2002 issue 104


The ENSONIQ Halo ships with a diverse 32 MB soundset that includes the Perfect Piano &endash; an expressive acoustic piano. Halo also offers three additional internal ROM slots, allowing you to expand your sound palette using any ROMs from the E-MU Proteus Expansion Library. This expandability lets you customize your Halo with ROM soundsets that are generally more genre-specific Hip-Hop, Electronica, Orchestral, B-3, etc.).
Halo also gives 12 real-time controllers that put Halo's powerful synthesis features at your fingertips. You can tweak Halo's filters, LFO's, effects and more &endash; giving you total performance control over your sounds. And Halo's 16 syncable/programmable arpeggiators and interactive Super BEATs Mode are perfectly syncronized with each other and over 100 rhythm-based synthesis and effects parameters, letting you perform entire pieces in real-time, all in unison. Together with 24-bit analog outputs and a fast processor, Halo offers professional results and playability.


61 keys

64 voice polyphony

32 MB Soundset w/ 640 factory/512 user presets (expandable to 128 MB)

16 programmable real-time control parameters/preset

16 simultaneous/syncable ARPs

SuperBEATs interactive Groove Mode (w/16 trigger buttons)

24-bit dual stereo effects processor

Four 24-bit analog outputs


Emu Italy: Esound
Tel : +39 0733 226271 - Fax: +39 0733 226546



2002 issue 104


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