Location recorder with removable media.
Six audio tracks, timecode-locked DVD-RAM recording, function integrated mixing.
Track audio UDF (Universal Disc Format) on DVD-RAM allows discs to be mounted & read instantly on both
PC and Mac platforms

Six track location audio recording
Records direct to 8cm DVD-RAM
Full function on-board mixer
Industry standard BWF file format
IEEE1394 Firewire interface
Pre-record memory buffer
On-board timecode generator/reader
Extensive timecode facilities

Drive specially developed for the rigours of portable use. Designed from the ground-up to provide vibration stability, high speed access and most importantly, high reliability. Recording to removable 8cm DVD-RAM cartridges, each side provides 1.46GB offering, for example, 126 minutes per disc of 4 track recording at 48KHz/16-bit.

The six channel mixer accepts either microphone level, with both T-Power (12V) and Phantom power (48V) available, or line level. Phase reverse is provided on the three even channels while each channel features adjustable input gain; a generous defeatable and variable high pass filter; and a digital limiter with user adjustable characterises via software; routing capability: working in conjunction with each channel's level control mounted on the face of the PD-6, the 'Disc Feed' switch allows the recording section of the machine to derive its audio 'feed' PRE the channel level control, meaning levels are set once with the earlier trim pot, leaving the front level controls for bus mixing; POST of the channel level control providing for regular level adjustment on the easily-accessible controls; or from the Stereo Bus, routed by the PAN switch providing not only simple stereo mixing of all six channels, but also by using a combination of the modes, parallel mix (guide) tracks can be made whilst recording of either five tracks (mono guide track) or four tracks (stereo guide track): "1+5" and "2+4" recording modes as separate BWF files are created. Additional features such as PFL monitoring and peak led indication on each channel complete this flexible mixer.

Main Features

BWF recording file format (interleave 1 file mode) in either 2, 4, 5 & 6 track modes along with simultaneous two file recording modes of 1+5 and 2+4 tracks for guide track audio UDF (Universal Disc Format) on DVD-RAM allows discs to be mounted & read instantly on both PC and Mac platforms .

On-board timecode generator with +/-1ppm accuracy and built-in backup offers all frame rates including 23.967 and 29.97+drop and pull-up/down.

Generator can be 24H, Rec Run, Free Run or external complete with jam, while output can be repro or generator derived Avid compatibility.

BWF files recorded on the PD-6 can be imported directly into Avid Film Composer (depending on software version) along with information about Scene, Take, Reel Number, Event, etc. being transported and read from the files Metadata. The Metadata area is user-editable for future expansion

Circle Take to mark files/takes for easy identification leading to quick imports and EDL references

Up to 100 cue points per file/take

Alphanumeric keypad for quick file/take & track naming, EDL manipulation, location, etc.

Option of SDII and AIFF file recording modes are planned via software update

EDL management built-in to create & edit multiple ALE (Avid Log Exchange) compatible edit decision lists per DVD-RAM.

IEEE1394 (FireWire) interface for fast back-up and restore. When interfaced to PC, PD-6 DVD-RAM discs can be mounted on desktop.

USB port to attach full-size keyboard for ease of alphanumeric entry and to utilise keyboard shortcuts

Pre Record enables PD-6 to constantly buffer up to 10 secs of audio

128 x 64 back-lit dot matrix display offers various display modes including alternative level meter resolution indication modes and provides for high visibility with low power consumption.

Auxiliary bus input/output provides for remote camera working and monitoring (e.g. HD cam) and is switchable between +4dBu, -10dBu and &endash;60dBu to cater for most camera manufactures requirements. Provided on industry standard 10-pin Hirose connector

Two auxiliary 12volt outputs on industry standard Hirose 4-pin connectors provide power for radio mic receivers, etc. to allow for truly self-contained operation on location

Future software updates via DVD-RAM cartridges and downloadable using a PC from the dedicated web site Fostex.

Flexible monitoring through headphones and/or built in speaker & amplifier. All track combinations can be monitored post-disc either individually or in summed mono and stereo modes. MS monitoring as standard. Aux return and stereo bus live monitoring is provided plus individual channel PFL. All accessed through two rotary and one toggle switch

Slate microphone and tone generator on-board

External power supply input works within the range of 12V to 24V making for greater flexibility

Digital I/O selectable between AES/EBU and S/PDIF has auto input sensing, overriding individual analogue inputs as required

NP-1 type battery provides an estimated hours of operation

External Word & Video sync inputs (auto selection) and Word Output plus parallel remote connector

Optional AATON connector complies with ASCII & LTC I/O specifications for external loggers, synchronises, etc.

Automated file/take naming routine speeds set-up time between takes complying to US and Euro standards. Individual track naming rolls through to next file/take until changed by user, if required

Comprehensive software selectable UBIT output format combinations including Scene, Take, Event no., etc.

Propriety expansion connector to allow PD-6 to dock with planned Fostex rack-mounting full-size DVD-RAM and power supply unit for extended recording time on location


Four head transport enabling off tape (confidence) monitoring during recording (read after write).

Built-in real time clock with time information (Year, Month, Date, Hour, Minute, Second) allows recording and reproduction of time information to and from the data pack of the sub-code area.


Built-in timecode generator/reader with JAM function. The following four modes are available:

1. EXT RUN - timecode generator regenerates incoming external timecode and records it.

2. FREE RUN - timecode generator runs independently of the operational mode selected. It is possible to set the generator to 'JAM sync' to external incoming timecode with the JAM key.

3. REC RUN - timecode generator only runs during recording in order to maintain the continuity of the timecode position. It is possible to set the generator to 'JAM sync' to external timecode with the JAM key.

4. 24h RUN: timecode generator runs in sync with the PD-4Ver.2M's internal clock.


Mini DIN (8 pin) Parallel Remote Control connector on the rear panel is provided for remote operation of the unit.

New on-board Headphone Matrix function offers headphone monitoring of MS microphone recordings or just one channel. The Headphone output is switchable between Stereo, Mono, R/S, L/M & MS.


1kHz Slate Tone Generator. The output level is fully variable via the Master Volume control for easy Record calibration as well as level adjustment to external equipment.

The start time address of the timecode generator can be programmed through the following three methods:

1. Input time information on external timecode.

2. Setting an address with the "edit" keys

3. Comply to time information from the PD-4Ver.2M's real time clock.


On-board 3 channel mixer with panning switch (L, Center, R).

Channel 1, 2 and 3 can be switched between Mic and Line independently. When the Mic input is selected, the following functions are available:

1. P48V phantom power

2. 15/30/0dB attenuator

3. Low cut filter (20-300Hz variable, -12dB/oct.)

4. Limiter circuit

Threshold level: -12dB

Compression ratio: 1/2

Attack time: 20msec.

Release time: 100msec.


New on-board Headphone Matrix function offers headphone monitoring of MS microphone recordings or just one channel. The Headphone output is switchable between Stereo, Mono, R/S, L/M & MS.

The PD-4Ver.2M is equipped with an error tone function. An error tone will be generated to the headphones or the built-in loud speaker when any of the following occur:

1. PCM error

2. Input overload

3. Low battery

Equipped with a large backlit LCD, the high resolution bar graph meter (19 segments per channel) also displays the following information:

1. Timecode

2. A-Time

3. Real time clock value

4. Remaining tape and battery life (selectable)

5. Various IDs

6. Program numbers

7. PCM error


Two power sources: Rechargeable battery (NP-1B or equivalent) or AC adaptor (optional Fostex AD-15B).

Two and half hours of continuous recording with one battery (NP-1B or equivalent) can be achieved.

Set-up mode provides the following functions:

1. Selection of digital output format

2. Adjustment of LCD contrast (8 steps)

3. Auto ID On/Off

4. Error Tone On/Off

5. Still TC On/Off

The PD-4Ver.2M is equipped with a "TC GEN CONT" mode. This enables it to run the timecode generator at crystal generation accuracy for 8 hours continuously on one battery (NP-1B or equivalent).

Using a battery (NP-1B or equivalent) and the AC adaptor together, or by installing 2 x AA/UM-3 dry cells, it is possible to change batteries while timecode continues to be generated.

Sampling frequencies available are 44.1, 48 & 48.048Hz

Switchable Timecode frame rates: 30, 30DF, 29.97, 29.97DF, 25 & 24 frames.

On-board monitor speaker

64 times over-sampling Delta-sigma A/D converter

Locate points by timecode or A-Time function

S-ID/P-No writing can be enabled

S-ID search and blank search function

Light weight: 3.2 kg




Recording Device: E-IDE DVD-RAM (8cm)

Recording Format: BWF (SDII(tm) & AIFF planned future option)

Recording Medium: 8cm DVD-RAM

Number of Channels: Audio x 6, Timecode x1

Sampling Frequency: 44.1 / 48 / 88.2 / 96kHz

Quantization: 16bit (44.1 / 48kHz) 24bit (44.1kHz / 48 / 88.2 / 96kHz)

Track Mode: 2tr 44.1 / 48 / 88.2 / 96kHz (verify write : on) 4tr 44.1 / 48kHz, 5tr 44.1 / 48kHz, 6tr 44.1 / 48kHz, 2+4tr 44.1 / 48kHz, 1+5tr 44.1 / 48kHz


Power Requirement: NP-1 type battery, AC Adapter - option model AD-15B, DC11.5V - 24V

Power Consumption 16W

Dimension: 334(W) x 109(H) x 241(D)mm

Weight: 3.5kg (w/o battery)


R/P Frequency Response: 20Hz to 20kHz +/-1dB (fs : 44.1 / 48kHz),, 20Hz to 40kHz +/-1dB (fs : 88.2 / 96kHz)

S/N:100dB (ADC-DAC, 24bit, ref:-18dB, fs:48kHz) typical

Dynamic Range: 100dB (ADC-DAC, 24bit, ref:-18dB, fs:48kHz) typical

T.H.D.: Less than 0.01% (1kHz, -1dB, ADC-DAC, 24bit, ref:-18dB, fs:48kHz typical)

Channel Separation: More than 90dB (1kHz, 0dB, 24bit, ref.:-18dB, fs:48kHz)

Phase Difference: within 20º (20kHz) between channel

Reference Recording Level: -18 / -20dB (switchable)

Click: less than -30dBV (-16dBu) peak @ power on/off

Cue Point Chunk:100

Power Life: 2 hours continuous operation estimated, NP-1 NiCd

(0dBu = 0.775Vrms)


Connector: XLR-3-31 type (Pin2:Hot)

Reference Input Level: +4dBu

Maximum Input Level: +24dBu (+41dBu pre fader)

Input Impedance: More than 10k ohm


Connector: XLR-3-31 type (Pin2:Hot)

Reference Output Level: +4dBu

Maximum Output Level: +24dBu

Output Load Impedance: More than 2k ohm


Connector: 10pin - male / balanced (Hirose)

Reference Input Level: +4dBu

Maximum Input Level: +24dBu

Input Impedance: More than 10k ohm

Reference Output Level: +4dBu / -10dBu / -60dBu (switchable)

Maximum Output Level: +24dBu

Output Load Impedance: More than 2k ohm

Pin Assign: 1:L-Out+, 2:L-Out-, 3:R-Out+, 4:R-Out-, 5:R-In+, 6:R-In-, 7:L-In+, 8:L-Out-, 9:GND, 10:GND


Connector: D-sub 25pin (auto software selection)

Input Format: IEC 60958 Part2 (S/P DIF) / IEC 60958 Part3 (AES/EBU) switchable

Output Format: IEC 60958 Part2 (S/P DIF) / IEC 60958 Part3 (AES/EBU) switchable


Connector: XLR-3-31 type (Pin2:Hot), balanced


Reference Input Level: 2Vp-p

Minimum Input Level: 0.25Vp-p

Input Impedance: More than 20k ohm

Transfer Rate: 2.4kbit / sec


Connector: XLR-3-32 type (Pin2:Hot), balanced


Reference Output: 2Vp-p

Output Impedance: Less than 1k ohm

Output Load Impedance: More than 600 ohm


Connector: BNC (auto software selection)

Reference Input Level: TTL level (w/ 75ohm termination SW)



Output Level: TTL level



Connector: LEMO 5pin

Format: Complies to ASCII & LTC I/O

Pin Assign: 1:GND, 2:LTC Out, 3:ASCII I/O, 4:Audio Tape (not complied),: 5:LTC In


Pin Assign:1:TPB-, 2:TPB+, 3:TPA-, 4:TPA+


Pin Assign 1:VBUS, 2:D-, 3:D+, 4:GND



SOLO or STEREO/MONO: 1+2, MS, 3/5+4/6, 1/3/5+2/4/6, 3/5+2/4/6, 1/3+2/4, ST. AUX IN, ST. BUS

Connector: 6mm dia stereo phone jack

Load Impedance: more than 32 ohm

Maximum Output Level:60mW (at 32 ohm)



Connector:MINI DIN 8pin female

Pin Assign: 1:PLAY, 2:STOP, 3:REC, 4:GND, 5:SHIFT, 6:REW, 7:VBATT (12 - 24V) Max.500mA, 8:FF

Command:[SHIFT+PLAY]:Slate Tone, [SHIFT+STOP]:Cue, [SHIFT+REC]:PAUSE [SHIFT+REW]:|<(Rew), [SHIFT+FF]:|>(FF)


DC12V - 24V IN

Connector, XLR-4-32 type

Pin Assign: 1:GND, 2:NC, 3:NC, 4:+12 to 24V


Connector: HR10A-7R-4S (Hirose 4pin female) x2

Max.: 0.5A (Total combined)

Pin Assign: 1:GND, 2:GND, 3:DC12V, 4:DV12V


FOSTEX Contacts:
Fostex Corporation (Tokyo, Japan) Phone: +81 (0)42 546 4974 Fax: +81 (0)42 546 9222

PROEL s.p.a. - Via alla Ruenia 37/43 - 64027 Sant'Omero (TE)
Tel. (++39) 086181241- Fax (++39)0861887862

ARGENTINA-Arte Musical S.A.- TEL : (+54) 11-4374-8049
AUSTRALIA- Syntec International- TEL : (+61) 2-9417-4700-
AUSTRIA , SLOVAKIA,SLOVENIA - Atec Audio Technology -TEL : (+43) 2234-74004
BELGIUM - EML NV - TEL : (+32) 11-232355
BRAZIL- Habro Comercio, Importacao & Exportacao Ltda.-TEL: (+55) 11-2249787
CANADA- Jam Industries - TEL : (+1) 514-457-2555-
BULGARIA - Shark Art -TEL : (+359) 52-600172
CANARY ISLANDS- Musicanarias, S.L.- TEL : (+34) 922-821664
COLOMBIA Musicland Digital-TEL: (+1) 305-668-0153
CZECHO - Praha Music Center spol s.r.o. - TEL : (+420) 2-248-10-981
DENMARK - SC Sound ApS - TEL : (+45) 4399-8877
FINLAND -Noretron Audio Oy -TEL : (+358) 9-525-9330 - URL :
FRANCE - Guillard Musiques -TEL : (+33) 4 72 26 27 00 - URL :
GERMANY - Studiosound & Music GmbH -TEL : (+49) 6421-92510 - URL :
GREECE - Bon Studio S.A. - TEL : (+30) 1-3809605-8, 3302059 - URL :
HUNGARY - ATEC Hungary - TEL : (+36) 27-3-42-595
ICELAND - .D.elrf.electronic Ltd. - TEL : (+354) 588 5010
MALTA - Audio & Auto Sound -TEL : (+356) 24-2431
NETHERLANDS - IEMKE ROOS AUDIO B.V. - TEL : (+31) 20-697-2121
NEW ZEALAND- Digital Music Systems- TEL : (+64) 9-279-4289-
NORWAY- Siv. Ing. Benum AS - Norway -TEL : (+47) 22-139900
POLAND -MEGA MUSIC SP. Z.O.O.TEL : (+48) 58-551-18-82
PORTUGA L- Caius - Tecnologias Audio e Musica -TEL : (+351) 22-608-0610
RUSSIA - MS-MAX - TEL : (+7) 095-234-00-06 URL :
SPAIN - Multitracker, S.A. - TEL : (+34) 91-4470700, 91-4470898
SOUTH AFRICA- Eltron (Pty) Ltd.-TEL : (+27) 11 7870355
SWEDEN -TTS Scandinavia AB -TEL : (+46) 8-59798000 - URL :
SWITZERLAND - Audio Bauer Pro AG - TEL : (+41) 1-4323230
TURKEY -Zuhal Muzik Aletleri Tic. ve San. Ltd. - TEL : (+90) 212-249-8510
UK - SCV London - TEL : (+44) 0207-923-1892
UKRAINE -Combo Ltd. - TEL : (+380) 612-335-106
U.S.A., MEXICO / CENTRAL AMERICA- Fostex Corporation of America- TEL : (+1) 562-921-1112

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2003 march issue 112

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