bacon popper

In these days, right when it has become fashinable to use riffs from the seventies and eighties, Bacon Popper have hit Europe hard with their single "FREE". The hint was taken from super-duper U2, as this irish band was their favourite in their adolescency. The whole idea of creating a brand new band teased DJ producer Paola Peroni and lead vocal Lisa Simmons.

Paola is already well-known in many european clubs where she's been performing under several different pseudonyms, mybe as in to show her own ecletic personality and attitude towards any kind of music. Paola has already produced many international hits, that now bear her signature. Let's mention some: "World of Confusion-Space Master", "Every Day Of My Life-House Traffic", "Bang-The Riders".

Lisa was born in the States in Boulder, Colorado. She started singing, like so many others, in the church choir. She was nine years old when she joined St. Andrew's choir, led by her father, and began her musical journey. At the age of ten Lisa joined a local youth choir and at eleven recorded an album of children songs with her own solo. In her teens Lisa moved to New York City where she attended the American Academy of Dramatic Arts. She studied theater and music spending free time outside of school under the tutelage of Rita Kotter expanding her vocal technique. Trought singing funk and soul with several bands, like Love Head Freestyle in bars and clubs in N.Y C. like Nell's, Madame Rosa's and The Tunnels and modeling Lisa made a living and paid her schooling. In 1993 Lisa left N. Y. C. to travel, She spent time in France, Holland, St. Martin and Costa Rica, working as an artist. With a theater company, Boom Chicago, in Amsterdam, singing soul and blues in Juan Les Pins. Studio work and more bar singing followed in the Carribean and Central America. Only lately she came to Italy and the two of them, so to say, "Bacon Popper to be", met almost by chance, at Tram Tram studios, where the experienced italian producers Pier Rossini and Ottomix couldn't do without noticing them straight away.

Producer Ottomix is well known in this field since 1983 as he started releasing international successes such as Black Machine, Joe Inferno, Pan Position and many others. Pier Rossini is the producer of astonishing artists such as 49ers, Club House, Space Master, Carl, Fargetta, etc. Snap & Shake is the Label in the van! Troughtout Italy and the rest of Europe, everybody's realizing that this label is already tracing out a new music trend. Watch out....

Singles: Free • Free (Remixes) • Rejoice In Love
Album: Free - The Album


advanced technologic sound magazine
2001 january issue 89

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