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DJ / producer / remixer

markantonio djing @ oldriverpark

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. Markantonio biography
. Markantonio is a professional dj since he was very young, starting with acid house and one of the founders of the Neapolitan techno style.
After years of successes, releasing on renowned labels as Recycled Loops, Shake rec, Tortured, Conform, Superbra and stages with all the best techno wizards of the world, Markantonio has had an artistic evolution in the last years, in particular as a producer, always looking for brand new sounds in his live performance side by side with wellknown artists all over Europe.
On 2001 Markantonio founded his first label “AnalyticTrail”, supported by great djs as Rino Cerrone, Valentino Kanzyani, The Advent, Danilo Vigorito, Ignition Technician, Davide Squillace, Paco Osuna and many other.
On 2005 Markantonio started a new project: the “MKT” label representing the wish to express himself and connecting influences from old music to techno and minimal-house, acid and new electro-funk.

He created a unique techno sound associated with an incredible mixing skill, in particular playing on three turntables and now evolving in a new technical set up with final scratch, Faderfox, Tracktor 3 and sampler effects all live. The sound generates pure energy during the entire performing with groovy vibe, subtle melodic elements and funky bass lines.
Markantonio is able to satisfy every kind of clubbers: his great capacity is to observe and catch the music tastes, adapting his sound to the crowd’s feedback. During his set, Markantonio likes to change the „waves“ of the sound, going from funky techno, to minimal, to the hard style again.

siurce AnalyticTrail


Listen to ...

Kening Alexander's 'Back To The Ol' Skool' remixed by Markantonio

'Ed Io Pago' (fron Markantonio's "Debito ep"

Delysid 25 's " That's What I Like EP Vol 2" Markantonio re-edit

more audio samples

Via Nuova del Campo N°21 80141 Napoli Tel +39 (0)81 599 29 40 Fax +39 (0)81 195 76 613

Next age of electronic music .
Advanced audio-visual style
2007 October

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