Alesis Fusion
6HD / 8HD Synths
61 Note Semi-Weighted and 88 Note Fully Weighted Keyboard Workstations

Fusion 6HD & 8HD

-Four integrated synthesis types: Sample Playback, Virtual Analog, FM, and Physical Modeling
-Full synth workstation with 8 track 24-bit hard disk recording
-High-definition 24-bit sampler with comprehensive waveform editing with internal memory expandable from 64MB to 192MB
-32 Track MIDI sequencer built in with integrated multi-channel digital audio playback
-The only workstation of its kind that can save and load programs off of a hard disk (or the removable Compact Flash memory), by storing all your sounds on the internal disk and always having your programs available to you. You’ll never have to load samples off a slow CD-ROM or floppy-disk again!
-Onboard grand piano based on acclaimed “Holy Grail Piano,” by Q Up Arts
-Storage options include built-in 40 Gig hard disk, USB 2.0, Compact flash, and the optional external Fusion drive CD-R, DVD storage and/or external hard disk*
-Multi-channel input and output options in both analog and digital (S/PDIF and ADAT Lightpipe)
-Fully assignable buttons and 360° knobs for hands-on control of synth parameters (or control of external gear through MIDI)
-Fully programmable arpeggiator with standard, phrase, and drum machine playback
-Large 240x128 backlit LCD


Tone Generator

Fusion Engine Synthesis - Sample Playback, Virtual Analog, FM,
Physical Modeling


Dynamic processor allocation. Up to 180 voices of sample

Multitimbral Capacity

Mix: 8 internal/16 external, Song: 16 internal/16 external

Waveforms- tones

120 MB (when converted to 16-bit linear format)


Preset Instruments: 800 Programs
Preset Drumkits : 64 Drumkits
GM: 128 Programs, plus 8 Drum Kits
User: 40GB of whatever you want


200 Mixes


13 types

Effects- types and amt

20 Reverbs, 10 Chorus, 50 Insert Effects, 4 Band EQ (low shelf, low, mid, high mid, Hi shelve





Multi-samples (waveform capacity)

128 samples per Multisample

Sampling sources

Analog Input L/R, Stereo Output (resampling)

A/D Conversion

24 -bit, 64 X oversampling

D/A Conversion

24 -bit, 128 X oversampling

Sampling Frequencies

44.1 kHz


Memory 64MB installed, optional expansion to 192MB

Sampling Time

11 Min, 53 Sec (with onboard memory), 37 Min, 15 Sec (with full expansion memory)

Sample Formats

Alesis format, wav








Note Capacity

Unlimited / based on HD limitations

Note Resolution

480 ppq


32 Tracks


40GB of whatever you want


Preset: Preset 1000
User:User Unlimited

Sequence Format





Pitch Bend Wheel, Modulation Wheel, Aftertouch, Assignable Control Knobs (4), Assignable Trigger Buttons (4), Assignable Switches (2)




240 x 128 backlit LCD

External Storage

Compact Flash Type I and Type II (Flash and Microdrives), SATA HD and (by Fall 2005) CD-RW


Stereo Input L-Mono/R (Standard 1/4 Jack), Stereo Headphone Output (Standard 1/4 Jack),Stereo Main Output L/R (Standard 1/4 Jack), Stereo Aux Output L/R (Standard 1/4 Jack), S/PDIF Output (Coax/Optical), ADAT Output (Optical), MIDI In/Out/Thru, Sustain Pedal, Footswitch, Expression Pedal, USB (to Host), HD Recording Inputs 1-8 (Standard 1/4 Jack), External Drive (SATA), AC Inlet

Power Consumption

50 W


Fusion 8HD: 51.5x14x5 in, 130.8x35.6x12.7cm
Fusion 6HD: 35.5x14x4 in, 90.2x35.6x10.2 cm


Fusion 8HD: 58.4 lb, 25.6 kg
Fusion 6HD: 30.4 lb, 13.8 kg

Note: SATA drive hard drive, DVD burner and CD-R capabilities will be available in operating system 2.0

Alesis (Usa) – 12555 Jefferson Ste. 285 LA CA 90066 - (310) 821-5000, email

Alesis Italy :E-sound Tel : +39 0733 226271 - Fax: +39 0733 226546
Corso Persiani, 77 - 62019 Recanati (MC) - Italy
Via Avogadro, 10 Zona Industriale E.Fermi - 62010 Montelupone (MC) - Italy

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2005 February issue 134

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