Kindergarten 1" ep), 2003 was bringing Mary the big breakthrough with superb release on highly respected Bailey/Varela's Label Pornographic Recordings 010 (track under DJ MARY-TEX on "Pornographic 010 - Various Artists" double ep), then on Michael Burkat/Lars Klein's german Label Northwest Dynamics 04 (MAR-TEX "Bazen" ep) and beginning of 2004 second release on Choice Records 013 and last Mar-Tex release ever (MAR-TEX "Maska" ep). This project don’t exist anymore from this record. Mar-Tex was collaboration between DJ Mary and Cortex. It’s finished 2003.
In the future you can find his musical works and tracks under DJ MARY project and between others on his own Label SOUL ACCESS (starting 2004 and distributed through german Still-Music Company). First release is his "Drumatic" ep (March 2004) in style of percussive driving tribalistic techno sound.
2nd episode of Soul Access is with main acter Tom Macoye aka ORTIN CAM (Tom Macoye): "Dark Groovez" ep (June 2004), a young and talented incoming Belgian newer remerkable artist.
Soul Access Records was launched by DJ Mary with the sole aim of pushing forward quality techno music.

. Color

DJ Mary


DJ MARY- "Drumatic"
ep (04/2004. Soul Access 01)

MAR-TEX - "Maska"
ep (02/2004. Choice Records 013)

MAR-TEX - "Bazen" ep (09/2003. Northwest Dynamics 04)

Various Artists
2xEP (07/2003. Pornographic 010)

MAR-TEX - "Kindergarten 1"
ep (06/2002. Choice Records 010)

PRINCIPIA AUDIOMATICA - "Systematic Sonority"
cd album (1995. Minus Habens Records - Italy 031)

IMPLANT CODE - "Biodigit"
mcd (1993. Minus Habens Records - Italy 020)


DJ MARY started his Label Soul Access (distributed through German Still-Music Company) and first release is his own DJ Mary: "Drumatic" ep (SA01 - March 2004). 3-track ep in style of percussive driving tribalistic techno stuff. T

Third and the last release of MAR-TEX ever, happened once again for French Label Choice Records on the beginning of 2004. It's a 4-track EP "Maska" and it combines a fine mixture of tribal funky techno music.

Release of MAR-TEX on Michael Burkat's Label Northwest Dynamics 04 under the EP "Bazen", including a remix of Michael Burkat himself. This excellent new Label present 3 first releases and EP's of Redhead (01), Tom Hades (02), Bando (03). This Mar-Tex (nwd04) release including a wide spectrum of percussive tribal dancefloor techno tracks!
NWD004 - Release date: September 2003.
Still music

Release of MAR-TEX on Bailey/Varela Pornographic Recordings 010, Double Pack 8-Artists EP featuring tracks by: Marco Bailey, Felipe, Tom Hades, Mar-Tex, Cristian Varela, Bando, Leandro Gamez, DJ Pepo. 8 massive slabs of tribal phunk techno.
Porn Cut 010 - Release date: July 2003.
Pornographic recordings

DJ MARY & Cortex start project under the name MAR-TEX and produced some tracks (EP) for Choice Records in Paris (2002.)! "Massive techno 4 tracker EP ranging from subtle techno-house tune to more in your face tribal techno Essential Techno Tunes (Coda Magazine/FR).
Released 06/2002. as Choice 010.
Lifestyle sounds

Project under the name PRINCIPIA AUDIOMATICA: CD album "Systematic Sonority" for Italian Label Minus Habens Records (electronic-ambient-experimental

A project under the name IMPLANT CODE: MCD "Biodigit" for Italian Label Minus Habens Records (ambient-electronic-experimental music).

Listen to

real audio

a1 Pressure

b1 Drumatic

b2 Lost tribe

"Drumatic" ep
(Soul Access 019
1, 2



DJ Mary: "I have made it a rule to myself to always play music from the soul and with the soul. Not just matching the bloody beats - there must be more to a set than just technical perfection. My original plan and the fundamental reason as to why I'm doing the things I do, was to always present something new to the audience - new sounds and new energy "

DJ Mary (on his own label Soul Access): "I was launched Soul Access Records with the sole aim of pushing forward quality techno music with similar style what I prefer and like to playin'! Take a look on new Soul Access Label & Releases! "

The first vinyl you ever bought?
DJ Mary: "Kraftwerk's Man Machine album. "

Your favorite deejay / artist ?
DJ Mary:
"Italian dj’s (Gaetano,Carola,Cerrone, Markantonio). "



DJing 2004

DJ Mary has the following booking dates till now

June 2004
04.06.2004 Best Club, Zagreb (Croatia) - Maximum with Adam Beyer
05.06.2004 Safehouse Club, Krizevci (Croatia)
11.06.2004 Germany
12-06-2004 :: Safehouse, Krizevci - Safety's off
18.06.2004. OTV Club, Zagreb (Croatia) - Dr. Sound with Derrick May

May 2004
07.05.2004 Best Club, Zagreb (Croatia)
13.05. 2004 Sokol Club, Zagreb (Croatia)
19.05.2004 Cazin Club, Linz (Austria)
21.05.2004 OTV Club, Zagreb (Croatia)
29.05.2004 Raveri Open Air, Vinkovci (Croatia)

April 2004
09-04-2004 :: Open Air - 3 Floors, near Marseille, France - 2nd General Electronic - with Deetron, Hacker, Vitalic, Tonio, Antony, ...
16-04-2004 :: Best Club, Zagreb - Masters, with Marco Carola, Thomas Krome
23-04-2004 :: OTV Club, Zagreb - F-Scope, with Rino Cerrone, Roberto Q.Ingram

dj Mary booking
Savska Cesta 99
10000 Zagreb, Croatia
Tel (Cro) +385 01 3792-271
Mobile +385 91 5095-348

d Dj Mary

mor info

advanced technologic sound magazine
2004 may issue 125

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