Digidesign Hybrid
Synthesizer software Plug-in for Pro Tools, performance-oriented

eur 180,00

Developed by the Digidesign Advanced Instrument Research group, Hybrid is a software synthesizer for Pro Tools.

Hybrid comes equipped with 256 preset patches that include a full range of analog and digital sounds. Its deep set of user-adjustable parameters let you create sounds easily .Also you can construct complex patches from two distinct parts, each of which features three high-definition, sample-accurate oscillators with multiple wave modes, four envelope generators, three LFOs, 23 filter modes with true saturation, and two insert effects.

On board a step sequencers for arpeggiation or phrase generation. You can set the modulation matrix to easily map modulations from sources to destinations and set up “morph” groups to modify sounds on the fly, from the interface or a MIDI controller.


* 256 preset patches with a range of analog and digital sounds
* Comprehensive user-modification capabilities from a interface
* Sample-accurate synth engine for fast envelopes and high-definition sound
* Two simultaneous parts for creating complex patches
* Three high-definition oscillators per part ; two with seven wave modes
* Revolutionary filter design with 23 filter modes, filter FM, and true saturation
* Flexible editing options with four envelope generators and three LFOs per part
* Performance-oriented features, including a modulation matrix, “morph” groups, and a step sequencer/polyphonic phrase generator for each part
* Two effects inserts per part, plus a master effects section
* RTAS format

System Requirements
* Digidesign-qualified Windows- or Macintosh-based Pro Tools system running Pro Tools HD , Pro Tools LE , or Pro Tools M-Powered 7.0 or higher software
* iLok USB Smart Key (sold separately), Internet access, and free ilok.com account for authorization

Digidesign Italy: Avid Technology
E-mail - Tel.+39.02.5778971

Product Information
United States & Canada 1.800.333.2137
North & South America 650.731.6102 (USA)
Europe (England) 44.1753.658496
Asia (Japan) 81.3.3505.7963

Australia - Eastside Productions -
E-mail - Phone: +618 8363 7095
Belgium, Netherlands and Luxembourg
E-mail - Phone: +31 (0)73.613.8080
Brazil: Astor Silva
E-mail - Phone: +5511.6331.6726
E-mail - Tel: (852) 2496.2200
Czech Repulic, Germany, Poland, and Slovakia : Avid Technology GmbH
E-mail - Phone: 49 (0)811.5520.555
UK: Avid Technology
E-mail - Phone: 44 (0)1753.653.322

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2006 issue April 148

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