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Delta Lab Aps, Slotsherrensvej 205 - 2610 Rodovre, Copenhagen - Denmark
Phone: +45 36 70 10 85 , E-mail
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If you wish to work with Thomas Troelsen, contact his manager Ian Zaider at
Ian Zaider
IZ Management, Inc.
30 Irving Place
3rd Floor
New York, NY 10003

Tel (212) 614-0946
Fax (212) 614-0947

Located in downtown Copenhagen, Denmark, the Delta Lab was opened in 2001 by Thomas Troelsen, the 20-year old lead singer of the band Superheroes.

Delta Lab Equipment

1x Tweed/Neve 22x4x2 Console

1x Studer A-80 Mk1 2" (16 Track)
1x Akai X-355 Solid State Reel to Reel Tube (2 Track, 1/4")
1x Fostex D1624 HD Recording (16 Track)
1x Fostex CR300 Real Time CD Recorder
1x Roberts 997 Reel to Reel Tube (2 Track, 1/4")
1x Grundig TK 14 Reel To Reel Tube (2 Track, 1/4")
1x Tascam DA-40 Mk II
1x Sony MDS-JE500 MiniDisc

2x Tannoy SRM 15X
2x Yamaha NS10 MS

Outboard / FX
1x Alesis Midiverb III
1x Altec 1591-A Tube Compressor
1x Ashly SC-55 Compresor/Limiter
1x Barcus-Berry Model 1250 Preamp
1x Delta Lab Effectron II ADM 1024
1x CBS Volumax 400 Peak Compressor/Limiter
1x Dynacord Super Tape Echo
1x Fairchild 658 Reverbertron
1x Joe Meek SC 2.2 Compressor
1x Roland SRE-555 Space Chorus
1x Suprem SES 63 Tape Echo
1x Tapco 4400 Spring Reverb
1x Tapco 2200 10 Dual Band EQ
2x Tweed Compressor CL603
2x Tweed Compressor/Limiter CL604
1x Vermona D500 Delay
1x Wilkinson GCA-1 Compressor/Limiter
1x Urei LA-4 Compressor/Limiter
1x Yamaha SPX90

1x Ahuja AUD-511
1x Altec 628-B
1x AKG D-12E
1x BPM TB-100
1x BPM CR-10
1x BPM CR-10S
1x Midland 22-104
2x Shure SM57
2x Shure SM58
1x Shure Prolugue
6x Sennheiser MD421 U
2x Sennheiser MD441 U
1x Realistic Condenser
1x Peiker PL-18

Synthesizers / Samplers
1x Hornung & Möller Grand Piano (1960)
1x Arp Omni 2 Stringer
1x Akai S-20 Sampler
1x Bontempi Hit Organ (Electric Reed)
1x Casio CT-650
1x Hohner PSK 30
1x Ensoniq Mirage DSK
1x Korg DW6000
3x Roland Jupiter 4
1x Roland Jupiter 6
1x Roland Juno 60
1x Roland JX3P
1x Roland PG200 Programmer
1x Roland GR300 Guitar Synth
1x Roland GR700 Guitar Synth
1x Roland RS-202 Stringer
1x Roland SH5
1x Roland SH2000
1x Mellotron, Chamberlin Sample CD "Michael Pinder Presents"
1x Moog Source
1x Stylophone
1x Sequential Circuits Prophet VS
1x Yamaha CS05
1x Yamaha A4000 Sampler

2x Ace Tone Model Top-1
1x Elka Consolette
1x Elka Capri Duo
1x Elgam 1037
1x Elgam Ruby 610
1x Farfisa Compact
1x Farfisa Superpartner
1x Farifsa Red Line
1x Farfisa Professional 110

Drum Machines
1x Roland TR505
1x Roland TR707
1x Roland CR78
1x Yamaha RY-8

Guitar & Bass
1x Audition Guitar
1x Egmond Acustic Guitar
1x Eko/Vox Electric Hollowbody Guitar
1x Eko 995 Violin Bass
1x Roland/Ibanez GR300
1x Roland G-700
1x Perl Gold Mandolin
1x Jedson Shortscale Bass

Amps & Speakers
1x Line 6 Bass Pod Pro (Bass Preamp)
1x Tesico Checkmate 40 Tube Amp
1x CRB Super X 100 Spacechorus Combo (Leslie)
1x Farfisa Tube Combo
1x Vantage VG-30R Combo Guitar Amp
1x Dean Markley Mini Amp

Acustic Drums
1x Ludwig 26", 14", 20" (1970s)
1x Wooding Accryl (Vistalite) Drumkit 22", 14", 16" (1970s)
1x Tactona Drumkit 20", 12", 13*" (1950s)
1x Hollywood Snare Drum 14"

Cymbals / Percussion
1x Paiste Signature Dry Crisp Ride 20"
1x Paiste Signature Splash 12"
1x Hollywood Hihat (1960s)
1x Tactona 13" Hihat
1x Zildjan K 13" Hihat
1x Zildjan 16" Crash (1960s)

Electric Drum Kits
1x Pearl SY-1 Syncussion
1x Simmons SDS-8
1x Electric Drum Kit
1x Dynacord Percuter S
1x Coron DS-7 Syncussion
1x Pearl Electric Drumkit

1x Hornung & Möller Grand Piano (1960)
1x Hohner Melodica
2x Hohner Blues Harps
1x Hohner Silver Star Harp E
1x Oblique Strategies (Brian Eno/Peter Schmidt)
1x Vibraphone
1x Accordion
3x Harmonica
1x Atari 1040E "The Death Atari" with Cubase 2.01
2x Technics 1210 MKII with Gemini Mixer
1x Korg SQD1 Sequencer
1x Over 5000 33 1/2 12" LP's

Since September 2001
Superheroes (DK), Junior Senior (DK), Wonderboy (DK/UK), The Front (SWE), Paris (SWE), Crash Replay (DK), The Tremolo Beer Gut (DK/SWE), Sort Sol (DK), The Darleens (DK), The Plastiques (SWE), Si Senor (DK), Yardshaker (DK/USA), Neon Machine (DK), Traening (DK) , Funk Star Deluxe (DK), Power Solo (DK) , Remee (DK), TV-2 (DK), Learning From Las Vegas (DK), The Defectors (DK),Iain Matthews (UK), The Ton-Dells (D), Mark Rosenér (DK) , Loopy (DK/S/N), Dear (DK), The Grand (DK), The Blitters (CAN/GB). Other Clients Include, Freakshow Records, EMI, Sony, Universal, Crunchy Frog, Girlscout, Sound Machine, Soren Solkaer Starbird, Ego Film,Locomotion,Den Danske Film Skole, 100 Percent F1lm Production, Dansk Musiker Forbund, ESP / Kick Music, Ragnarock Media, TV-Animation A/S


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2003 issue 114

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