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Cyril Thevenard aka John Lord Fonda, Temexta, Hermetic Unity

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John Lord Fonda / "Debaser" profile
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Born in 1974, Cyril Thévenard released his first work, the Vulcan EP, with Choice Records and left the electronic scene for six years, til the release of Volt Age EP on Vitalic's label.
1981 : first lessons
1983 : get into the consevatory
1993 : ... get out with a graduation in flute traversiere (sup degree)
A rock band compsed together with Arnaud (arno signed on F.com) and Seb (founder of Choice records) this group last a few month only, he was playing drums.

His porn movie actor name does not refer to his underground music.
His first vinyl opus had been warm welcomed by major producers and this first CD project of this Dijon-based musician is a kind of darker and colder style, keeping a strong diversity in the tracks. This project is aimed at the electronic scene and at the deejays but also at a pop-rock audience not used to vinyls.

Live Acts 1996/2004 :
Various big events ... L'An-fer Dijon, Le Gibus Paris as Hermetic Unity, Live with Vitalic/Dima under the name Temexta
Live Acts 2004/2005 :
Le Rex (Paris), zoo usin e (Geneva/Switzerland), fatkat (Bordeaux), batofar (Paris), la scene (Paris), point ephemere(Paris), le rio (Dijon), varioious place in Marseille, UK, Spain, and more ....
Talking about the music.... starts from the acid & mechanical 'Music is not computer algebra' passing through the massive-electro of 'George' and the Moroder trip of 'So far away'
Towards of the unpublished, the epileptic remix of 'Personal jesus' a union of trance music, hypnotic climb, huge beat and saturate reminds from the original song.
'Erase my hanger ' is an electro-pop hymn with "technoids" emanations.
'Never Change' is an electro /breakbeat tale ornate by the filtered vocals with hip-hop tone and finally 'Slavery', is a travel to the SM/Fetish unniverse on hitch beats with "trash" lyrics.
In Bonus, some shorts synthetic tracks cary out this project..

Source: Citizen Rec


Debaser (album) (Nov 2005)
Debaser ep (Nov 2005)
VoltAge ep (2004)

With Hermetic Unity
Vulcan ep (1997)

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+33 (0)3 80 45 17 53

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2006 January issue 145

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