Akai DL 1500
Compact, ergonomically designed remote control surface

Key features
* Simultaneously scrub 16 tracks of audio and video - forward or backward, fully locked and with carefully engineered, natural and responsive 'ballistics' that just feel right..
* Connect any combination of DD1500m, DD8 Digital Dubbers - up to a total of 16 machines (up to 256 tracks) - and control them all simultaneously, in perfect synchronization, from a single DL1500 Remote Controller.
* Dedicated keys for editing (cut forwards or backwards, erase, copy, paste, insert, and more). There's also a dedicated TRIM function for overlapping edits and the NUDGE function allows you to slip edit points, individual cues or whole tracks (again with dedicated keys) to precise locations.
* 20 level of UNDO/REDO function on dedicated keys.
* Clipboard for storing up to ten edits for instant recall.
* LIBRARY function for building a library of effects, music and atmos beds, etc..
* Dedicated auto-locator provides 200 locate memories per project. These can be marked in play, pause - even fast forward and rewind! The GRAB control is a no-brainer too - just hit the dedicated GRAB key at any time to mark a locate position
* Dedicated transport controls (including reverse play for film dubbing) provide responsive transport control.
* Dedicated 'edit play' keys allow you to audition edits instantly and easily.
* Rewind and fast forward with authentic 'tape chatter'.
* Dedicated track select keys for track record, playback muting and edit select.
* GROUP function for instant storing and recalling of track configurations.
* Large chunky keypad for timecode and autol-locate entry. Also doubles up for speedy recall of the edit clipboards.
* Dedicated key for the HELP function - press it and get a precis of the operator's manual for the selected function.
* Programmable USER keys allow extensive customisation for your application and enables you to bring the functions YOU use in your work to easy reach.
* LCD SCREEN - The large LCD screen provides prompts appropriate for the function in use.
* Large, clearly visible, dedicated timecode display.
* S-VGA output for a clear display of your project with zoom in/out, metering, timecode display and more. No drivers to install, no configurations .. simply connect any S-VGA
* Keyboard input for easy naming of recordings and projects

For Akai Digital Post Production support and more information:
Sean Weitzmann

advanced technologic sound magazine
2003 december issue 120

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