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Mac OS X 10.2 or later.
An AudioUnit host application.

Streamlined drum sample player plug-in for Emagic Logic Audio 6, Sagan Technology Metro 6, and other Audio Unit hosts.

Audio Unit plug-in format
24 instruments per instance
Flexible sample playback engine
32-bit internal processing
Multiple output support
Multimode filter
AR envelope generator
Tempo-syncable delay for each instrument
Automatable mutes for each instrument

Ritmo mostly works with Logic 5.5, but there are a number of Logic bugs that make certain features difficult or impossible to use.
Ritmo will not work with Cubase SX or other VSTi-only hosts.

AudioUnit host applications
These selected audio software packages allow you to use AudioUnit plug-ins (such as Ritmo) as software synthesizers.
Chris Reed-SynthTest- Free
Emagic-Logic Audio 5.5 and 6-Commercial
Granted Software- Rax- Free
MOTU- Digital Performer 4 - Commercial
Sagan Technology-Metro 6-Commercial

CManyetas - Austin, TX, Usa

advanced technologic sound magazine
2003 april issue 114

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