Driver support for Windows 95/98/Me/2000/XP and Macintosh OS 8/9/X
The MIDI functions of MiaMIDI only work under Windows ME/2000/XP(WDM) and Mac OS X

MiaMIDI offers a pair of balanced 1/4 inch analog inputs and outputs and operates at the +4dBu levels used by pro-audio gear. It combines this with 24-bit/96kHz converters and 106 dB of dynamic range. Also included is an S/PDIF digital audio interface for connecting to other digital audio equipment, and MIDI input/output jacks on a custom molded cable.
A unique feature of MiaMIDI is the use of "virtual" outputs. MiaMIDI appears to software as if it has eight separate outputs, which are digitally mixed down to the physical outputs using MiaMIDI's "console" software and its on-board DSP. This makes MiaMIDI compatible with all popular multi-track software. And, with Echo's "multi-client" drivers, more than one application (such as an editor and software synth) can be playing back through MiaMIDI at the same time.

Hardware Features

2 balanced analog inputs with 106dB (A-weighted) dynamic range
2 balanced analog outputs with 106dB (A-weighted) dynamic range
MIDI in/out
24 bit coaxial S/PDIF digital I/O
Supports full duplex 4 channel in, 4 channel out operation.
PCI bus mastering interface
+4dBu or -10dBv analog I/O on each analog channel

Software Features
Software console for monitoring, metering, and setting levels
Built-in digital mixer provides near-zero latency monitoring
Support for WDM, ASIO and GSIF
8 "Virtual Outputs" Low-latency drivers
Compatible with all popular recording products

Analog Input

2 Balanced (differential) TRS connectors
Accepts unbalanced signals
Frequency Response: 15Hz-22kHz, ±0.25dB (plot)
Linearity:  -120dBFS-0dBFS, ±1dB (plot)
Dynamic Range:  106dB A-weighted
THD+n: <0.0025%, 20Hz-22kHz A-weighted (plot)
Crosstalk:  <0.0015% Crosstalk (plot)
Nominal Input Level: +4dBu or -10dBV (software configurable)
Maximum Input level:  +18dBu or +4dBV (software configurable)
Input Impedance:  10KOhm

Analog Output

2 Balanced (differential) TRS connectors
Accepts unbalanced signals
Frequency Response: 15Hz-22kHz, ±0.25dB (plot)
Linearity:  -110dBFS-0dBFS, ±0.8dB (plot)
Dynamic Range:  106dB A-weighted
THD+n: <0.0035%, 20Hz-22kHz A-weighted (plot)
Crosstalk:  <0.0015% Crosstalk (plot)
Nominal Output Level: +4dBu or -10dBV (software configurable)
Maximum Output level:  +18dBu or +4dBV (software configurable)

Converter Specs

128x Oversampling converters
24 bit data resolution maintained throughout signal path
Multiple sampling rates supported:  8k, 11.025k, 16k, 22.05k, 32, 44.1k, 48k, 88.2k, 96k

S/PDIF Digital Input/Output

Up to 24 bit resolution
Coaxial connector
Consumer/Professional Switch
44.1kHz, 48kHz and 96kHz sample rates supported

Digital Sync


MIDI (MiaMIDI only)

MIDI input
MIDI output

On-board 24-bit Motorola DSP for mixing and monitoring
Host Interface
Bus mastering PCI host interface

Echo worldwide contacts

Echo Italy : Midi Music
e-mail Tel.+39 - 0113185602
Australia - Music Link e-mail
Austria / Germany - Hyperactive Audiotechnik e-mail
Brazil - MQuanta Music & Technology e-mail
Cabada - Annex Pro e-mail
Chile - Audiomusica e-mail
China - Central Music e-mail
Czeck Republic- Disk e-mail
Ecuador / South America - Code e-mail
El Salvador / Central America- MSI e-mail
Finland - Sarka Pro e-mail
France - SCV Audio - Tel: (0)1 48 63 22 11
Greece - Diamantopulos Music e-mail
Hong Kong - Autosoft e-mail
Iceland- Tonastodin e-mail
Indonesia - ChandraCom e-mail
Israel - Halilit Musical Instrument e-mail
Japan - Hook Up e-mail
Korea - Midi Land e-mail
Mexico - Top Music e-mail
Russia - Multimedia Club e-mail
Netherlands / Belgium/ Luxemburg - BMI Groothandel e-mail
New Zealand - Music Link e-mail
Norway - Marios Musik e-mail
Oman - Tunes Trading e-mail
Poland - Sequence Music e-mail
Portugal - Jardine Computers e-mail
South Africa- Tuerk Music e-mail
Spain - Adagio e-mail
Switzerland- SDS Music e-mail
Taiwan - Midi Mall e-mail
Thailand - Sattellite Mastering e-mail
Turkey - Compel Tel.212.224-3201
United Kingdom- Arbiter Group
Viet Nam - Viet Thuong Company e-mail

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2003 september issue 117

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