Drum Machine
Command Station
128 voice synth multitrack

The PX-7 Command Station is a drum machine that combines a sequencer and 128-voice synthesizer. The multitrack, pattern-based sequencer features real-time, grid and step recording capabilities, 13 velocity sensitive pads, 32 MB of new acoustic and electric drum and percussion sounds, three additional ROM expansion slots, a digital output, new Version 2.0 software, and performance knobs, buttons and switches. Every one of the 16 control knobs assigned to real-time parameters like envelope ADSR's, filter cutoffs, amplitude, etc. In addition to the 512 factory presets and 512 user presets, the PX-7 also ships with over 100 groove sequences. Programmable arpeggiators on board.

13 velocity-sensitive pads with aftertouch
512 on board sounds (expandable to 128 MB with E-MU's massive library of Proteus SoundROMs)
128 voice polyphony
40 assignable knobs and buttons
Over 100 BPM-based synth parameters per preset
Control external MIDI gear
Real-time/Grid/Step interactive performance sequencer
16 syncable arpeggiators
E-Loader, host software to easily download sequences and to take advantage of USB

Audio Channels: 128
MIDI Channels: 32 Internal/ 32 External
Pads: 13 Velocity Sensitive, 7 Octave Range, Aftertouch
Controllers: 16 programmable knobs (Quick edit, Mix ..)
Controllers: 2 Footswitches, 4 button switches, 16 triggers (Latch, MIDI Channel, Note and Velocity)
Controllers: Center Detented Touch Strip
Displays: 2x24 LED, Four Digit 7 Segment LED
Navigation: Data Knob, two Cursor buttons, two Track/Channel select buttons, 16 synth edit menu jump buttons
Lamp: 12 Volt goose-neck adapter
Presets: 512 RAM, 512 User
Layers Per Preset: 4
BPM/ MIDI synchronized parameters per Preset: >100
Sound Memory: 32 MB (expandable to 128 MB)
Internal Expansion slots: 3 additional
Expansion format: ROM (16/32MB) Flash (16/32MB)
Filters: 6/12th order (50 types)
Sequencer PPQN: 384
Songs: 512
Patterns: 1024
Tracks: 16 per pattern, 16 MIDI channels per Track, plus 1 Song Track (16 MIDI channels)
Record Types: Real Time, Step, Grid
Sequencer Format: XL/MP-7, SMF import/export
Sequencer Storage Size: Internal, > 300,000 notes. External, unlimited using E-MU's E-Loader software file assistant (Mac/PC)
Arpeggiators: 32 simultaneous pattern based or traditional
Arp Patterns: 300 ROM, 100 User
Arp Editor: 32 steps - Key, Velocity, Duration, Repeat
Effects: Dual 24-bit
Audio Outputs: 6 analog (configured as 3 stereo), Stereo S/PDIF
Audio Inputs: Effects Return 1 In (Stereo), Effects Return 2 In (Stereo)
MIDI: In, MIDI Out A/Thru, MIDI Out B/Thru
Data Encoding: 16-bit linear, 24-bit DAC's
Signal to Noise: >100 dB
Frequency Response: 20-20,000Hz (+0.0/-0.1dB)
THD + Noise (DAC's): <0.002%
Power Consumption: 15 watts
Voltage Input: 90VAC - 260VAC at 50Hz - 60 Hz
Maximum Output Level: +6dBV
Output Impedance: 1000 Ohms
Dimensions: Height 5.25" (Highest point), Width 18.60" - 20.10", Depth 10.50", Fits in standard 6 space rack when you remove the end caps (requires optional rack ears)
Modes: Song, Pattern
Views: Song, Pattern, Preset, Mix
Menus: Song Edit, Pattern Edit, Preset Edit, Global, Controllers, Arpeggiator and MIDI,
Additional functions: Audition, Compare, Save/Copy Home/Enter, Tap Tempo


Drum 1
Drum 2
Drum 3
Drum 4
Drum Patterns

Emu Italy: Esound
Tel : +39 0733 226271 - Fax: +39 0733 226546

advanced technologic sound magazine
2003 september issue 117

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