Digidesign Digi002

Music production system (FireWire-based , Pro Tools LE software)
including integrated control surface
(under $2,500 USD).
Full compatibility with other Pro Tools systems, from Mbox to Pro Tools|HD

Record, edit, process, mix and master projects. Or take it to a gig, and use it as an 8x4x2 digital mixer complete with EQ, dynamics, delay, and reverb with snapshots.

Digi 002 is a full-featured studio-in-a-box that works with Window XP Home or Mac OS9.x computer. Comprised of a single unit that includes a control surface along with analog, digital, and MIDI I/O, Digi 002 communicates with your computer via a single FireWire cable (included). Pro Tools LE software comprises the final component, offering 32 tracks of record and playback, 128 MIDI tracks, real-time plug-in support, and a host of additional features.

Many products are available to increase the scope and performance of Digi 002-based Pro Tools LE environment. Although many plug-ins are included in the 002 package, other high-powered RTAS (real-time) and AudioSuite (file-based) plug-ins, designed and built by Digidesign , are available for virtually every signal processing, sound design, and specialized editing purpose. These software applications work in conjunction with Pro Tools in both non- and real-time formats.

Getting your Digi 002 system up and running involves a quick, simple, four-step process. First, you load your Pro Tools LE software onto your computer. Second, you connect your computer to the Digi 002 unit with the included FireWire cable (PC users will need to first purchase a compatible FireWire card). Third, you power up Digi 002. Fourth, you connect your signal sources &emdash; mics, instrument cables, patch cords, etc. &emdash; to the I/O on the back of Digi 002. Lastly, you launch Pro Tools LE software. At that point, you're ready to go. Your audio and MIDI information travel back and forth between your computer and Digi 002 via the FireWire cable, along with information generated by or returned to the Digi 002 control surface. Any changes you make via your Pro Tools software interface are reflected on the control surface and vice versa.

Digi 002 includes two modes of operation: Pro Tools mode and Standalone mode. With the push of a button, your Digi 002 unit enters Standalone mode and becomes an 8x4x2 digital mixer, complete with EQ, dynamics, delay, and reverb with snapshots. Pro Tools LE is disabled in this mode, and your computer is no longer needed for Digi 002 to operate.

Digi 002 provides an unparalleled environment : the Pro Tools interface; 32 tracks of recording and playback; a built-in analog, digital, and MIDI I/O interface; a comprehensive integrated control surface; and support for a host of powerful plug-ins. Once you've plugged in your sound sources (mic, keyboard, guitar, and DAT, in this case), you use Pro Tools LE software, Digi 002's I/O and control surface, and the power of your computer to capture, manipulate, and deliver your music. Your audio data is stored on your computer's hard drive or an external hard drive, and is instantly accessible via the Pro Tools sessions you create. Aside from speakers and/or headphones to hear what you're doing, no other hardware or software is needed.

This configuration represents a more fully utilized Digi 002-based studio. A desktop system replaces the laptop appearing in the first diagram, and additional equipment takes advantage of Digi 002's array of analog and digital I/O. Digi 002 includes four mic preamps. Outboard processing can use Digi 002's analog I/O as inserts. Utilizing near-field monitors and headphones eliminates the threat of mic feedback. And the FireWire drive attached to the CPU opens up the plug-and-play possibility of quickly and easily moving your sessions between Pro Tools systems.

Additional Software

MasterList CD, CD Mastering software for Digidesign systems

SoundReplacer, drum hit and sound replacement software

SoftSampleCell, software sample player and editor from Digidesign

Synchro Arts VocALign Project, vocal alignment tool for Pro Tools


SCSI64 Kit, dual-channel SCSI kit for Pro Tools systems

DigiDrives 36|10K and DigiDrives 73|10K, Pro Tools-compatible hard drives optimized for audio production

DigiDrive FireWire 80, Pro Tools-compatible 80 GB Hard Drive

Digidesign Digi002 Rack

Digidesign Italy: Avid Technology E-mail - Tel.+39.02.5778971

Product Information
United States & Canada 1.800.333.2137
North & South America 650.731.6102 (USA)
Europe (England) 44.1753.658496
Asia (Japan) 81.3.3505.7963

Australia - Eastside Productions -
E-mail - Phone: +618 8363 7095
Belgium, Netherlands and Luxembourg
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Brazil: Astor Silva
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E-mail - Tel: (852) 2496.2200
Czech Repulic, Germany, Poland, and Slovakia : Avid Technology GmbH
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UK: Avid Technology
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