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Guitar/Vocals – Sel Balamir
Drums – Matt Brobin
Bass – Neil Mahony

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Armed with choruses more akin to detonations and an album joyous in its darkness AMPLIFIER are British rock reborn, post-classic rock if you will.

A band that didn’t so much form as gravitate together at the beginning of the new century in Manchester, coalescing from DNA strands of Celtic spark & Byzantine motive. Ready to roll. Evolving from an arsenal of treasured teenage records; AMPLIFIER take Led Zeppelin, The Who, The Police, Mogwai, Massive Attack, Bowie and Brad – in fact just about anything of any quality, and exhale it through a cloudburst of guitar pickups and distortion pedals.

A three year gestation period culminated in 2004's debut album co-produced by Sel Balamir with Steve Lyon (The Cure, Depeche Mode) and mixed by Chris Sheldon (Foo Fighters, My Vitriol, Feeder). Selling 5000 albums in the UK, stoking up a frenzy of Summer Festivals and shows with the likes of Deftones, Datsuns, Melissa Auf der Maur, Therapy?, Explosions In The Sky and Oceansize, all while gathering extreme praise from Radio 1, XFM, NME, Kerrang!, Metal Hammer and Q, AMPLIFIER are now Airborne in Europe.

Already No. 7 in the Visions Reader Poll for Best Newcomer after just a handful of European dates, AMPLIFIER are "rolling forward". The May European release of their startling debut album through SPV and the anticipation of more tours are further heating up expectation.

To put you in the picture: AMPLIFIER carve out their own unique way; deeply personal lyrics astride a raging wall of noise channelled through intensely articulate and sky-high melodies - a fractured powerhouse celebration of all the good things about rock.

As another drum fill thunders through, those who care might well reflect upon the ghosts of Keith Moon and John Bonham, as they’re carried along upon thick waves of colossal rolling guitar riffs and absorbed into the throbbing hum of a deep, deep, deep sea of electrical bass.

AMPLIFIER make music that’s both determined and ambitious, but most importantly, whether recorded or live, music that lives and grows on the band’s terms: revved up & brutal from the get-go. When AMPLIFIER sing “it’s time to fly” you’re on their wings. If the initial effect is to make people step back, slightly awed, then their hurricane also possesses that area of tranquil calm and beauty around which swirl the great outpourings of energy.

It is music that needs to be performed: Electrifying live shows over the last 18 months have left audiences feeling like they’ve been involved in a 40 minute controlled explosion, and AMPLIFIER's reputation rising fast.

“AMPLIFIER descend like a pocket apocalypse…Great free-flowing grooves transforming sunburst waves of uplift” Roger Morton NME
"A British rock-scene altering record. Enjoy it in all it's infinite glory" Kerrang! 5/5 "No other record this year will have the audacity to field such lofty ambitions, let alone have the skills to fulfill them" NME 9/10
"Think Sabbath meets Floyd meets The God Machine. Think trippy, heavy as fuck sonic violence. Think the future of rock" Metal Hammer 9/10
"At present British rock doesn't get much better than this" Q 4/5
"At present British rock doesn't get much better than this" Q 4/5

Source: Amplifier website

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Amplifier photos
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Neil Mahony

Sel Balamir

Matt Brobin


"Astronaut Dismantles Hal" (oct 2005)
"Amplifier" is the self-titled debut album (2004)

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Listen to ...
"Astronaut Dismantles HAL"

"Amplifier "

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IA : You've got a really epic sound and your songs are really long in today's standards...
Neil: " It's just the way they come together - we could cut it really short but we develop a lot of grooves and things need to be paced out. A lot of it boils down to the fact that there's three of us and it's so much easier to just keep a bottom string ringing to have the sound. We have to work with a sound that just the three of us can create."
Source: BBC , by Indy Almroth Wright (2004, april)

EG: How do you prepare for gigs? How are you coping with all this new attention?
Neil : " We try to make sure we've got an hour to do stuff, like warming up, making sure everything's working ok, getting a little bit of food - stuff like that. But every time, there's always something that goes wrong, something that happens, something that needs to be moved or fixed, something like that. It's constant - 5 minutes eating into 5 minutes all the time. It just means that when you're ready to do things, there's no time left because you have to go on stage and you have to get the interviews done. So it's hard to get used to it, but it's brilliant - people asking questions about what you do - it's great!"
Source: Vanguard online , by Eleanor Goodman (2004, April)

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