Edirol MA-1EX USB
USB Powered Speakers

euro 72,00

The MA-1EX speakers are an easyt way to improve the sound quality of your notebook computer.
These small, USB-powered speakers offer an easy way to boost the computer’s audio quality and volume without requiring an extra power connection.
It good sound quality by completely by-passing your internal sound card. The MA-1EX works as a sound card, offering high-quality D/A converters and superior shielding from electrical interference of other components. It can even act as a simple S/PDIF optical output and headphone amp for your computer.
The MA-1EX speakers are ideal for any notebook computer user for use in presentations for small groups or the music enthusiast who wants better sound quality and more volume from his notebook without carrying a large, bulky set of speakers.

Main Features:

* 0.75W + 0.75W rated power, 2” (50 mm) full range unit x 2
* USB Bus Powered, AC Adaptor not required
* Volume control
* S/PDIF output (Up to 16-bit/ 48 kHz)
* Integrated USB cord storage
* Portable for travelling musicians, mobile use, and laptop computer owners

Head Office
EDIROL Europe,
Studio 3.4, 114 Power Road,
London W4 5PY
tel: 0870 350 1515 , Fax:0845 117 2002
(Charged at local rate throughout the UK)
tel:+44 20 8747 5949
Fax:+44 20 8747 5948

Viale delle Industrie, 8
20020 Arese (MI)
Tel : 02 93778344 , Fax: 02 93581882

advanced technologic sound magazine
2005 December issue 144

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