Akai DC Vocoder
VST Plugin

The DC VOCODER is a 50-band vocoder that offer intelligibility and flexible sound shaping facilities. Vocoders work by splitting an incoming audio modulation source into separate frequency bands using bandpass filters. These are then used to control envelope followers. The carrier signal is also split into separate frequency bands using bandpass filters and these feed amplifiers whose level is controlled by the modulator's envelope follower. The DC VOCODER has a simple built-in 6-voice synthesiser which can be used as a carrier signal to re-create classic vocoder sounds, robot and other vocal transformations. The DC VOCODER can also process external carrier sources such as another audio track.
The FORMANT control allows to 'gender-bend' the output: higher settings sound more feminine, lower settings sound more masculine.
The SPECTRUM ANALYSER panel shows the frequency spectrum of the signal which, in conjunction with the 50-band graphic equaliser panel, allows to radically alter the tonal balance of the vocoded signal. With the graphic equaliser panel, you can create infinite number of vocoder sounds.
The bottom panel is actually a simple buit-in, 6-voice synthesiser that can be used as a carrier signal to be vocoded. This synth can be used as a 'drone' with pitches for each of the six voices set using the keyboard graphic. However, the synthesiser can also be played in real-time using MIDI.

Minimum requirements


OS: Windows 98/98SE, Me, 2000

CPU: 400 MHz (or higher)

MEMORY: 128 MByte (or greater)


OS: MacOS 8.5 (or higher)

CPU: PowerMac G3/266 MHz (or higher)

MEMORY: 128 MByte (or greater)

advanced technologic sound magazine
2003 february issue 111

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