Cakewalk Project 5
Soft Synth Workstation.

Integrated sequencers, software synths, samplers, audio and MIDI effects, and audio looping tools.
Capabilities for synth layering, real-time pattern genesis and triggering, and a seamless live-performance audio engine.

System requirements Minimum Recomended

Operating system: Windows 2000 / Windows XP

Processor: Pentium-class 800 MHz / Pentium4 1.7 GHz

RAM: 256 MB / 512 MB

Hard disk space: 200 MB / 1.5 GB

Video resolution: 1024 x 768, 16-bit / 1280 x 960, 32-bit

Audio hardware: any Windows compatible using WDM, ASIO, or DirectSound Drivers

CD-ROM or DVD-ROM drive required for installation

Project5 soft synth workstation combines advanced sequencing tools with synths, samplers, effects; supports DirectX, VST plug-ins.

Key features

Studio-quality instruments and effects

Pattern-based sequencers and processors

ACID-compatible audio looping tools

Real-time, live-performance features

Open environment: ASIO, DX, DXi, MFX, ReWire client, WDM, VST and VSTi ( VST plug-in support provided by VST/DX adapter)

PSYN - Virtual Analog Synthesizer
PSYN "sine" models a full-featured subtractive synthesizer, giving you access to classic analog sounds of the 70s .

Includes two unique filters that can be independently enabled

Four multi-wave oscillators

An internal modulation matrix for syncing to project tempo

Cross-modulation for Ring Modulation and FM ;Synthesis

Five 6-stage Envelope Generators with performance controls

Three assignable LFOs

64-note polyphony with unison, true mono and portamento

Full parameter automation

and more


DS864 &emdash; Digital Sampler

Piano sounds, realistic strings, and virtually any sound you like using this performance oriented, multi-format sampler.

Support for Akai S5000/6000, Kurzweil, Sound Fonts 2, WAV, AIF and proprietary sample formats

8 layer / 64 voice polyphony

Supports key mapping and velocity zones

Sample-level editing and effects for creation of new sounds.

Two resonant filters with keyboard tracking which can operate in series or parallel

Five 6-stage envelope generators with multiple slopes

Eight audio outputs for flexible post sampler effects processing

Full parameter automation

Project5 ships with 500 MB of DS864 sampler banks from Q-Up Arts


VELOCITY - Drum Sampler (LM4, WAV, AIF)

Supports WAV, AIF, and LM4 and proprietary sample formats

Provides 18 polyphonic voices with up to 32 velocity-layered samples

Offers sample editing of start and end times, volume, tuning, and panning.

Onboard effects include low-pass resonant filter, bit-decimation, reverse

Features five stereo outputs for flexible effects processing

Full parameter automation

Project5 includes 175 MB of Velocity drum kits from FXpansion and Q-Up arts


nPulse - Analog Modular Drum Synthesizer

Analog tones of classic drum machines with the power of modern day synths.

12-voice multitimbral synthesizer

Features per-voice oscillators

Five assignable outputs per voice for flexible effects processing

Multiple presets per module

Support for key mapping

Full parameter automation

Cross modulation


Cyclone DXi - Groove Sampler

It's a 16-part, ACID-compatible, groove sampler, composition tool, and loop.

Load up to 16 loops or Wav samples.

Creation of loop-based music productions using any MIDI device, MIDI track, PC keyboard or mouse. Combine parts of multiple loops to create and export your own custom grooves.

Perform and record loop-based compositions in real-time using any MIDI device, MIDI tracks, a computer keyboard, or mouse

Assign ACID-format WAV files to Cyclone's 16 pads

Loaded samples match the tempo and pitch of your project

Rearrange, combine, slice, tweak, and customize samples to create new grooves

Control gain, pitch, and pan of individual loop slices

Full control over looping points

Supports key mapping

Supports multiple outputs for flexible effects processing


PVFX - Spectral Transformations

This new audio effect was designed to be played like a real-time instrument. Includes six primary effects that can be linked or used independently.

TRANSPOSER allows for continuous real-time pitch shifting. Produces major tonal changes which range from high reedy sounds, to richer low sounds.

ACCUMULATOR creates glissando, delay, pitch bends and reverberation effects.

EXAGGERATOR cranks the peaks and valleys of your spectral frequencies. Bring out and sweep through specific frequencies bands.

LO-HI FILTER removes frequencies above or below specified frequency levels.

TRACER allows you to thin the sound until only a 'trace' of its former self remains.

SHIFTER moves frequencies by adding or subtracting values to the various frequency components.

Additional Automatable effects
Tempo sync modulation filter ,Tempo sync delay , High frequency exciter, Tempo syncing classic phaser with feedback , Studio reverb, Multi-voice chorus/flanger , 2-band parametric EQ , Compressor/gate


P-SEQ - pattern sequencer

Create and edit music and automation using a flexible "piano roll" style pattern sequencer that superimposes track automation with note data. Offers step- and real-time recording. Automation can include track and MIDI data, plus automation for any DXi or audio effect patched.

Pattern Bin to browse, organize, and audition multiple patterns for your project then drag the patterns to the Pattern Editor for additional editing.
In Project5 all data can be treated as a pattern.
Automation can even be written to pattern independent of note data.
When you're ready, send your pattern to a track where you can click and drag to repeat patterns for the required duration, and cut and paste patterns to when and where you like.


SYNCHRON32 - Step Sequencer

Models and expands uponanalog hardware step-sequencing. Generate patterns and trigger synths, and trigger patterns in real-time from MIDI devices. Provides 32 steps with control over pitch; rhythmic duration with shuffle; tempo sync; per-step flam, legato, bends; polyphonic mode; 32 banks for pattern presets; more.
After creating patterns in SYNCHRON32, you can select simply right click in the Track View to from your many preset patterns. Then click and drag to repeat patterns for the required duration, and cut and paste patterns to when and where you like.


ACID-compatible loop integration

Click and drag to roll out tracks using ACID-format loops that match your project tempo and pitch changes. Features automatic beat matching, flexible time stretching/pitch shifting, and support for multiple loops per track.
Project5 comes packed with nearly 2 CDs of professional DS864 sampler banks, Velocity kits, and ACID-format loops from Q-Up Arts, FXpansion Audio,ProSamples, and Smart Loops.


SYN.OPS on-demand mixing

Click a track in the Tracker View and the related synth interface, effects, mix, and aux parameters appear ready for automation from your external MIDI devices, hardware control surface, or mouse.

Cakewalk -
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