Creamware Noah 500
Tactive Instrument Modeller

Noah is the first CreamWare hardware synthesizer: sound production, effects, step sequencing and arpeggiation are entirely realized in software and processed by DSPs.
Noah combines the software plug-in technology with the advantages of a traditional instrument. Based on the latest DSP plug-in technology, Noah offers a range of different synthesis forms providing dynamic models of instruments.
Noah instruments are not based on static samples, but are modeled exactly to the original.
Thanks to its advanced DSP technology, Noah offers 1:1 modeling of existing instruments through software emulations of the original synthesis circuitry.
At the same time, completely new synthesis techniques can be realized as well, and having not fixed architecture, Noah and can be equipped with additional instruments and synthesis technologies through software plug-ins.

Effects Section

Noah features an extensive effects section. More than 30 algorithms are available, including the MasterVerb reverb, various modulation and dynamic effects, filters, tube and single-side-band processors. All effects are calculated with 32-bit precision for high sound quality. The step sequencer and the arpeggiator extend Noah's performance capabilities further. Both can be edited live and very easily - just grab, push and tweak the control/push buttons. The output of any Noah instrument is routed to the internal mixer, where two dedicated effects can be applied. Of course those effects can differ from sound to sound. Additionally, each instrument can be processed by two master effects: reverb and chorus are always available. You can also use Noah's audio inputs to send external signals (Microphone, Guitar…) to the mixer and the effects.


----------Nine Instruments In One----------

Nine instruments, over 1000 sounds. The basic package supplied with Noah comprises the following:


The minimax is the accurate reproduction of the legendary Minimoog. Ideal for massive bass and lead analog-like sounds . You can also play it polyphonically.

Vectron Player

The inspiration for this synthesizer was drawn from a famous classic from the early days of digital synthesis - namely, the Sequential Circuits Prophet VS. Advanced vector synthesis, combined with a fat analog filter, produces breathtaking sounds: animated pads and bizarre effects, but also typical synth sounds, basses, e-pianos and much more.


Hybriddd combines the complex digital sounds of FM with the warmth of an analog synth in a unique instrument.The operators deliver a broad range of FM spectra that is passed through a classic subtractive synthesizer architecture.


Into this wavetable synthesizer: 128 different waveforms, two filters - configurable in series or in parallel - and extensive modulation features , for creation of typical synth and layered sounds, to complex, dynamically evolving sounds .


Physical modeling algorithm achieves a hih level of sonic nuance and articulated performance realism. Choose the type and thickness of the strings, their position on the guitar body and their damping. You can edit two virtual pick-ups, select different body profiles and manipulate many further parameters to create the guitar sound of you wish.


It delivers both acoustic and electric basses with a high level of realism.

B 3000

The name already indicates it: B 3000 is a draw-bar organ in the tradition of the Hammond B3. All features of the original are accurately modeled: the 91 tone wheels, which can be played with full polyphony, the characteristic key click and percussion, the scanner vibrato, tube overdrive and rotating speaker effects.


Analog percussion like the vintage cult-classic drum machines, Beatzbox givesfull live control over the sounds you can edit live.


Its freely-configurable filter bank enables it to emulate virtually any hardware or software vocoder ....robotic voices, solo vocal into a chorus or rhythm .....


All instruments are polyphonic, and equipped with sounds created by well-known sound designers. They can be edited directly on the instrument itself, or with the included graphical software on a Mac or PC.

Hardware and Expandability

Noah is available in both rackmount and keyboard versions. The keyboard offers two 2x40 indicator displays (the rack module has one) and 16 combined rotary encoder/pushbutton controls for performance control (rack version: four). Both versions are equipped with stereo analog inputs and outputs, 8 individual outputs in ADAT format, MIDI In/Out/Thru, a USB port, and a slot for Compact Flash data storage.

Hardware Options

The "Doubler" hardware expansion doubles the power of the Noah synthesis engine. The "Transporter" Sampling Option implements a 64MB sample player which enables Noah to additionally provide "virtual expanders". By assembling Akai and Soundfont samples, you can also create your own virtual expanders - and so access your personal sounds directly from Noah. Virtual expanders can be stored on Compact Flash and reloaded into the keyboard's Sample Player.

Internet and Computer Integration

Although Noah does not require a computer, it does offer extensive integration with external sequencers and the Internet via its USB interface. Noah instruments can be treated in the computer like plug-ins. You can create individual Noah configurations on screen and upload them into the synthesizer. New instruments and sounds can be accessed through a PC directly from the Internet and then instantly loaded and played on Noah.

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