FiberPlex MD3
Multi-Control Interface Translator for FiberPlex LightViper fiber optic audio systems

The price for one pair of MD-3 devices is $428.00

The LightViper MD-3 is a multiple control interface device for translating RS-422, RS-232 and MIDI control signals through LightViper fiber optic transport systems. The MD-3 has three connectors on its front panel: RS-422, MIDI, and RS-232. The rear panel contains three RJ45 connectors and a single switch. The switch is used to determine whether MIDI is sending or receiving on each device. The MD-3 derives power from the LightViper system via the connection between the RJ-45 "control" connector on the LightViper unit and the RJ-45 connector on the MD-3. The MD-3 is used in pairs; one MD-3 is required at each end of the system.

An MD-3 pair is capable of sending a specific type of control signal (e.g. "RS-422') through a LightViper system and outputting that same control signal on the opposite end. An MD-3 pair is also capable of outputting a completely different control signal (e.g. "MIDI") at the opposite end (translated control output).

The MD-3 is packaged in a compact (4" x 3" x 1"), rugged steel enclosure. The MD-3 has four (4) rubber feet as well as a Velcro strip to attach it to an equipment rack.

FiberPlex Inc.
10840 - 412 Guilford Rd.
Annapolis Junction, Maryland 20701
(301) 604-0100, eMail

advanced technologic sound magazine
2006 issue April 148

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