Alesis QS8.2

64 Voice Expandable Synthesizer, 88-key

Featuring sounds for professional players, the QS synths are loaded with stunning pianos and keyboards, a collection of orchestral instruments, drum and percussion kits, and synth textures, fat basses, and leads, useful for dance musicians and remixers. A deep programmable synth architecture and four-bus effects processor add the finishing touches. And a wide variety of fresh samples are available from Alesis extensive QCard library



Method: QS Composite Synthesis. 16-bit linear 48kHz sample ROM with lowpass filter. Polyphony and parts: 64 voices, each with sweepable lowpass filter, 3 envelope generators, 3 LFOs, programmable effects send and QS Modulation Matrix, dynamic voice allocation. 16-part multitimbral (64-part multitimbral across 16 channels in QS Mix Mode). Audio section: Alesis 24-bit stereo DAC with 128x oversampling delta-sigma converter. Waveform memory: 16MB, expandable to 24MB via PCMCIA expansion card.


QS Parallel Matrix Effects (4 independent stereo multieffect processing busses).


Program mode: 512 preset, 128 user. Mix mode: 400 preset, 100 user.


88 hammer-action weighted keys with velocity and release velocity. Controllers: 4 control sliders. Programmable pitch and modulation wheels, and foot pedals.


QS8.2 (and QS6.2, 61-key) Features

True 64-voice polyphony

QS8.2 features an 88-key, fully-weighted hammer-action keyboard with velocity and release velocity. QS6.2 has a 61-key synth-action keyboard with velocity, release velocity, and aftertouch

16MB of internal sound ROM (640 programs, 500 multitimbral mixes) including Alesis' acclaimed Stereo Grand Piano sound

QCard expansion slot for adding 8MB of new samples and programs from the comprehensive QCard library

Onboard 4-bus multieffects with reverb, chorus, distortion, EQ, delay, rotary speaker simulation, and more

4 edit/control sliders, pitch and mod wheels. 2 assignable pedal inputs plus sustain pedal input


Power: Internal transformer. Dimensions (H x W x D): QS8.2 is 4.3" x 50.5" x 13.5" (110mm x 1283mm x 343mm).

Weight: QS8.2 is 48.0 lbs (21.8 kg).


Audio outputs: Stereo L/R (1/4"), headphone (1/4"). Other: Assignable aux pedal, sustain pedal. MIDI in, out, and thru.

Expansion: Type I PCMCIA slot, compatible with QCards, SRAM and flash cards (up to 8MB) with 120ns access time or faster.

Alesis Italy :E-sound Tel : +39 0733 226271 - Fax: +39 0733 226546 e-sound

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2002 issue 109

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