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Full Intention : biography

Full Intention are UK Producers and Remixers Michael Gray and Jon Pearn
U.K. DJ/remixers/producers Jon Pearn and Michael Gray started working together in the early '90s even when their breakthrough came after issuing 1996's "America (I Love America)." Soon, the British duo became one of the most in-demand remixers in the dance-music field, climbing club/dance charts around the world with "To Be in Love" by Masters at Work, "What You Need" by Powerhouse, the Top 20 hit "So in Love With You" by Duke, and the chart-topping and top-selling U.S. CD/12" "Love Don't Cost a Thing" by Jennifer Lopez.
They have been quietly compiling an excellent discography of productions and fine remixes, and have established themselves as favourites with DJs such as David Morales, Erick Morillo, Roger Sanchez, Masters At Work and Danny Rampling.
In 1999, Full Intention launched their own label, DTension, distributed by the New York-based Strictly Rhythm, making its debut with the release of "Spanish Hustle".
In their career , they have remixed Frankie Knuckles, Satoshie Tomie, Masters at Work, Another Level, Powerhouse, Da Mob, Jocelyn Brown and J-Lo.
On the writing front, they have collaborated Blaze, Duane Harden, Barbara Tucker, Dajae, Sybil, and the voice of Soulsearcher - Thea Austin.
Full Intention have also recorded as Sex-o-Sonique, Ronaldo`s Revenge and Hustlers Convention whilst remixing classics such as The Salsoul Orchestra 'Ooh I Love It', Eddie Amador 'House Music', Teena Marie 'I Need Your Lovin' , First Choice 'Armed and Extremely Dangerous' and Duke 'So In Love'.

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Michael Gray

The Weekend (12") (Eye Industries)
The Weekend (CD5") (Eye Industries)
The Weekend (Kurtis Mantronik Mixes) (12")

Listen to ...

The Weekend

Full Intention

Geri - Ride it (19 UK)
Duran Duran - Sunrise (Sony US)
Supafly - Let's get down (Eye Industries UK)
Deepest Blue - Shooting Star (MOS UK)
Christina Milian - Dip it low (Island DefJam US)
Musiq - Who Knows (Island DefJam US)
George Michael - Amazing (Sony UK)
Bon Garcon - Freak you (Island UK)
Room 5 - Music & U (Positiva UK)
Mood 2 Swing - Can't get over you (Defected UK)
Sophie Ellis Baxter - I won't change you (Polydor Uk)
SugaBabes - Hole in the head (Island UK) - reached # 1 in UK national charts
Mylene Farmer - L'Ame-Stram-Gram
Lemar - Dance with you (Sony UK) reached # 2 in UK national charts
Emma Bunton - Free me (19)
Junior Jack - E Samba (Pias)
Jestofunk - Disco Queen (Irma Italy)
Mariah Carey - Through the rain (Monarc US)
Whitney Houston - Whatchalookinat (Arista US)
Milky - The way you are (Multiply UK)
Brandy - Full Moon (Atlantic US)
Moony - Dove (EMI/Positiva UK)
Live Element - Be free (Strictly UK) re edit
Roger Sanchez - You can't change me (Defected UK) re edit
Aly-us - Follow me (Strictly UK)
Shannon - Let the music play (Sound Design UK)
Jamiroquai - You give me something (Sony Urban UK)
Faithless - Muhammed Ali (Cheeky UK)
First Choice - Guilty (Dtension US)
Tyraa - Bitter fruits (Rise Italy)
Jennifer Lopez - Play (US) Sony...... Reached #3 in UK national charts
Resonance feat The Burells - DJ (Strictly Rhythm US)
Jennifer Lopez - Love don't cost a thing (UK) Sony...... Reached #1 in UK national charts
Ultra Nate - Get it up (UK) A&M
Ministers de la Funk - Believe (UK) Defected
Dina Carol - You never been loved before (UK) Mercury
Rochelle Fleming - It's not over (US) Afterhours
South Street Player - Who keeps changing your mind ? (UK) Cream
Barbara Tucker - Stop playin' with my mind (UK) Positiva ...... Reached #17 in UK national charts
Roger Sanchez - I never knew (UK) Incredible ...... Reached #22 in UK national charts
Michael Moog - That Sound (UK) (FFRR) ...... Reached #28 in UK national charts
Masters at work - To be in love (UK) (Defected) ...... Reached #22 in UK national charts
Powerhouse - I got what you need (US) (Strictly Rhythm) ...... Reached #11 in UK national charts
Da Mob - It's all good (US) (Subliminal)
Pepper Mache' - Step into my life (UK) (Azuli)
Frankie Knuckles - Tears (UK) (FFRR)
Another Level - Be Alone (UK) (Northwest side)
Another Level - I want you for myself (UK) (Northwest side)...... Reached #2 in UK national charts
Songstress - See line woman (UK) (XL Recordings)
Zoo Experience feat Brian Chambers - Higher Ground (UK) (Club Zoo)
Salsoul Orchestra - Love Break (UK) (Sugar Daddy)
Teena Marie - I need your lovin' (Motown / DMC)
Eddie Amadour - House Music (UK) (Pukka) ...... Reached #34 in UK national charts
Black Connection - Get You Baby (UK) (Extravaganza)
Mica Paris - Carefree (UK) (Cooltempo)
House of Brass - Dancing with you (UK) (Azuli)
Sam Mollison - Always (UK) (Sony)
Duke - So in love with you (UK) (Pukka Records)...... Reached #17 in UK national charts
Ultra Nate - Found a Cure (UK) (AM PM) ...... Reached #6 in UK national charts
The Fog - Been a long time (UK) (Pukka)...... Reached #25 in UK national charts
Debbie Pender - Movin on (UK) (AM PM)...... Reached #41 in UK national charts
DJ Dado - Give me Love (UK) (Time Italy / VC Recordings)
Karen Ramarez - Troubled Gir l(UK) (Manifesto)
Black connection - Give me rhythm (UK) (Extravaganza) ...... Reached #28 in UK national charts
57th Street - Saturday (UK ) (AM PM) ...... Reached #29 in UK national charts
Martha Wash - Carry on ( Delirious / BMG )
Ultra Nate - Your Free ( AM PM UK / Strictlty Rhythm US )...... Reached #5 in UK national charts
First Choice - Armed & Extremely Dangerous ( Minimal )
Serial Diva - Gotta love for you. ( Sound of Ministry )
Michelle Gayle - Do you know ?( RCA )
Jamiraqui - Cosmic Girl ( DMC )
Gusto - Lets all chant ( Manifesto )

Full Intention

Full Intention - Don't you feel it? (Essential/DND UK)
Full Intention - Just the way (Essential/DND UK)
Full Intention - It hurts me (Dtension US
Full Intention - Once in alifetime (Dtension US))
Full Intention - Orange EP - La Musique / This beat (Essential/DND UK)
Full Intention - It seems to hang on (Dtension US)
Deep down - A Definite strangeness (remix) - (Dtension Us)
Full Intention - Green EP - The groove / It's set to groove (Essential/DND UK)
Full Intention - Forever (Essential/DND UK)
Full Intention - Believe (Essential/DND UK)
Full Intention - Red EP - What's in it for me / Before
(DND Distribution UK)
Full Intention - Blue EP-Feeling High/No one (DND Distribution UK)
Full Intention feat Shena - Your day is coming (UK) Essence
Full Intention feat Thea Austin - Soul Power (UK) Peppermint Jam
Full Intention - Stars ( US) Dtension
Una Mas - I will follow (UK) Defected
Dina Vass - The love I have (UK) Go Beat
Dajae - What do you want (UK) Essence
Full Intention - Can't get over you (US) Dtension
Highrise - Time after Time (UK) via Essential Distribution
Deepdown - Give me your love - vocal & Dub mixes- (US) Dtension
Shena - I'll be waiting (UK) Rulin & (US) Dtention
Full Intention - Satisfied (US) Dtension
Discotex presents Cloudburst - I can cast a spell (UK) Absolution * co produced by Danny Harison
Soundworks - Nitro's Groove (UK) via Essential Distribution
Soundworks - I'll Do anything/It's a Summer Groove (UK) via Essential Distribution
Full Intention - "Everybody loves the Sunshine" (US) Dtension
Awa Band - Timba (UK) Defected
Debbie Pender - "Just be Yourself" (US) Dtension
Stella Browne - Every woman needs love (UK) Perfecto
Anthony Moriah - Whatcha doing now - (US) Dtension
Full Intention presents Deepdown - Give me your love / A definite strangeness - (US) Dtension
Full Intention presents Hustle Espanol - (Do the) Spanish Hustle - (US) Dtension
Metlife - How do you feel - (UK) Sharp Recordings
The Rule - I need your love - (US) Subliminal
Storm Life - So bad - (UK) Electric Funk
Full Intention - Everybody loves the Sunshine - (UK) Sugar Daddy
UK Anthony Moriah - The Reality - (UK) East West Records
Full Intention - You are Somebody - (UK) Sugar Daddy
Sex o Sonique - I Thought It Was You - (UK) FFRR
Ronaldo's Revenge - Mas que mancada - (UK) AM:PM Records
Full Intention - America - (UK) Stress Records
Full Intention - Uptown - (UK) Stress Records
Full Intention - In the Streets - (US) Sugar Daddy
America / Holdin - The return of Full Intention - (US) Sugar Daddy
Full Intention - Can I get a witness / Tell me - Vol 2 - (US) Sugar Daddy
Full Intention - Dancing all Night / I miss you - Vol 1 - (US) Sugar Daddy
Definitive featuring Luciana - Call you baby - (UK) Electric Funk
Soul Asylum - Who do you love - (UK) Electric Funk
Full Intention - Shake your body - (UK)Stress Records


Full Intention
On remixes:

Michael Gray: "We usually start with Jon putting the vocals and any music parts we wish to keep into the Mac".
Jon Pearn: "Then Michael works out ideas that have been whirring around in his head the night before and starts looking through his old record collection. If the vocals are too slow or fast then we will time-stretch them in the Mac to around 126 bpm".

"We know our limitations, so we get David Snell to do the mixdown of vocals and live strings as neither of us is so hot on compression".

Full Intention DJ management

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2004 november issue 131

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