Cakewalk Antares Kantos

software-based synthesizer

Kantos is controlled by pitched monophonic audio such as your voice and musical instruments. Kantos analyzes incoming audio and instantaneously extracts pitch, dynamics, harmonic content and formant characteristics, all in real time.

Multiple presets ,2 Wavetable Oscillators , Pitch Constraint and Quantization Control , Noise Source, 3 Resonant Multimode Filters , 2 Chorus Generators , Timbral Articulator , 2 Envelope Generators , 2 LFOs, Modulation Matrix , Gate Generator , Noise Gate , Delay Line , 2 Mixers


Gate Generator

Gate Generator gives you control over the triggering and duration of your envelopes. A real time amplitude display helps you set the Gate On and Off levels, as well the minimum Gate Hold time.

Oscillators and Filters

Two wavetable oscillators and several filters are included. Each oscillator includes its own independent multimode resonant filter and chorus generator.


The Articulator applies harmonic content and format information to the output of the oscillators, and the output of the noise generator.

Modulation Matrix

The modulation matrix creates a variety of dynamic effects. Any source to control multiple destinations and any destination to control multiple sources.

Delay and Tempo Control

Kantos includes a delay line with variable feedback for rhythmic effects. The delay time can be set in absolute time or, via the Tap Tempo function, in BPM.

Two Mixers

The Submixer controls the internal sound sources, while the Main Mixer lets you balance the main synth output, the delay line return, and the original unprocessed input audio.

Antares Kantos for registered Cakewalk customers: Us$239.00

Cakewalk -
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