WAV / MP3 portable recorder

euro 429,00

USB 2.0 for importing/exporting WAV / MP3 audio files
Direct WAVE/MP3 recorder

Take it Anywhere
Robust, rugged, and ready to travel, the R-1 is built to withstand the rigors of the road. Capture the sounds of nature, record live music, use it as an MP3 player, plug it into your studio gear or stereo for playback .... The R-1 runs on two AA batteries or from the included AC adaptor.

The R-1 combines a portable MP3 player with a high-quality MP3/WAV recorder.
Edirol chose to use top-grade components for the R-1, which can record/ playback at 24-bit audio resolution without compression.
Audio recorded in the R-1 is stored as stereo files directly onto removable CompactFlash cards, allowing for maximum flexibility in recording time.
Up to nine format-quality modes are provided, ranging from 64~320kbps MP3 compression to 24-bit linear WAV format.
Electrolytic capacitors provide stable, reliable power to the analogue circuits, eliminating DC interference and supplying low-distortion sound.

IARC (Isolated Adaptive Recording Circuit):
The input circuitry of the R-1 provides a separate power supply between the Analog Limiter and AD converter. This eliminates DC interference and results in an overall better quality recording.

Record via Built-In Mic or External Inputs
Need to record audio quickly and easily but without compromising professional results? The R-1 is equipped with a pair of omni-directional Back Electret Condenser Microphones for quick and clean capture.
It offers high results from the internal microphones because it is completely solid state : the R-1 makes no noise itself for the internal mics to pick up. Just press the REC button, the level indicator pops up on the display, and you're instantly ready to record.

The R-1 also lets you record audio through both external microphone and line inputs. The Mic port supports either stereo dynamic or plug-in powered electret condenser types.

Onboard Effects
The R-1 offers pro-quality internal effect processing, such as microphone simulator, noise suppressor, hum-cut, EQ, reverb, center cancel, and more. The EQ of the R-1 offers a variety of presets and even provides Tuner and Metronome functions.

In addition to the headphone output and external audio inputs, the R-1 can connect to computers via USB 2.0 for importing/exporting WAV / MP3 audio files.
The R-1’s headphone jack also doubles as a S/PDIF optical out, so you can stream audio to digital equipment such as digital speakers or DAT/CD/MD.


Audio Input/Output

Internal Microphone (stereo)
Stereo Microphone (1/8” phone jack : plug-in powered compatible type)
Line In (stereo) (1/8” phone jack)

1/8” stereo phone jack
Headphones (1/8” stereo phone jack)
S/PDIF 1/8” phone optical type (same port as Headphones)

Signal Processing
AD/DA conversion 24-bit / 44.1 kHz

2 Tracks (1 stereo track)

Recording data format: WAV, MP3
Storage: CF (CompactFlash) card, up to 2 GB capacity

Audio Effects
01: Easy EQ (11 presets)
02: For Speech
03: Voice Perform
04: Editable EQ (10-band EQ: 32/64/125/250/500 Hz, 1/2/4/8/16 kHz)
05: Noise Reducer
06: Hum Noise Cut
07: Reverb
08: Int-Mic Rec. (Mic Simulator optimised for the built-in microphones)
09: Ext-Mic Rec. (Mic Simulator for ExternalMic)
10: Mastering
11: Center Cancel
12: Tuner
13: Metronome

Power Supply
AC adaptor (included)
Battery (Rechargeable Ni-MH AA x 2 or Alkaline AA x 2)

Battery life
Playback: approximately 5.5 hours
Recording: approximately 1 hour (when using Alkaline batteries continuously)


USB 2.0 Storage device (WindowsXP/2000/Me, MacOS9.2 or MacOS X)

20 x 2 character display

Accessories (included)
CF Card 64 MB
AC Adaptor Roland PSB-6U type
Carrying Case
Owner's manual

99.25 (W) x 134 (D) x 30.2 (H) mm
205 g / 8 oz (excluding CF and batteries)

Head Office
EDIROL Europe,
Studio 3.4, 114 Power Road,
London W4 5PY
tel: 0870 350 1515 , Fax:0845 117 2002
(Charged at local rate throughout the UK)
tel:+44 20 8747 5949
Fax:+44 20 8747 5948

Viale delle Industrie, 8
20020 Arese (MI)
Tel : 02 93778344 , Fax: 02 93581882

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2004 November issue 131

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