digital recording, editing, mixing, playback, a built-in mic ...
into a compact, ultra-portable package

Dimensions : 108 (W) x 122 (H) x 34 (D) mm / 4.25" (W) x 4.80" (H) x 1.33" (D)
Weight: 260 g / 0.57 Ibs.

The heart of the PXR4 is it's 4-track digital recorder, which records directly to SmartMedia cards. Three recording modes: standard, high-quality and economy, afford maximum flexibility by enabling you to select the one that's right for the task at hand depending on the recording quality and time you need. Standard mode provides good recording resolution and offers an excellent balance between recording quality and memory use. Economy mode delivers maximum recording time. SmartMedia cards from 4 (4MB cards will work in the PXR4, but offer limited amount of track memory. 8 to 128 MB cards are recommended) to 128 MB can be used via its built-in USB port. The PXR4 can also transfer song data to and from a computer in stereo MPEG format.

The PXR4 is loaded with user-friendly features: eight virtual tracks per track allow you to record multiple takes of the same track and select your favorite one. It's also the first pocket-sized multi-track recorder to deliver full editing capabilities: easy-to-use punch in/out, bounce, copy, delete. Time compression/expansion makes it possible to speed up or slow dow phrases without altering their pitch.

Its front panel contains five faders, one per track, plus one master fader, as well as controls for all the unit's key features. Selecting parameters and editing is easy. Plus, the PXR4's clear, backlit display uses an intuitive icon-based user interface.
The PXR4 also offers a full-sized complement of I/Os. For inputs, there are a 1/4" jack with a hi/low impedance switch plus a stereo line/mic' input. For outputs there are a 1/8" stereo out jack, a stereo headphone output and a USB.
The PXR4 boasts a full complement of 77 different built-in effects. It's equipped with 100 "factory" multi-effects programs (with up to five effects used at once) and enough room for an additional 100 user programs. The PXR4 relies on Korg's proprietary REMS Modeling Technology to deliver studio-quality effects that range fromrealistic models of guitar amps and pedals to some of the world's great microphones. Of course it also includes studio essentials like reverbs, delays, various modulations effects and more.
REMS, that's Resonant structure and Electronic circuit Modeling System, reproduces the complex character and nature of both acoustic and electric instruments as well as electronic circuits in real world environments.
Korg also added 55 different rhythm patterns (and 32 metronome patterns) that use high-quality PCM sounds. The patterns range from simple to complex and include Rock, Funk, Big Beat, House, Reggae, Hip-Hop, R & B, Disco, Dance, Jazz and more. You can use a rhythm pattern as a recording guide, or to create the rhythm track for you song.

Recorder Section:

Tracks: 4 tracks x 8 virtual, 4 tracks simultaneous playback, 2 tracks simultaneous recording

Recording Format: 16bit MPEG 1 Audio Layer 2 compressed, 32kHz

Recording Time: Hi-quality=11min 15sec (one track, 128MB SmartMedia: max. 90 min approx.), Standard=16min 50sec (one track, 128MB SmartMedia: max. 135 min approx.), Economy=33min 50 sec (one track, 128MB SmartMedia: max. 270 min approx.)
Songs: 99 songs / per SmartMedia

Mark Points: 99 points per song

Tempo Range: 40 - 240 b.p.m.

Metronome Patterns: 32

Rhythm Patterns: 55

Editing: Track (Copy, Insert, Erase, Delete, Time Expansion / Compression), Song (Rename, Copy, Delete)

Counter / Locator Format: Min/Sec/Msec, Meas/Beat/Tick, Free Time

Number of Undo/Redo Levels: 1

Sampling Frequency: 32 kHz

Mixer Section

Structure: 4ch + 2ch

Effect Section

Structure: Guitar Effect x1, Insert Effect x1, Master Effect x1, Final Effect x1

Effect: 100 preset, 100 user


Calibration: A=440

Detection Range: 27.5Hz~2093Hz (A0 - C7)


Media Slot: SmartMediaTM Slot (3.3V, 8MB - 128MB)


Power Supply:Two AA size batteries or DC 4.5V AC/AC power supply

Power Consumption: 20W

Dimensions 108 (W) x 122 (H) x 34 (D) mm / 4.25" (W) x 4.80" (H) x 1.33" (D)

Weight: 260 g / 0.57 Ibs.

Analog/Digital Input/Output Specifications

LINE IN: -50dBu @TRIM=max., -10dBu @TRIM=min.


Connector 1/4" phone jack

Input Impedance: 470k ohms (Low) 940k ohms (High)

Maximum Level: +8dBu (Low) +14dBu (High)

Nominal Level: -44dBu@TRIM=max., -38dBu@TRIM=max.
-4dBu@TRIM=min., -2dBu@TRIM=min.

Source Inpedance: 600 ohms


Connector: Mini stereo jack

Input Impedance: 10k ohms

Nominal Level: -10dBu@TRIM=min. -50dBu@TRIM=max.

Maximum Level: +2dBu

Source Impedance: 600 ohms


Connector: Mini stereo jack

Korg Italy: Syncro, E-mail tel.(+39) 0717391914
Korg Australia: MUSIC LINK
E-mail tel.61-3-97656565
Korg Austria, Germany: MUSIK-MEYER
E-mail -Tel 49-6421-9890
Korg Belgium, The Netherlands: VOERMAN AMERSFOORT
E-mail Tel.31-33-4612908
Korg Brazil: PRIDE MUSIC
E-mail Tel.55-11-6975-2711
E-mail Tel.852-2737-7688
E-mail Tel. 33-1-34483838
Korg Hungary: ATEC HUNGARY
E-mail Tel. 36-27-342-595
Korg India: AUDIO PLUS
E-mail Tel. 62-21-6125368
Korg Russia: A&T TRADE
E-mail Tel. 7-095-796-9262
Korg Spain: LETUSA
E-mail Tel. 34-91-486-28-00
Korg UK E
-mail Tel. 44-1908-857100
Korg Usa
E-mail Tel. 1-516-333-9100
Korg Ukraine: A&T TRADE
E-mail Tel. 7-095-956-1105

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