GEM WK 2000 Oriental
Oriental series dedicated to the music of the Mediterranean and Middle-East

WK2000 HD: euro 1.200,00

These instruments are characterized by special functions, created for the exclusive and stylistic peculiarities of this musical reality. The WK2000 Oriental is GEM's new feature-packed oriental keyboard and offers a vast array of fascinating sounds and rhythms of Arabic, Greek and Turkish music
With its comprehensive range of instruments dedicated to the music of the Mediterranean and Middle-East, GEM has become a leader in the field of Oriental keyboards.

WK2000 Oriental is a 16 part multitimbral instrument with 32 notes polyphony. The internal sound library features 34 Oriental sounds, 16 drumkits, 3 Oriental drumkits out of a total of 480 sounds for rich and complex sound textures. The WK2000 Oriental also includes 2 digital processors with 22 reverbs and 22 effects. A range of carefully developed functions, including the Arabic scales, a special section which lets you select and play the typical scales of Oriental music and provides unlimited freedom of expression. WK2000 Oriental contains 96 styles with 4 variations each. 10 different performances are assigned to each of the internal styles, allowing to completely reconfigure the setting of the styles. It is possible to program and save up to 8 different user styles. A number of dedicated buttons for the direct selection of 16 sounds and 16 styles among the most frequently used in Oriental music are included. Favourite configurations of sounds, effects, controls, MIDI channels, track status, styles, etc. can be memorized in any of the 63 General Performances to be recalled instantly. The WK2000 Oriental comes complete with a sequencer (SMF compatible) record up to 7 Song Styles instantly, using any of the on-board sounds and styles. An optional hard disk is also available that provides a vast range of additional software and lets you manage an enormous variety of files ready to use. The optional vocal processor interface gives the possibility to process the voice through a connected microphone with the internal digital effects, 3 band eq and a compressor. Up to 4 harmony lines can be added to your voice for vocal real time harmonies. The digital sampling function allows you to create your personalized sound palette by sampling any sound with the microphone or line input.

61 keys with velocity sensitivity

32 notes max

480 sounds, including 34 oriental sounds, 16 drumkits, 3 oriental drumkits

63 real-time editable

22 reverbs, 22 effects, with separate sends

3 realtime sections (lower, upper 1, upper 2), monophonic mode, split (progr.)

volume, pitch/modulation ball, arabic scale keypad, 4 arabic scale progr. memories, store/cancel arabic scale memory, 16 direct style memory, style/song selection keypad, cursor/page, melody off, demo, single touch play, performance recall, function buttons (F1/F9), style/tempo lock, play all songs, upper 1, upper 2, lower, floppy disk, hard disk, sound selection keypad, octave -/+, transpose b/#, lyrics, vocal processor, rev/chorus, sustain, metronome, harmony, sampling (record, samples), 16 direct sound memory, enter, escape, dial

4 programmable pads

LCD multifunction (neon backlit), lyrics on display (2 x 24 characters)

96 styles (32 standard + 64 oriental), 8 user (progr.), 4 variations, 5 tracks (drums, bass, acc 1, acc 2, acc 3)

Styles controls
Start/stop, intro, ending, fill in a

Gem Italy: Generalmusic
Generalmusic spa - Via delle Rose, 12 - 47842 San Giovanni in Marignano (Rimini) - Italy
Tel: +39 0541 959511 - Fax: +39 0541 957404 -

Germany , Austria
BeNeLux (Belgium, Netherlands, Luxemburg)

advanced technologic sound magazine
2005 July issue 139

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