Apogee Symphony
32-channel, PCI Express card designed
specifically for use with Apple’s Macintosh computers

euro 850

• 32 channels of 24-bit 192K Digital I/O
• Single 32 channel, PC-32, bi-directional connector
• Direct connectivity to Apogee’s Rosetta 800, Rosetta 200 and AD-16X and DA-16X converters via theX-Symphony option card
• Compatibility with any CoreAudio software applications
• Apogee’s Maestro Software for advanced control and routing

• Three Symphony cards can be added in Apple’s G5, offering the capability to utilize up to 192 channels of audio simultaneously in a single computer

Apogee’s Symphony PCI Express card is a digital computer interface that is based on the PCI-Express architecture for Apple’s Macintosh computers. Controlled by Apogee’s Maestro software, Symphony features 32 channels of digital I/O on a single PCI-Express card format. With support for sample rates up to 192 kHz, Symphony can be used as a digital router or patch-bay when connected to external converters or other digital outboard equipment. Software drivers for Symphony feature extensive routing capabilities

Maestro sotware including

Maestro is a software interface between OS X applications (OS 10.4 and above) and Apogee hardware. Maestro is capable of controlling Apogee hardware I/O connected to the computer via FireWire, Symphony, (Apogee’s PCI Express card), or both at the same time.
Maestro features multiple low latency mixers, hardware control panels, an input/output routing matrix that is compatible with Rosetta 800, Rosetta 200, AD-16X and DA-16X and a universal control platform for using Apogee hardware in combination with Ensemble.
Maestro features:
• Control panel for Ensemble, Rosetta 800, Rosetta 200, AD-16X and DA-16X.
• 2 Low latency mixers per connected device
• Complete I/O routing matrix
• Mic preamp controls for Ensemble
• Output/headphone gain controls for Ensemble

Apogee Electronics Corp.
3145 Donald Douglas Loop South
Santa Monica,California 90405-3210
Tel: +1 310.915.1000
Fax: +1 310.391.6262

Apogee Italy: A & G Soluzioni Digitali
Via delle Galere 45 - 57123 Livorno - Italy
Tel.+39 0586 211526
Fax +39 0586 887453

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