Cakewalk Muon
Tau Pro DXi & Electron DXi

Two plug-ins synths together: includes both DXi and VSTi versions of both plug-ins in one installer.
Advanced 64-bit Digital Signal Processing Engine

System Requirements
IBM-compatible PC running Windows 95/98/98SE/ME,
PII 300 processor,
64 MB RAM,
16-bit soundcard..

Tau Pro DXi

Two 64-bit waveform oscillators per voice with a choice of ten waveforms each, pulse-width modulation, sync and ring modulation.
Lowpass resonant filter (capable of self-oscillation), with 18dB Classic, 24dB Hi-Q and 36dB Phat modes.
Built-in FX unit for warm overdrive, chorus, flange and vintage-style delay effects.
Full MIDI control. You can draw cutoff curves right in your sequencer or use a hardware controller. Sample accurate response to Note On and Note Off messages; parameter automation using MIDI continuous controller message velocity sensitive, with user-definable accent threshold and level.

Electron DXi

Three 64-bit oscillators with pulse-width modulation and sync.
Two independent multimode resonant filters (capable of self-oscillation), capable of being linked together, split apart, re-routed into each other or even cross-faded from one type to another.
Two user-assignable LFOs (with selectable waves), plus ADSR envelope generators and MIDI performance controllers.
Full MIDI control. Sample accurate response to Note On and Note Off messages; parameter automation using MIDI continuous controller message Velocity, Pitch bend, Aftertouch and Modulation Wheel sensitive, with user-assignable routing.
Innovative X-Y controller and filter cross-fader.
The X-Y screen allows you to select two parameters, and then use the mouse to manipulate them in real-time together. This performance tool means you can tweak your sound live as you play.

Tau Pro DXi $35
Electron DXi $80

Both DXi's $105

Cakewalk - 51 Melcher Street - Boston, MA 02210 Usa- Phone (617) 423-9004

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Italy - MIDI Music , Torino

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Japan - Edirol Corp., Hamamatsu, Tel: 81-53-439-1144
Korea - MIDI LAND, Seoul
Belgium, Netherlands & Luxembourg - Interphase, Boom, Belgium Email
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Finland - Carbon Music, Tuusula Email
Germany , Austria - Klemm Music , Friedland, Germany Email
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