Kae Labs Vocal Writer
A music synthesizer that can sing your lyrics

Musical Synthesizer Sings English Lyrics
Over 85 Unique Voice Models
Integrated GM Synth for Accompaniment
Real-Time Synthesis Playback
Updated for OS X Support
System requirements
PowerPC G4 or G5 processor
Mac OS X version 10.3 through 10.4
512 MB RAM minimal
10 MB of available hard-disk space
1024 x 768 video resolution, 16-bit video min.
Stereo or mono audio output (44.1 kHz, 16-bits)
MIDI interface (optional)

The shareware registration is $39

Listen to demos
(Single male voice) , (Changing voices within a track) , (Singing trumpet, lead guitar and acoustic bass.) , (Two voices singing in chorus) , (A cappella) , (Penny Lane)

A Vocal synthesizer
A music synthesizer that can sing your lyrics. Using breakthrough technology developed by KAE Labs, VocalWriter allows you to synthesize the words and lyrics for your MIDI compositions. Vocals are polyphonic and multi-timbral. This means they can sing in chorus with many different voices.

A GM synthesizer
Besides offering over 85 different human, synthetic and special effect voices for the vocals, VocalWriter is also a General MIDI music synthesizer. Your MIDI vocals can have full instrumental accompaniment. Using a custom high-quality software synthesizer, you can import, edit and play your Standard MIDI Files directly from VocalWriter. If you are recording, you can even save your music to AIFF files.

A Midi File editor
VocalWriter is also a MIDI file editor. In addition to the usual music editing functions, VocalWriter includes special features to support singing. Adding and editing lyric tracks is fully automated. type the lyrics and VocalWriter does the rest. VocalWriter supports real-time input/output to your external MIDI equipment.

Mac OS X
VocalWriter is distributed as shareware. This means you can download a full working copy for free, try it out for 30 days, then decide if it's for you. If it's something you want, just register your payment with Kae LAbs and they will send you your personal serial number.


Vocal synthesizer
Technology: RAS™
Instruments: 87
Polyphony: 20
Multi-timbre: 20
Effects: Reverb, Chorus
Output: 44.1 kHz, 16-bits, mono

General Midi synthesizer
Technology: Wavetable
Instruments: 245
Polyphony: 48
Multi-timbre: 32
Effects: Reverb
Output: 44.1 kHz, 16-bits, mono

Import / export Standard MIDI Files
"Karaoke" style lyrics display while singing
Save as AIFF sound file (MIDI to sound)
Track and note selection editing Transpose, quantize, slide, duration, velocity, controller, pronunciations
Track scrubbing
Import KAR lyrics
Real-time performance meter
MIDI deck controls with real-time stereo VU meter Rewind, Stop, Play, Play-From-Marker, Record, Fast-Forward
Adjust track levels live during play
"Thumbnail" piano-roll tracks overview
Graphical editing of MIDI controls
32 MIDI channel independent tracks
Auto MIDI channel to tracks expansion (splitting)
Piano-roll style note editing
Virtual screen keyboard
100,000+ word pronunciation dictionary
Adjust individual phonetic units for pronunciation fine tuning

Vocal MIDI controls:
Volume, sustain, pitch-bend, PB range, instrument,
fine-tune, brightness, chorus, vibrato freq and depth,
portamento, breath, noise

RKAE Labs P.O. Box 1904 Woodinville WA 98077 ,

advanced technologic sound magazine
2005 August issue 140

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