drawbar keyboard

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eur 2.700,00

KEYBOARD 73 (61+12 Preset Keys)
Water-fall Keys with Velocity
DRAWBARS 3 sets of Drawbars, 9-Upper, 9-Lower, 2-Pedal
SOUND GENERATOR Vase III sound generator creates 96 digital Tone-wheels™. Tone-wheel™ leakage-noise and motor-noise are adjustable wheel by wheel
PRESETS Original B-3 reverse-colour preset-keys
11 Presets x 12 Banks + Cancel
POLYPHONY Full polyphony (unlimited)
LESLIE© Next generation digital Leslie© and scanner vibrato
PREAMP & OVERDRIVE Real dual tube amp for pre-amplification and Leslie© overdrive
REVERB 8-Modes
TONE CONTROL Bass, Mid range, Treble
SUSTAIN Pedal Drawbars
WHEEL Pitch Bend, Modulation
LESLIE© Slow/fast, on/off, break/thru, effect, send/return
Vibrato/Chorus ON, V1, V2, V3, C1, C2, C3 with 6 position rotary knob
Percussion Second, third, decay fast, soft
Control Manual bass, split
Effect Tube amp, reverb on
Demo Demo/pedal sustain
Display switch Page up/down, parameter value +/-, rotary-encoder, Menu/exit, play, rec, bank
Volume control Master volume, tone control, tube overdrive
DISPLAY 20-Character, 2-Line back-light LCD
TERMINAL AC-input, Line out L/R, 11-Pin Leslie©, Midi IN1/IN2/OUT/THRU (Addition of lower keyboard and/or pedal possible via midi), Headphone, Foot-switch/Leslie©-switch, Expression pedal (EXP-100AN or EXP-100F with Leslie©-switch).
CARD SLOT Compact Flash™ Card slot
DIMENSIONS 119cm(W) x 40cm (D) x 12cm (H)
WEIGHT/FINISH 19,5Kg / Walnut finish

Hammond Organ UK
PO box 364
Harpenden AL5 3ZW
Tel /Fax 01582 768296 , eMail

advanced technologic sound magazine
2006 May issue 149

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