Three-in-one Digital Video Recorder
incorporating MiniDV, HDD and DVD
and packed with a range of professional features

euro 1.895 circa

Additional to its triple recording capabilities, the SR-DVM70 has a 160 GB hard disk that offers high-storage capacity for extended recording times. It also enables mass duplication with high-quality picture and audio being assured by internal digital-to-digital signal transfer.
A video output terminal with a BNC connector guarantees reliable and secure connection to other professional equipment.

Synchronised editing function.
This relates to the internal transfer of pre-edited video material from the HDD to the DVD recorder. The synchronised editing function ensures that the edit points get recorded seamlessly on the DVD. What makes this possible is the intra-coded (I), frame coded picture (P), and bi-directionally predictive-coded picture (B) frame information from each group of pictures. The I and P frames contain the information that determines picture quality and by maintaining their position with the GOP, it is possible to minimise degradation when dubbing so that there are no pauses or edit points during DVD playback thus ensuring a smooth and natural, high quality picture.

The SR-DVM70’s MiniDV deck is also capable of playing back DVCAM (DVCAM is a trademark of Sony Corporation) tapes which have been shot on the small DVCAM cassette.

Main Features:
* Digital video deck incorporating MiniDV and DVCAM player, DVD recorder and Hard Disk Drive in one smart package
* DV input for direct downloading from NLE to HDD, ready for DVD creation
* Analogue inputs with real-time conversion to MPEG2 on the HDD, ready for digital editing and re-archiving
* Synchronised Edit function for glitch-free DVDs when dubbing from HDD to DVD
* Simple built-in editing on HDD with in and out markers and EDL function ready for output to DVD
* Time code OSD (On Screen Display) option for MiniDV playback
* Last function memory makes professional video editing easy
* 4x speed DVD duplication facility
* Wired remote control terminal on rear panel for extra operating convenience and ease of systems integration
* BNC video connection
* All audio digital formats can be recorded
* Wide choice of user-selectable title and chapter designs



Format: DV format Rec/Play, DVCAM (trademark of Sony Corporation) (playback only)

Cassette: MiniDV cassette

Maximum recording time:
SP 80min. with M-DV80ME cassette
LP 120min. with M-DV80ME cassette

Audio recording system:
PCS 48kHz, 16-bit (2 ch) / 32kHz, 12-bit (4 ch)

DVD Recorder

Format: MPEG2 PAL

Disc formats:
DVD-R: Rec/Play
DVD-RW: Rec/Play
DVD-RAM: Rec/Play
CDDA: Play
VCD: Play

Maximum recording time (approximate):
XP 10Mbps
SP 5Mbps
LP 2.5Mbps
EP 1.6Mbps

Audio recording system:
Dolby Digital 2 ch, Linear PCM (XP mode)

Hard Disk Drive

HDD: 160GB

Format: MPEG2 PAL

Maximum recording time (approximate):
XP 10Mbps
SP 5Mbps
LP 2.5Mbps
EP 1.6Mbps

Audio recording system:
Dolby Digital 2 ch, Linear PCM (XP mode)


BNC video input
DV input
DV output: MiniDV, DVD, HDD
S-Y/C input: MiniDV, HDD (DV format recording)
S-Y/C output: MiniDV, DVD, HDD
Video/Audio L, R input: MiniDV, DVD, HDD
Video/Audio L, R output: MiniDV, DVD, HDD
Y-PB-PR output: MiniDV, DVD, HDD
Optical Digital Audio out: DVD, HDD
Coaxial Digital Audio out: DVD, HDD
Wired RCU Terminal: DVD, HDD
Peri Scart input/output

Remote Control input: MiniDV, DVD, HDD

Power requirement: AC 220-240V (AUTO), 50/60Hz
Dimensions (WxHxD): 435 X 96 x 372 mm
Weight: 6.0 kg

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JVC worldwide

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2005 January issue 133

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