4 analog Audio Ins plus an XLR mic input with built-in preamp, 4 analog Audio Outs, USB port, 2 Pedal Ins, MIDI, instant access to 80 selectable sound parameters from the synth's front panel, large internal memory for Sounds and Performances, RAM memory for Reverb and Delay effects and Physical Modeling.
Nord Modular


3-octave velocity and aftertouch sensitive keyboard, assignable Modulation Wheel, assignable Pitch Stick, assignable Rotary Encoders with circular LED graphs combined with backlit LCDs, assignable buttons

Nord Modular G2: second generation of the Nord Modular platform. With the G2, Clavia introduces an innovative hardware platform with focus on live performance features. The G2 offers fully assignable controllers to turn, bend and tweak.

4 analog Audio inputs including an XLR mic input with built-in amplifier for inserting external signals and patch them. The crystal clear 24-bit, 96 kHz A/D and D/A converters on the G2 ensure high audio quality.

The Nord Modular G2 will also be available as a 19”, 1 unit high, rack mountable synthesizer - the Nord Modular G2 Engine. It comes without the hardware user interface, pedal and mic inputs. Connect the Nord Modular G2 Engine via the USB port to the PC and do all your editing from from the the intuitive PC Patch Editor.

The new Modular G2 Patch Editor offers logical architecture and great visual overview, including user-defined coloring of modules and color-coded module groups. Thanks to the real-time USB communication, the G2 immediately responds to your patching. Most of the modules are self-optimizing, meaning that they adapt their bandwidth to the patched signals. This opens up for big patches and greater polyphony. The flexible modules also make it easy to alter functionality without needing to replace modules. You can replace modules: the cables will "jump" to the corresponding connections on the new module. The Modular G2 Patch Editor comes with more than a hundred modules ready to be patched.

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Int +46 8 442 73 60 - Stockholm, Sweden

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2003 april issue 113

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