GEM Genesys Pro S
pro multimedia workstation w/CD player/burner

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Genesys Pro S is the latest addition to GEM’s Genesys line.
This workstation features a 61 note keyboard (with velocity sensitivity and aftertouch), to harness the large sound database comprising of 128MB internal memory (64MB internal sounds, 32MB new sounds, 32MB user samples) supported with the storage capacity of a 20GB hard disk. The internal Song Player/Recording Studio section, allows the Genesys Pro S to record and play many kinds of file format, and by pressing the Make CD button it’s possible to assemble and write audio files (CD tracks, WAV or MP3 files), or MIDI files directly to the build in CD burner. The arranger section offers 256 factory styles / grooves, organised into various style families, incorporating accompaniment styles from every corner of the world, for authentic reproduction of just about any musical genre. It’s slim profile and folding LCD display allow Genesys Pro S to be carried under one arm for musicians on the move.

Main features:
# 128MB RAM memory (64MB internal sounds + 32MB new sounds + 32MB user samples)
# 256 Factory Presets and 256 User Presets; 64 notes polyphony
# 256 Factory Styles and 64 User Styles
# Built-in CD player/burner
# Internal 20GB Hard disk; sampler and hard disk recording functions (mono/stereo)
# Vocal genius with separate EFX for the microphone
# Wide LCD graphic display (320 x 240)
# Pitch/modulation joystick
# new software functions: Edit Parts functions (L+R Mode, Portamento, Legato), MultiPedal Mode, new Play List function, and others...

Keyboard 61 keys with velocity sensitivity and aftertouch
Polyphony 64 notes max
Sounds 256 factory presets, 256 user presets, 128mb internal memory (64mb enhanced internal sound, 32mb new sounds, 32mb user), over 1.500 internal sounds, more than 600 user sounds, sound edit quick, sound edit pro, sample editor (new samples import)
Effects two assignable group dsp (a-b), with 24 programmable reverb and 32 programmable effects each, with separate sends; 3d effect with bass booster
Modes Full keyboard, bass split, acc. split, piano style, manual bass, pro split
Controls pitch bend & modulation joystick, main volume slider, style/seq volume slider, 8 multifunction sliders, 2 vocal genius sliders, part, display hold, page prev/next, dial, transpose, octave, cursor, inc/dec, enter/escape, 16 function buttons, preset selection pad, section edit, sound controls, memories selection, cd studio, video& karaoke, disk drives & system, demo
Memories 1.024 (8 locations x 128 banks),
Single Touch Play 2.048 (8 per style)
Pads 4 programmable pads
Display Graphic lcd 320 x 240 backlit with adjustable contrast
Vocal Genius Microphone and external signal processor with independent effects: 3 band programmable semi-parametric equalizer, Mic limiter, N/L gate, programmable reverb and stereo delay with separate send, up to 4 realtime parts vocal harmony, talkover, edit menu
Styles 256 factory styles, 64 user styles, 4 variation, 8 tracks (drums, bass, acc 1, acc 2, acc 3, acc 4, acc 5, acc 6), 96 music library
Styles controls Start/stop, intro, ending, syncro, restart, variation (1-4), fill >, fill<, fill<>, break, style presets, single touch play, arranger on/off, arranger memory, edit, fade in/out, bass inv, tempo lock, style lock, tap tempo
Sequencer 64 songs, 32 tracks, 250.000 events with microscope editing; mode: direct from hard disk, floppy disk, cd or scsi, db list function, play list function
Recording Studio Play, stop, rec, rewind, ffwd, pause; mono/stereo hd recording and sampling (16bit/44.1khz.)
Disk Drive load, save, erase, copy, format (720 kb,1.44 mb & 1.62mb)
Compatibility Standard MIDI files (0, 1, 1+lyrics - GM1/2), WK/SK songs, WX/SX songs, files '.kar', WordBox©, PianoDisk©, Doc©, Disklavier©, MP3, MP3 + Lyrics, CD audio, '.wav' (44.1K, 16 bit mono or stereo)
Hard Disk built-in 20gb (2,5” eide) hard disk
CD Player/Burner built-in cd-r/rw player/burner
Connections Audio outs: right/m, left/m, out1, out2, 2 headphones; audio in: line/r, mic/l with gain control; MIDI in/out/thru x 2, computer keyboard (ps2), computer host, 3 programmable pedals, volume pedal, video out (tv + s-video)
Extra Video interface, upgradeable operating system (fd/cd), 2 cds package included (1 operating system cd, 1 music cd with up to 1.000 songs + lyrics), 1 microphone included
(W x H x D) 1.180 x 97 x 400 mm / 46,5'' x 3,8'' x 15,7''
Weight 19 kg / 41,8 lbs
Specifications are subject to change without notice.

Gem Italy: Generalmusic
Generalmusic spa - Via delle Rose, 12 - 47842 San Giovanni in Marignano (Rimini) - Italy
Tel: +39 0541 959511 - Fax: +39 0541 957404 -

Germany , Austria
BeNeLux (Belgium, Netherlands, Luxemburg)

advanced technologic sound magazine
2005 September issue 141

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