Cakewalk Pyro 2003

Cakewalk Pyro 2003 is a system for playing, organizing, editing your music: to make MP3s, WAV or WMA files; burn and mix CDs , digitize old LPs or cassettes, or archivedata files ... ; locate and organize all the music files on your PC

Minimum System Requirements
Windows 98/Me/2000/XP
Pentium-class 300 MHz PC or higher
CD-ROM drive
CD-R drive for creating CDs
Pyro will work with virtually all Windows-compatible CD-R & CD-RW drives
Note: Pyro 2003 is not compatible with Windows 95 or Windows NT.

Covert songs into MP3s, WMA, or WAV files; click and drag to arrange and edit song start times, overlay and crossfade tracks to create smooth transitions between songs or your own megamix. ThenEQ tracks to get the sound for your listening environment; even clean audio to remove clicks, pops, hiss, and hum;

provides 64-bit accuracy. Listen to your music on your PC, load it into a portable MP3 player, create and share custom mix CDs, or upload your MP3 or Windows Media tracks tothe Internet. Even create data CDs to archive your valuable documents, digital pictures, and more.

What's new in Cakewalk Pyro 2003
Sequence your audio CDs using a list orwaveform timeline
Control volume and fade times for each track
Cross-fade tracks together to create smooth transitions & remixes
Features real-time waveform preview
Audio recording with auto-timer. Perfect for recording LPs.
Split long audio files into separate tracks
Clean hiss, hum, and other annoyances from LPs, cassettes, and low-quality MP3s
Tweak audio with the included 5 band, 64-bit EQ
Archive your files to data CD

Arrange, Organize & Play audio files on your PC
Pyro instantly recognizes song titles & artists from commercial CDs with Gracenote's CDDB online database
Create and store playlists of your favorite songs using multiple formats: MP3, WAV, WMA
Listen to your playlists on your PC, or take your favorite songs with you on CD or your favorite portable MP3 player

Rip your favorite songs or entire CDs and keep that digital quality
Create MP3, WAV, and WMA (Windows Media) files
Convert your vinyl LPs and cassettes into CDs
Simple commands let you record Internet or Radio broadcasts even when you're away from your PC
Insert track numbers and split long audio files into multiple tracks
Set up a playlist and then burn the songs to an audio or MP3 data CD
Organize your photos, digital video, documents, and other files the way you want, then burn CDs to archive data
Pyro works with virtually all CD-R and CD-RW drives

Custom Audio Edits
Precise edits with the ability to see the audio waveforms
Control start and stop times, and raise or lower the volume of your audio
Custom song fades and control over the length of silence between songs
You can even cross-fade different songs togetherto create smooth transitions and remixes

Bonus: NEATO MediaFace II labeling software, included free. Design and print your own CD labels and jewel case inserts using graphics and artwork.

Legal and Ethical use

Examples of what you can do with Pyro 2003
There’s no limit to the things you can do with music using Cakewalk Pyro. You are just about free and clear, as long as it’s for your own personal use, and you are using music that you have legally obtained by either purchase or by authorized download. Where you can run into problems is when you distribute music to which you do not have the rights. Here are some examples of things to do with Cakewalk Pyro:
Rip CDs in your collection and record and digitize your old LPs and cassettes.
Make mix CDs for your own personal use of your favorite songs from albums you own, or downloaded files that were legally obtained.
Make audio CDs of the music you have created yourself to distribute to family and friends, or sell to fans.
Make CDs of your old LPs and cassettes for your personal use.
Make remixes of your favorite songs for your personal use.
Use Cakewalk Pyro as a jukebox, playing music files from your collection.
Transfer songs and playlists to your portable music player so you can take the music with you.
Back up and archive files on your computer by putting them on CD.
Make one back-up copy of your favorite software or albums.

What you should NOT do with Pyro 2003
Copy and distribute commercially available CDs for your friends or customers.
Make mix CDs of your favorite songs from commercially available artists, and distribute them to your friends or customers.
Rip commercially available CDs and distribute the files via email or chat services, or make them available by posting them on a website or through a peer-to-peer service.
Download unauthorized music or other files (cracked software, etc).

Cakewalk - 51 Melcher Street - Boston, MA 02210 Usa- Phone (617) 423-9004

Selected wordwide contacts:

Italy - MIDI Music , Torino

Australia & New Zealand - Intelliware Australia, Ewardstown  SA
China & Taiwan- Taipei, Taiwan  Email
Hong Kong - Tom Lee Music, Tsimshatsui, Kowloon Email
India - ProMusic, Egmore, Chennai Email
Japan - Edirol Corp., Hamamatsu, Tel: 81-53-439-1144
Korea - MIDI LAND, Seoul
Belgium, Netherlands & Luxembourg - Interphase, Boom, Belgium Email
Eastern Europe -Amecon Multimedia, Newburyport, MA,Usa Email
Finland - Carbon Music, Tuusula Email
Germany , Austria - Klemm Music , Friedland, Germany Email
Greece -ELINA , Athens Email
Norway -Ibsen Studio, Molde Email
Spain - Microfusa, Barcelona Email
Portugal - Jardine Computers , S. Pedro da Cova Email
Switzerland - STG Distribution , Geneva Email
UK & Ireland - Et Cetera Distribution, Haslingden Email
Brazil - Quanta MIDI and Software, Campinas / SP Email
Canada - Thinkware Canada, Quebec Email
Ecuador - Audiomax, Guayaquil Email
Mexico - Hermes Intern. Pharr, TX, Usa Email

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