Fostex D2424 digital multitracker


56 track digital recording
6 recording formats
24 bit resolution
96 kHz frequency
128 x oversampling



The 24 track D2424 digital recorder joins the D824 (8 track) and D1624 (16 track) machines in professional digital recording Fostex line.

Employing the latest 24bit A/D and D/A, the D2424's high-definition recording engine offers non-compressed multitrack recording in one of six audio formats, including the new 24bit / 96kHz and 24bit / 88.2kHz standards. All under the control of FDMS-3, Fostex's disk management software.
Independent power supply circuitry for both analog and digital circuits further ensures the integrity of the audio.

The D2424 features a removable front-panel remote control which can be located up to 10 meters from the recorder (with optional Model 8551B x 2 fitted), 32 additional 'ghost tracks' for multiple takes of one or more tracks (making a total of 56 recording tracks), individual track naming and track exchange, sophisticated non-destructive audio editing with unlimited UNDOs, .WAV file support and an RS-422 connector supporting the P2 protocol (with optional Model 8345 card fitted).
You can work in three time bases (ABS, MTC & bar/beat/clock), have up to 64 tempo and signature changes per song, record timecode to a 'virtual timecode track' (keeping recording tracks free for audio), and back-up your recordings to external SCSI-2 media, DAT, ADAT or to an optional secondary internal hard drive or DVD RAM drive (Model 9046).

Usability is enhanced further with the 'All Input' and 'All Ready' functions which allow you to check all input signals and make all tracks ready with single button pushes, Auto EE meanwhile eliminates troublesome switching in monitoring.
Location facilities incorporate
Recall Locate to the 99 locate memories using the jog/shuttle wheel and Prev/Next Locate by simply pressing the Prev/Next key.
Other features include a Mark/Stop function which allows the D2424 to stop automatically at a preset Mark point, Program Chain Play which allows for a compilation of programs to be played back in a certain order, and footswitch control for start/stop as well as punch in/out functions.

The editing features available are completely non-linear and aided by a graphical audio preview. Full Copy/Move & Paste is achievable across tracks or song programs.
The number of UNDOs available is only limited by the disk space available.
You can export and import designated tracks, parts of tracks or complete songs as .WAV files to a DOS FAT 16 formatted SCSI disk or to a DVD-RAM drive in the secondary bay. Editing, processing and sound file conversion can therefore be accomplished on a PC using proprietory audio editing tools.

Three ADAT Digital Interfaces (24 ADAT I/Os in total) are present for all recording channels and allow for 24 track simultaneous recording.
Both 24 bit/44.1kHz and 24 bit/48kHz standards are supported.*
Word I/O is also standard; RS422 support is also offered for remote control.
And interface options can be further enhanced via a range of dealer / distributor fit optional timecode & AES/EBU cards.

Model 8345 chases and locks to incoming LTC with the option of referencing to Video or Word clock. In addition it offers compatibility, in conjunction with RS422, with video editors and other professional tools. The new 'virtual timecode track' can be used to record from both internal and external sources (keeping recording tracks free for audio).
The Sync Preset function features 10 typical patterns to aid easy set-up.
Model 8350 offers 4x AES/EBU inputs and 4x AES/EBU outputs for 8 track simultaneous recording at 24bit / 96kHz and connection to professional studio equipment.

Recording flexibility can be enhanced by the new AC2496 Analog to Digital converter which affords D2424 full 24 track simultaneous recording from balanced (TRS phone) analog sources.

Nuovo registratore digitale a 24 tracce, che va ad affiancare D824 (8 tracce) e D1624 (16 tracce) in una linea dedicata alla registrazione digitale professionale.

Il D2424 impiega convertitori AD/DA 24 bit di ultima generazione, un sistema di registrazione ad alta definizione controllato dal software di gestione FDMS3 (Fostex Disk Management Sistem 3), che consente la registrazione in 6 formati audio multitraccia lineari, inclusi i nuovi standard 24bit/96Khz. e 24bit/88.2Khz.

Il D2424 è semplice da usare, grazie all'interfaccia utente chiara ed immediata; anche su questa macchina può essere rimosso il pannello frontale, utilizzandolo come "remote controller" collocabile fino a 10 metri di distanza.

Si possono registrare 24 tracce reali e fino a 32 tracce addizionali per "Takes" multipli, per un totale di 56 tracce. Il D2424 dispone di editing audio non distruttivo; è possibile eseguire il Copy/Move & Paste sia tra le tracce sia tra i Program; tutte le funzioni dispongono di Undo, con un numero di livelli limitato solo dallo spazio disponibile sull'hard disk; sono supportati i file audio ".Wav" ed il protocollo P2 (tramite card opzionale 8345).

E' possibile lavorare con tre diversi tipi di "Time base": ABS, MTC, Bar/Beat/Clock, con la possibilità di avere fino a 64 cambi di valori musicali di tempo e metrica per ogni brano. Il Timecode può essere registrato su una traccia virtuale, non occupando così spazio sulle tracce reali.

D2424 permettere il backup dei dati su DVD-RAM (Unità opzionale Mod.9046 da 4,7 GB) oltre ad una serie di apparecchiature esterne come SCSI-2, DAT, ADAT.

Connessioni analogiche e digitali: 8 In/24 Out analogici bilanciati, tre porte ADAT (24 In/Out digitali totali) che consentono la registrazione simultanea di 24 tracce in questo formato, porta Word Clock I/O, SCSI, RS-422.

  • 56 track digital recording with no compression (24 tracks plus 32 additional 'ghost tracks'/ 8 tracks plus 48 additional tracks for 24bit/96k)
  • 6 recording formats: 24bit / 96kHz, 24bit / 88.2kHz, 16bit / 44.1kHz, 16bit / 48kHz, 24bit / 44.1kHz, & 24bit / 48kHz
  • 128 times oversampling delta-sigma 24bit AD/DA 
  • ADAT I/O (S/P DIF switchable) 
  • Program Chain Play mode 
  • Twin drive bays. Secondary bay may be fitted with optional 2nd hard drive or DVD-RAM drive for back-up
  • TRS balanced jacks for all analog I/Os. Balanced/unbalanced selectable (ref. level: 12dB/-20dB) 
  • Export & import .WAV song files 
  • Level envelope display aids easy audio with undo & redo 
  • Non-destructive 99-time Copy/Paste & Move/Paste editing across programs (songs) 
  • Virtual timecode track function 
  • Unlimited chronological editing UNDOs (dependent disc space)
  • 6 point edit memory & 99 locate point memory
  • MTC/MMC & FEX implemented for external MIDI control 
  • Multiple tempo and signature changes per song 
  • Word I/O 
  • MIDI clock with song position pointer  
  • RS-422 remote connector 
  • Backup to 2nd internal HD, internal DVD-RAM (Model 9046), external SCSI device, ADAT or DAT. 
  • Optional timecode, AES/EBU and Ethernet cards 

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