Handmade in New Zealand
Buzz Audio Resonance Equaliser REQ 2.2
stereo equalizer for tracking, mixing and mastering applications
Series True Class A technology

larger size

euro ----,00

New Zealand based pro-audio manufacturer Buzz Audio releases the Resonance Equaliser Model REQ-2.2, a stereo equalizer for tracking, mixing and mastering applications. It gets it's name from the use of REAL switched inductors and capacitors as the reactive elements in the EQ stages - no electronic simulation. The overall design is a "no holds barred" approach with True Class A discrete transistor amplifiers throughout and individual discrete power supply regulators for each stage. The Resonance Equaliser also boasts a variable Saturation circuit which introduces varying amounts of transformer colour. The transformer is driven by a "classic" single ended amplifier stage creating a more "vintage" sound when desired. The REQ-2.2 will be available in both detented (Mastering) and non-detented versions.

* All filter networks are passive utilising real inductors (chokes) and capacitors as the reactive elements, no electronic simulation - just pure Resonance
* 144 different frequency settings per channel.
* All BE40 proprietary True Class A high speed 140V/uS amplifiers in the signal path..
* Mastering version with Elma 24 position detented Boost/Cut controls offering +8dB and -10dB range
* Lower cost recording and mixing version with continuously variable Boost/Cut controls offering an extended +/-16dB range.
* High and Low Bands are switchable Bell or Shelf with adjustable Shelf "slope".
* Variable transformer Saturation mode for added "colour" when desired..
* Two bell shape Mid Bands with switchable 1x or 2.5x Frequency and selectable Bandwidth.
* Passive 18dB/octave Bessel aligned High Pass Filter.
* Each band is selectable In/Out of the signal path as well as an overall System bypass..

designer of the Buzz Audio products: Tim Farrant

Buzz Audio
77 Kent Terrace
Wellington 6001
New Zealand

tel/fax +64+4+385-2478

PO Box 6677
Wellington 6035
New Zealand


Studio Fuoriporta
Riccardo Corbari
via Brambilla, 2.
27010 San Zenone al Po (Pavia)
Tel. (+39) 0382.72.96.77 , eMail

advanced technologic sound magazine
2005 October issue 142

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