DVD Plus
double-sided disc with DVD on one side and CD Audio on the other.

(trademark of Dieter Dierks)

The patented double-sided DVDplus (by DVD Plus International Inc.)
currently is the world's most versatile optical disc
DVD Plus is a double-sided disc with DVD on one side and CD Audio on the other.
Two discs are bonded together to provide a multi format hybrid disc,

backward compatible to all CD and DVD players.

After a test marketing began in Europe and Australia (2002), DVD Plus International Inc is now globalizing it.
Music companies are now able to bundle Video clips and promotional films with CD Audio on the same disc and Movie producers and distributors can add value to their product by including soundtracks on the Audio side of the disc.

Founder and joint CEO of DVD Plus International Inc,
Dieter Dierks :
" We are all very excited with the prospect of making DVD Plus available to record labels and movie studios all over the world. The test marketing and reception DVD Plus has had in Europe is way beyond our expectation and we can expect to see many more titles becoming available on the format over the next twelve months"
Co-founder and CEO of DVD Plus International
Stephen Millard :
"It has always been our mandate to provide a bundling solution that enables content providers to converge their visual, audio, web and data assets on to one disc. This new generation disc provides an unprecedented value proposition to the consumer. It's now our focus to initiate a global infrastructure to deliver the disc to market."

Currently three DVD (plus) formats are available:
DVD Plus (combines film and audio on one disc)
DVD Audio Plus (combines the conventional CD with the new high-quality DVD audio format)
DVD Rom Plus (combines film with CD Rom and PC games)
All DVD Plus formats can be played on both conventional
CD players, on DVD players and on the computer.

DVD Plus Technology
In the preliminary stages of production, two matrices are produced: one for the CD side and one for the DVD side.
Both sides are then joined together in the bonding process. A thickness of only 0.28 mm more than a normal disc does not affect playability in CD or DVD players.

DVDplus test marketing began in Europe and Australia.
The first labels that have utilized DVD Plus during the test marketing of the disc are MAWA, Zomba, V2, Artisan, EMI and BMG. Many more followed in 2003
Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment commenced distribution of the first in a series of DVD plus discs (late 2002): 'MIX Music FM - Australia's Best Mix Volume 1'.
International artists (Robbie Williams, Emma Bunton, Tal Bachman, Ricky Martin, M People, and Macy Gray) werw joined by plenty of Australian artists ( Kylie Minogue, Human Nature with and without 'The Voice' John Farnham, Kate Cebrano, and The Rockmelons).

some other example releasses

Founded by Dieter Dierks and Stephen R. Millard,
DVD Plus International Inc has offices in Germany and Australia.

DVD Plus International Germany
Haupstrasse 33 - D-50259 Stommeln - Germany EU
p. + 49(0) 2238 928 430 - f. + 49(0) 2238 928 399

DVD Plus International Australia
3 Winnie St - Cremorne NSW 2090 - Sydney , Australia
p. +61(0) 2 9404 7275

Stephen R. Millard Steve
DVD Plus International Inc - Joint Chief Executive Officer

Mr. Millard is focused on overseeing the expansion of all Company assets and intellectual property development and provides the vision that will see DVD Plus International become one of the worlds leading media and technology companies.
Prior to co-founding DVD Plus International with Mr. Dierks, Mr. Millard held the role of Senior Director of Marketing of Sony Music Australia - Epic Music Group.
This position culminated a twelve-year career with Sony Music where his contribution to the Company established Sony Music Australia as one of the most successful Sony affiliates around the world.
As the Senior Director of Marketing, Epic Music Group, a roster which is essentially international, he established a wide network of business contacts globally and became well known throughout the international music industry as an aggressive and accomplished business.
In his role Mr. Millard was responsible for overseeing a decade of enormous artists such as Michael Jackson, Pearl Jam, Julio Iglesias, Mariah Carey and Oasis. His time at Sony was rich with many personal achievements and major contributions to careers of artists including that of Deep Forest, Big Audio Dynamite, Pearl Jam, Des'ree and Macy Gray.
Mr. Millard started his career in the music industry as an artist manager and booking agent and rapidly developed a network of acts and venues around Australia's eastern seaboard. In 1980, after three years gaining a solid reputation within the artist and music business community, he accepted a role with Astor Polygram Records, a move that exposed him to the retail and wholesale workings of the recording industry.
After a year at Polygram he accepted his first role with Sony Music Australia (then CBS Records) as Promotions Manager, which he held for two years. In 1983 he joined Australia's first and largest FM radio station 2MMM, where he was charged with the management of all on and off air promotions, marketing the stations profile and branding as well as the development of their on air talent celebrity profiles.
In 1987 he started his own business to pursue an avid interest in the apparel industry marketing a range of casual wear to some of Australia's largest retail chains before returning to Sony Music in early 1990, spending the next decade in the following tenures: International Marketing Manager Epic/Columbia, Director of Marketing, Epic and Senior Director of Marketing, Epic Music Group.

advanced technologic sound magazine
2004 august issue 128

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