Five12 Numerology Level 1
Modular performance sequencer for Mac OS X version 10.2
The analog-style sequencing

Numerology is a modular MIDI Sequencer for Mac OS X. It takes sequencing metaphors established by the analog sequencers of the 70's and places them in a structured and interactive software environment that encourages experimentation and improvisation.

What is it?

Numerology is a new MIDI sequencer from a small company known as Five12. It is a modular sequencing environment designed for performing musicians. It works by giving the user an organized workspace within which they can quickly create and connect together a variety of highly functional sequencing and MIDI event generating modules. As a fully modular environment, the user can construct sequencing instruments that fit their own unique and twisted requirements. The sequencers follow a model similar to that used by analog sequencers: the user creates sequences of control values that can be routed to other modules to control generation of notes or MIDI CC and Pitch Bend messages.
Most current digital sequencers are based on a design that is very similar to a tape recorder. They have three distinct modes: record, edit, play ; with little or no integration between these modes, and the edit mode invariably has more in common with a word processor than a musical instrument. These programs can be very powerful, but also cumbersome to use, especially in a live or improvisational context.
There are some programs that offer some analog-style sequencing features, but only with either very limited features, or as low-level modules in software toolkits that take hours to fashion into something useable.
The Numerology approach is to offer fully featured modules that provide the immediacy and fun factor that analog sequencing provides, in an environment where the musician can take full advantage of their possibilities. Numerology provides a selection of carefully designed features, such as groups, presets, and navigation and mixing functions that combine to offer a sequencing environment with the flexibility and interactivity of a fully modular system.

Analog-Style Sequencing
Sequence by making a series of numeric step values. Set the output range to semitone values for pitch control, or for velocity and CC. Change direction, start and end points freely. Use hard sync to ensure that wild sequences eventually do repeat. Use skip steps (removes the step from the sequence) to induce head-spinning variations.

Modular Sequencing
Patch the output of one or more sequencer modules into MIDI note, CC or Pitch Bend generation modules to control pitch, velocity, MIDI CC, or pitch bend. Create a sequencing instrument customized to your needs. Numerology modules are connected using fast, accurate popup menus, no patch cables here.
Combine the outputs of multiple sequencers running at different rates (it takes all of a few seconds to set up) to control pitch and get anything from regular chord progressions to chaotic note clusters.

Dedicated Gate Sequencing
Sequence gate values with the same flexibility available for control value sequencing.

Normally used singly to trigger note on and off events, you can combine multiple gate sequences for unusual rhythmic effects, or use an extra gate sequence to tweak pitch value offsets.

Bending and CC
Use Numerology's Bender and CC Output modules to generate MIDI Pitch Bend and CC messages. Use slow (4, 8 or 16 beats per step) sequences to generate tranced-out timbral changes in your MIDI synthesizer. Use sequenced pitch bend for rhythmic detuning.
The Bender module has a special feature (called Auto-Glide) that can be used to quickly setup a linear pitch bend (or a few of them) by providing a gate signal (specifying when to glide), and a control value (specifying how much).

Numerology Groups allow you to keep your modules organized according to musical part. Each group acts like an individual virtual sequencing rack. Modules can be added to any group at any time, without stopping the transport or causing playback glitches.
A super-fast two-level group browser allows you to navigate your monster creation without ever touching a scroll bar. Most controls are colorized to match their group, which helps to keep everything coordinated.

Mix Groups, Sync Presets
Numerology groups have some handy features to aid in mixing: volume, mute, solo, on/off, and presets.
Each Numerology group has 64 presets to save module parameters into. All parameters are saved, including module connections, that means instantaneous re-patching on preset changes.
Preset changes, as well as some other common group parameters (mute, solo, and on/off status) can be set to synchronize their effect with the running transport at bar or beat boundaries, making it easy to mix and arrange live while staying in time with the music.

Numerology has a mixer overview panel for adjusting group mix parameters across your entire session.You can do live remixes of your project .

Sequence your Sequence
The Numerology tracks sequencer allows you to create arrangements quickly, even while the transport is running.

New Features in Numerology 1.1 Include:

Gate Division for the Gate Sequencer and Drum Sequencer modules : Divide any gate step using sequenced integer values between 1 and 16 to produce rhythmic effects that range from double-rhythms and triplet-based divisions, to rolls and glitched-out buzzes.

MIDI CC Learn mode : Use your MIDI controller hardware to control just about any parameter of a Numerology module.

Signal Processor Module : Process Numerology control signals to produce unique sequencing effects.

Mixer / Scope Module : For mixing and viewing control signals.

MIDI Fader Box Module : For remote-control of MIDI gear.

Master Loop for Tracks Sequencer.

Tracks Sequencer Locate, for quickly moving to any bar of a sequence.

New keyboard controls for navigation.

Enhanced preset management with snapshots per-preset edit buffers.

Sequencer step shifting (both right and left), a.k.a. Rotate.

Drag-able sequencer start and end points.

Sequencers now available in 16, 24 and 32 step sizes.

Context-sensitive menus for all modules with handy operations such as "Copy Settings to all Presets".

Separate, resizable windows for the Mixer and Tracks Sequencer.

New User Interface design.

Invert option for control sequencers.

Data rate option for CC and Pitch Bend Output.

Improved MIDI Clock transmission and reception.

Resizable Gate Sequencer.

Numerology can be purchased online for $50

Five 12
Albuquerque, NM - Usa - Tel: (505) 453 6783 - Fax (505) 341 2760

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2003 june issue 115

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