A new Creamware line
(ASB Authentic Sound Box) of digital emulations of classic synthesizers housed in an ergonomically shaped desktop enclosure.
The first two models (the Minimax ASB -euro 750 circa- and the Profit-5 ASB -euro 800 circa- ) will be available on June 2005 (Minimax), August 2005 (Profit-5).

Creamware Minimax ASB

The Minimax ASB benefits from the same sound engine used for CreamWare's Minimax plug-in for the SCOPE platform. While the sound was designed to be as the ancestor, other features have been taken to a contemporary level: Minimax fully integrates with computer via USB and offers extensive polyphony as well as preset management. The patches can be edited directly on the hardware panel or using the supplied remote-control software.

Audio samples : =O= ,=O= , =O= , =O= , =O= , =O= ,=O=

Creamware Profit 5 ASB

The Profit-5 ASB, which is based on the sound engine of its SCOPE-platform namesake. With up-to-date features similar to those of the Minimax ASB, the user interface closely resembles the original.
Virtual-analog synthesizer (desktop unit),
6 voices, 128 factory presets and 128 user presets,
analog stereo input and outputs, MIDI In/Out/Thru,
USB-to-Host/MIDI interface, external power-supply unit
(12 VAC), plug-in like Windows remote control software

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advanced technologic sound magazine
2005 June issue 138

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