Creamware SCOPE platform

With v4.0, Creamware have reorganized the SCOPE platform.
Luna, Pulsar, and Scope
have become
SCOPE home, SCOPE project and SCOPE professional.

SCOPE home --- Audio card.
SCOPE project ---The producer package.
SCOPE professional --- All the power of the SCOPE Platform

PC requirements: 400 MHz or better, 128 MB of memory, Microsoft Windows ME or better
Mac requirements: G3 , 400 MHz, 128 MB of memory, MacOS 9.x

SCOPE professional
for audio recording - synthesizers and samplers plus mixing and mastering tools in one package.
Unlike SCOPE project, SCOPE professional includes both the Mix&Master Pack and the Synth&Sampler Pack.

New in Version 4.0
TWO large plug-in packs (Synth'n'Sampler AND Mix'n'Master)
STS-4000 sampler
Modular II synthesizer

Hardware Features:

PCI board equipped with 14 SHARC DSPs for PC & Mac
3 different I/O options:
classic: unbalanced analog (RCA), S/P-DIF (RCA), 2 ? ADAT
plus: balanced analog (XLR), AES/EBU (XLR), 2 ? ADAT
Z-Link: unbalanced analog (RCA), S/P-DIF (RCA), 1 ? ADAT, 2 ? Z-Link
all I/Os utilizable in parallel and at the same time
up to 3 boards from the SCOPE range seamlessly cascadable using the S/TDM Bus
high-speed drivers for ASIO 2.0, DirectSound, MME, tripleDAT, GSIF, Sound Manager, OMS
MIDI interface (in & out)


full-fledged 48/96-channel mixer for internal and external signals
more than 50 effects, incl. MasterVerb high-end reverb
9 virtual synthesizers: analog, wavetable, vector synthesis and more
modular synthesizer featuring more than 140 modules and 80 ready-to-play patches
thousands of sounds
STS-4000 professional DSP-based studio sampler
live processing with no latency , for monitoring
32-bit floating-point processing
SCOPE Live Bar for convenient control of the entire setup
upgradeable with all plug-ins of the SCOPE Fusion platform

SCOPE Platform Options

With a SCOPE Booster Board, you have on your system 6 or 14 high-performance DSPs . Thanks to the advanced S/TDM bus, the transfer of audio signals between DSP cards does not rely upon the PCI bus. The addition of a Booster Board thus produces the same increase in overall system performance as would occur if the primary card itself suddenly had the same number of additional DSPs.

Up to three boards can be stacked via S/TDM, so a SCOPE system can be expanded to 42 DSPs. In addition, the boards of the standard products providing I/Os can be freely combined, too. Thus, integrating a project system, a home system, and a SCOPE home I/O expansion gets you a setup with 56 inputs, 56 outputs, and 9 DSPs.

SCOPE home I/O Expansion

With its 2 ADAT ports and 1 Z-Link interface, this I/O expansion board expands the standard system by 24 extra inputs and outputs. It also provides connectivity to the Sync Plate. The SCOPE home I/O Expansion is connected to the DSP board via a ribbon cable and does not require a PCI slot.

Z-Link allows for connecting the CreamWare A16 Ultra AD/DA Converter. A single Z-Link cable transmits 8 channels in both directions (duplex, i.e. in and out) in full 24-bit/96-kHz quality. The SCOPE home I/O Expansion permits the direct use of all 16 channels offered by the A16 converter with a home board.

Sync-Plate- BNC-Wordclock & ADAT 9-Pin I/O

The Sync Plate permits seamless integration of SCOPE-platform systems into professional studio environments. BNC wordclock I/O and ADAT 9-pin inputs and outputs provide the necessary interfaces to external hardware. The Sync Plate allows synchronization and control of external ADAT machines. Sample-word accurate sync between tape and hard disk can also be easily achieved.

The connection to project and professional systems is established via a standard ribbon cable. Home systems equipped with the home I/O Expansion can likewise be upgraded with the Sync Plate.

Sound Synthesis : synthesizers and samplers software

Modular II synthesizer
A collection of virtual instruments with 80 ready-to-play synthesizers. These include synths with hundreds of sounds plus effects, sequencers, and drum computers. You can also create your sounds from scratch: The Modular II offers a vast number of freely interconnectable software modules: oscillators, envelope generators, effects, pattern sequencers, filters, etc.

Sampler Pack with
DSP samplers, ranging from STS 2000P sample player to the STS 4000 studio sampler with up to 64 voices and the distinct advantages of DSP technology: audio quality and ultra-fast playing response. You can load Akai S1000/3000 and soundfont patches and assign multiple instruments to separate tracks using the individual outputs.

Recording functions, effects, and synthesizers can be used on the SCOPE platform at the same time without loading the computer’s CPU. The performance of any DX or VST instruments you are using will not be affected by the SCOPE instruments or effects. Your audio/MIDI sequencer will run as usual in harmony with the SCOPE applications. Also you can route your native signals into and “through” your SCOPE system, which allows you to connect and process every signal without latency using any SCOPE module. Thus, you can process the output signals of your software sampler with effects and mix them within the SCOPE platform.

SCOPE project and SCOPE professional
contain the Synth Extension, a collection of 10 high-quality and versatile synthesizer models:

Vectron Player: Vector synthesis guarantees breathtaking sounds.
Lightwave: Wavetable synthesizer with 128 wavetables, twofilters, and an integrated effects section.
Prisma: virtual analog synth with an extensive modulation matrix.
U KNOW 007
Blue Synth, MiniSCOPE, EZ Synth: Various flexible analog synthesizers.
EDS 8i: Analog drum synthesizer with eight instruments.
Inferno: Ideal for fierce basses and distorted sounds.
Arpeg 01: easy-to-use arpeggiator.

The mighty Modular III
is part of SCOPE project and SCOPE professional, too. It offers not only all features of the popular Modular II but also more than 70 new modules and the Modular Remote Control that makes using the Modular III simpler. More than 230modules are available: new oscillators, filters, effects, sequencers, and many more features.

Also included 100 ready-to-play synthesizer patches. The synthesis methods range from FM to analog synthesis, from additive and wavetable synths to sampling. And each of these patches comes with tons of presets.

The Synth&Sampler Pack
is an optional component of SCOPE project and a standard feature of SCOPE professional. With Minimax, Vectron, SB-404, EDS-16i, and STS 5000, this collection includes some special highlights:


Minimax (analog synthesizer) is the emulation of one of the most popular synths ever

Vectron v3.0 - Advanced Vector Synthesizer

SB-404 Synthesizer

Virtual analog mono synthesizer with integrated step sequencer : 32 patterns to be selected live from your MIDI keyboard; 16 steps, each with separate settings for pitch offset and filter offset plus a free offset for panning or decay time; slide and shuffle functionality, and more. New morphing oscillators, new filters, and an integrated multi-effect section. A synthesizer for dance, techno, and everything in-between.

EDS 16i - Analog Drum Synthesizer

No samples, dynamic virtual analog drum sounds . You can edit up to seven parameters per instrument, stereo output plus 16 individual outs. Includes 20 drum sets (dance, electro, classic, hip-hop …).

STS 5000 - Time and Pitch Transposing Sampler

Flexible DSP sampler : 16-part multitimbrality and a stereo output plus 14 individual outs. In addition to the standard features of a professional sampler, the STS 5000 supports replay of transposed samples via resampling, CPU-based time stretching/pitch shifting in real-time, and formant correction

An increasing number of additional synthesizers (some of them made by CreamWare while others have been designed by third parties) are optionally available for the SCOPE platform. The following is an excerpt from Creamware current product range.

Adern Flexor 2.0

Set of over 100 DSP modules for the CreamWare Modular II and III synthesizers. A new collection of Oscillators, Wave Shapers, Granulators, over three dozen new filter typesand many additional tools.

Zarg Solaris 2.0

A semi modular multi-oscillator synthesizer from the synth design John Bowen. Ten oscillator pairs and four filters allow for creative and intuitive sound design.

Prodyssey - Analog-Synthesizer

With the Prodyssey, a timeless piece of synthesizer history comes back to life: the ARP Odyssey.

Extensive modulation possibilities, sample&hold section , special ARP filters, over 500 presets ......

proTone - Analog-Synthesizer

This one-to-one reproduction of the analog cult synth is the first fruit of an ongoing cooperation between CreamWare and former developers of this classic. All features of the original have been recreated. Powerful bass, lead sounds, tripped-out effects, fat pads ......

B-2003 Drawbar Organ

The B-2003 is a drawbar organ in the tradition of the Hammond B-3. All features of the original are accurately modeled.

Six-String - Physical Modelling String Instrument

Thanks to a new physical modeling technique, Six-String produces string-instrument sounds. Useful not only for acoustic and electric guitars and basses but also for instruments such as sitars, dulcimers…

Plug-ins and Modules for Mixing and Mastering

Already SCOPE home provides you with a collection for mixing, FX, and routing with the contained Studio Tools Package and the Effects Package .
The standard pool includes two mixers and 34 top-class DSP effects. All mixers and effects operate “live” (no latency). Thus, they can be used for internal as well as external sources .


MasterVerb Classic





Parametric EQ

4-Pole Filter

High Cut Filter

Low Cut Filter





Dual DelayDistortion




Delay LaCR

Delay LCR Long

Delay Long


Dual Delay Long

Early Reflector

Harmonic Chorus

Harmonic Flanger

Hexa Chorus

Multitap Delay


Pitch Shifter




The highlights of the collection are the Hexa Chorus and the MasterVerb. All the effects are computed using accurate 32-bit algorithms and are suitable for 24-bit productions.

SCOPE home Mixer

STM 1632: 16 channel strips, mono/stereo switchable (up to 32 channels)
STM 16 S: 16 channels, mixdown to six buses (L, C, R, Ls, Rs, LFE)
2 insert slots per channel, 2 master inserts
4 aux buses (pre/post switchable)
individually enabled direct outs
margin display and peak metering
supports the creation of presets
remote-controllable and automatable via MIDI controllers

SCOPE project and SCOPE professional are shipped with the
Mix Extension ”.
The highlight of this package is the deluxe STM 2448 Mixer – a professional mixing console easy and intuitive to use.

24 channels strips (mono/stereo switchable)
8 recording busses (subgroups) with global routing matrix, 2 inserts per bus
internal effects per channel: EQ (dynamic 4-band EQ with selectable filter type per band: peak, notch, high-pass/low-pass, high-shelf/low-shelf), compressor with sidechain, compensation delay
4 effects inserts and 1 direct out per channel
6 mono aux buses and 1 stereo aux bus, 2 inserts for the aux returns
mute, solo, mix, solo defeat, exclusive solo, 8 fader groups, 8 mute groups
master section with 2 switchable monitors, talkback, and 4 effects inserts
5 separate metering points within the channel strip for peak metering and margin display
supports the creation of presets for individual channels, individual effects, and the entire mixer
remote-controllable and automatable via MIDI controllers

SCOPE project and SCOPE professional even include the “Effects Extension” , a collection of 20 sophisticated studio effects: the chorus and flanger from the Master series, a MIDI-controlled filter and tremolo, tube-simulation effects, wild-sounding single-sideband processors, and many more.

Ducking Delay
MidiPole Filter
SSB ModDelay
SSB Modulator
SSB Phaser
Stereo Expander
Tube Drive
TQ Drive
Vocoder III

Every SCOPE professional unit is shipped with
the “Mix&Master Package” ,
a collection of mix and mastering processors (optional for SCOPE project):

MasterVerb Pro

The algorithm of the MasterVerb has been revised and refined for the Pro version. New features provide formore realistic impressions of space.

OptiMaster Mastering Processor

includes all the tools you need for professional mastering. The processor combines a normalizer, multiband expander, compressor, and limiter .The Wizard function can even analyze the audio signal and set the important parameters automatically.

PSY Q- Psycho Acoustic Processor

is a professional psychoacoustic equalizer with an integrated stereo expander, a bass compressor, and a SoftClip unit.

Vinco- Vintage Compressor

emulates with true-to-life accuracy popular, high-quality, analog compressors to improve either individual tracks or an entire mix.


is a 22-band Vocoder with internal Integrated Synthesizer. A freely configurable filter bank enables the Vocodizer to emulate virtually any vocoder currently en vogue.

The “Mix Extension II
is part of the “Mix&Master Package” as well .
It contains two software mixers:
the STM 48 S Surround Mixer
and the 96-channel STM 4896 Recording Mixer.
The surround mixer offers you 48 full-featured channels that can be mixed to up to nine surround buses.
Useful for surround in DVD authoring, film scoring, post-production, or multimedia, .....

STM 48 S

The following surround formats are supported:
5.1 - for DTS and Dolby Digital (L, C, R, Ls, Rs, LFE)
6.1 - for Dolby EX (L, C, R, Ls, Cs, Rs, LFE)
7.1 - for SDDS (L, Lc, C, Rc, R, Ls, Rs, LFE)
8.1 - proprietary format, especially interesting for sound installations

In addition to the features of the STM 2448, each individual channel features a graphical X/Y matrix plus a dedicated LFE-channel control, allowing you to create your surround mix in a intuitive manner. Of course, this mixer can also be completely automated via MIDI controllers, so you can record the spatial movements of your signals.

The STM 4896 likewise offers 48 channel strips that can be switched to stereo as needed. You can thus mix down as many as 96 signals with this virtual console. Naturally, this mixer offers all of the features of the STM 2448 as well.

In addition, the functionality of a SCOPE system can be enhanced by many more optional high-end effects. Here are but a few:

SPL Transient Designer

is based on SPL's concept of level-independent dynamic processing. This allows you to manipulate your sounds in an unconventional way, increasing the presence of instruments in your mix, making your sounds smoother by decreasing the attack, optimizing your mix and enhancing its transparency.

Interpole- Stereo Analog-Filterbank

Wild filter modulations and warm analog feel for your digital production. Rhythmically chopped drum loops and pads, wicked stereo effects and funky guitar sounds.The basis is the legendary 24-dB filter of a popular analog synth reproduced using CreamWare's Circuit Modeling technique.

Orbitone Impressor

is a bundle of flexible dynamics processing units that can be used in many signal-processing applications, including as a compressor, limiter, de-esser, sidechain compressor, bass maximizer/minimizer, expander, gate and more.

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