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Camila Milieme, aka K-Milla also known as DJ Kammy

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K-Milla (from Brazil) : biography by Alain Patrick
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Emerged from the majestic Worldwide Techno scene, Camila Milieme, also known as Kammy or DJ K-Milla certainly would never expect to find such a professional development on her future musical career during her happy childhood, just because on a first moment she couldn't even imagine herself stretching to the boundaries the realm of electronica, exploring depths where only few had the courage to adventure. Astonishing as it must be considering the underground parameters, Kammy became the most shining proof that there is no contradiction in being an extremely talented professional and good looking. As a matter of fact, that simply didn't count to her – The only important aspect she carred about was the music. From the “Marvelous City” of Rio de Janeiro, emerged a Marvelous Techno girl, suddenly transformed into a “Lady-Machine”. It is said that each native holds part of the multi diverse elements of the cultural life of this city, so you must be presuming it wasn't so easy for this young girl to find her path on another reality, since it's much more evident to associate Rio de Janeiro with the Carnival parties, “Samba do Avião” and the brilliant composers and singers such as Tom Jobim, Chico Buarque de Holanda and Tim Maia, who will remain on the memories of all the Brazilian Popular Music supporters forever. Besides that, every city has its hidden treasures – those that even the most prolific minds cannot imagine. That was pretty much the context that held the life of this young girl. At only sixteen years old, DJ K-Milla found herself on her way to discover the electronic beats of a style that definitely became her own: Techno. A few years later, most precisely in 2001, Kammy made an amazing debut as a professional DJ and since then she improved herself by building unique repertories, as a result of a deep musical research, and a respected mixing technique. “She likes to venture where the others won't go, bringing a whole new perspective to the crowds that usually hear more musical clichés”, said her personal Public Relation Thiago Granato recently. Based on a more complex structure of rhythms with dark underground lines of synths and textures, the Lady-Machine incorporated the spirit of the twenty first century Techno. With only three years of career, Kammy, whose influences were based on the sounds of the teutonic cavaliers of Kraftwerk, as well as the Techno scenes of UK, Germany and France, gained the respect of the whole electronic scene of her country, Brazil, with a combination of a huge talent and a charming attitude. Considered one of the fastest growing of the World, the brazilian scene gave K-Milla the opportunity to play her sets of underground techno full of exclusive sonorities on the most important clubs, parties and raves from South to North of her country, always impressing the dance floors with her futuristic sounds and creative sets. The two most important brazilian e-music Parades (Parada da Paz and Parada da A.M.E.) honorably included her on their line up, which means she had the opportunity to play for several thousands of people in complete madness and joy.
K-Miila finished the year of 2005 with an amazing gig in her city on the Ipanema Beach playing for a million people estimated event. During all these months, the Lady-Machine shared the decks with a large amount of celebrated icons of the international scene, such as Adam Beyer, Miss Kittin, Monika Kruse, DJ Rush, David Carreta , Marco Bailey, Valentino Kanzyani, Surgeon, Oscar Mulero, Marco Carola, Miss Yetti, Regis,Terence Fixmer, Regis, Christian Smith, Pascal Feos, Christian Wunsch, Mark EG, Umek , Scan X, Christian Fischer, Glenn Wilson , Ben Long, Ben Sims, Billy Nasty, Stereo Jack, Jamie Anderson, Stanny Frassen, Tim Taylor, and many more. In 2003, as the result of her intense work, Kammy became a member of the well-known DJs agency Smartbiz, which holds some of the best DJs of her country. She got also a very respected position by figuring as the best female DJ , between the top ten professionals of her country with the talented PET Duo and Murphy and also voted for Revelation DJ in 2002 and 2005 on the famous award of “Best Techno DJ” by Erika Palomino's “Noite Ilustrada” held by Folha de São Paulo, a famous local newspaper. The Lady-Machine has gained also some residencies such as the famous club A Lôca (São Paulo) and in Rio de Janeiro, at Bunker94. as well. Her journey could not go on without notice: K-Milla, quickly became a respected name on some of the most important electronic music forums throughout the World, like www.livesets.com from Holland and www.partyforum.be , from Belgium, acclaimed by the critics. Several DJs and producers (Adam Beyer, Terence Fixmer, Miss Yetti, Christian Wunsch, Inigo Kennedy, British Murder Boys of the english duo Surgeon & Regis …) were amazed by her performances and sent her congratulations.
Source: DJ K-Milla


K-Milla : clubs and party
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Rex Club (Paris/França), Metro Dance Club (Alicante/Espanha), The Factory(Aalst/Béglica), Studio Brussels(Bruxelas/Bélgica), Meganite Tour with Mauro Picotto (Malta), Club Stockholm (Estocolmo/Suécia).

América do Sul
Big One (Argentina), Milenio (Uruguai), Teleton (Chile)

Coca-Cola Vibe Zone 2004 (Rio de Janeiro/RJ), São Paulo Fashion Week @ GNT channel area (São Paulo/SP), Kaiser Eletronic Festival (Curitiba/PR), Circuito (São Paulo/SP), Beats, Bacardi BPM (Curitiba/PR), Rave Patrol (São Paulo/SP), Lov.e Club & Lounge (São Paulo/SP), D-Edge (São Paulo/SP e Campo Grande/MS), Case( Balneário), Velvet (Maringá/PR), Technopride 1 Year, Manga Rosa, Mood , ALoca (São Paulo/SP), Influence, Wicked (Piracicaba/SP), NOVA (Rio de Janeiro/RJ), Semana de Moda (Blumenau/PR), Trama - Música Urbana (Rio de Janeiro/RJ), Café Curaçao (PR), Technose @ VIBE, Rancho MM, (Curitiba/PR), Technova @ Lov.e Club, Parada A.M.E, People , Zero Zero, Fosfobox , Dama de Ferro Bunker 94 (Rio de Janeiro/RJ), Circuito. Dream Mega Party (Cuiabá/MT), Amatulah (SC), Union Tribes (Natal/RN), Bielle(Cascavel/PR), Puma Party (Brasília/DF), Kraft, Abalo(Campinas), X-Club (Florianópolis/SC), , Ragi (Umuarama/PR), Groove In (Rondonopolis/MT), Bunker Rave (Rio de Janeiro/RJ), evento Red Bull (São Paulo/SP), Zoff Club (Indaiatuba/SP), Floor Club, Santa Rave, TOP 5 (Cuiabá/MT), Muzik Factory (Belém/PA), 150 bpm, Leonora (Rondonópolis/MT), Rave da Pedreira, Technofor , Vivaldi Club(Fortaleza/CE), rave Technodelic (Cuiabá/MT), Smartbiz FashionTronic (Londrina/PR), Love Parade (Brasília/DF), Circuito 24 horas de techno (São Paulo/SP), Skol Project e Skol Rio (Rio de Janeiro/RJ) , Parada da Paz, Parada Gay ( São Paulo/SP), entre muitos outros.


Tracks appear on

Voyager on Smartbiz For DJs Vol. 2

Listen to ...

On stage @ Ipanema Beach NewYear 2006
On stge @ Club Stockholm (Sweden)
On stage @ Milenio Club (Uruguai)

Meganite Tour 2005
On stage @ Rhapsody (Malta)

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. K-Milla photos

. K-Milla

Beatz: Noventa e sete é o ano ao qual se atribui o início da sua jornada de pesquisa na música eletrônica. Por quais portas você entrou? Quem fazia a tua cabeça na época?
K-Milla aka Kammy : " Comecei freqüentando festas que aconteceram na Fundição Progresso como a Love Galaktika, Carnaval Mega-Off, entre outras. Sempre ouvia o Renato Baractho, na época ele tocava muita coisa lançada pelo selo Twisted America Records, além de Daft Punk, Chemical Brothers e Luscious
Jackson. Mas a principal porta de entrada foi o programa Novas Tendências no qual o José Roberto Mahr apresentava sons eletrônicos em geral. Fiquei muito interessada neste novo universo e comecei a procurar lojas especializadas que vendiam CDs e coletâneas de música eletrônica. Acabei conhecendo o Mauricio Lopes, que na época trabalhava na World Music, e o Ricardinho NS na Rhythm Records carioca. Por conseqüência neste mesmo ano comecei a freqüentar a "Opps!", festa de techno que acontecia no club Guetto e me identifiquei por completo com o som. O Maurício Lopes era o DJ residente e tocava faixas do The Advent, Jeff Mills, Cari Lekebusch, Adam Beyer, entre outros. "
Source: Beatz , by Alain Patrick

Beatz : Que sugestões você daria para se buscar um futuro bacana para a cena brasileira?
K-Milla aka Kammy: " Mostrar que a música eletrônica é um estilo de vida com muita cultura e arte, que ser difundido entre todas as classes sociais, raças e idades como algo sério e com pessoas sérias em seus bastidores. Seguindo essa lógica, acredito que a cena irá evoluir bastante e da maneira correta."
Source: Beatz , by Alain Patrick


. K-Milla Agenda 2006


09/04/2006 @ Technopride Private (Interior - SP)

01/04/2006 @ Fusion Eletro Festival (Rio de Janeiro - RJ)

26/03/2006 @ The Influence ( Piracicaba - SP)

25/03/2006 @ Acthung (Londrina - PR)

24/03/2006 @ Manga Rosa (Sao Paulo -SP)

18/03/2006 @ Chemical Music Festival with Dave Clarke (Rio de Janeiro -RJ)

17/03/2006 @ Fosfobox (Rio de Janeiro - RJ)

11/03/2006 @ Anzu (Itu - SP)

10/03/2006 @ Zagaia (Cuiabá - MT)

04/03/2006 @ Rave Evolution (Ribeirao Pires - SP)

03/03/2006 @ AMP Galaxy ( São Paulo - SP)

01/03/2006 @ Soho Bar (Punta de leste - Uruguay)

25/02/2006 @ TIM Verao em Ipanema(Rio de Janeiro-RJ) tbc

09/02/2006 @ Geraçao Eletronica (Rio de Janeiro -RJ)

03/02/2006 @ Fosfobox (Rio de Janeiro - RJ)

K-Milla bookings:
Smart Biz
Rua Augusta 2516 conj. 113
01412-100 São Paulo - SP - Brasil
tel: 55 11 3891.1441
fax: 55 11 3085.2227

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2006 March issue 1

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