Kawai VTC 132
Variable Touch Control

eur 9.600

dimensions in cm (HxWxD) 132 x 156 x 66
weight in kg 252
surfaces black polished

Kawai Vari-Touch Piano is an instrument that adjusts to the player's touch. You simply slide the lever to adjust the feel of the piano to suit the way you play. Beginners might select a light touch. Experienced players may choose a heavier touch for rigorous practice. At home or in the practice room, it gives everyone the ability to find the touch that is right for them.
In addition to home applications, it is perfect in an institutional environment with multiple practice rooms. Students will no longer need to wait around until their "favorite" pianos becomes available.
The Vari-Touch setting can be changed while you play. The changes take effect instantaneously as you move the lever. No special tools or disassembly required.

* Ultra Responsive action
* Special cast frame
* Duplex scale
* Hardened surface in the sheet area
* "Softfall" Fallboard
* Perspiration absorbing keycovers

Kawai UK Ltd. Europe
Unit 4a - Vincent House - Alington Road
Little Barford - St. Neots, PE19 6YH - Cambridgeshire
tel: 01480 - 474751, Fax: 01480 - 474752 , eMail

via Manzoni 44 – 20121 Milano - Italy
telefono 02.798283 – fax 02.45485909

advanced technologic sound magazine
2006 May issue 149

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