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LORD OF BASS - interview by Kleo Patras
. .Exclusive interview (P)&(C)-2007-Future Style

How did you get into the world of Music ?
When i was 16 years old, participating in the local rock/metal bands ''Crucifix'' (1988) and ''Regent''(1994 ), making 2 studio demos and about 10 live performances supporting famous bands from Europe and USA. During these years i discover the attraction i had, to make music as i had a lot of inspirations in my head and i wanted to make something different. 1994 was the year that stigmatized me. One of my cousins was a famous dj in psy trance, so i had the chance to see him live performing in local club events of this music.The atmosphere of the club.... the energy ....the feeling .... there was no second though ...... i said to myself with a very determined voice ''OK,THAT'S IT, THIS IS WHERE YOU BELONG''!!!

How old were you when you knew you wanted to be a music artist?
In the age of 9, when i was playing drums with spoons on pillows with only one think in my mind : ''one day i will become famous''

Who were your biggest influences as a DJ? As a musician/producer ?
Mostly Djs from the German techno trance scene of 90s such as :
Brooklyn Bounce
Kai Tracid
Cosmic Gate
I also have a lot influences from classic composers such as Bach

How would you describe your sound as a producer ?
I cant really put a name on my music sounds, i always let my fans to do it. However if i had to say something about it, i would say that my sounds are dark and mysterious with a lot of energy made only for one purpose ..... to infatuate the people!!!

How will be your tomorrow-style ?
It depends on the music industry needs, but defenitely dark and hard, 100% Lord of Bass style.

How did your studio career develop ?
Learning the basics in software technology, working with local djs/producers and hardware practice by watching other professional producers working in their studio.The rest came after thousands of hours, working hard, practice alone

Did you work in somebody's studio ?
Yes, in my studio

Do you play any instruments ?
Keyboards and drums

When you start out working on a track do you come together with song ideas ?
Always with song ideas.There is no way to make a track if i dont have an inspiration

Does inspiration usually come easy for you ?
Usually not, because i make a track when i have a really good inspiration, something that it's 100% me

Do you have any subject in particular for getting inspiration ?
Usually from personal experiences or something i would like to say through my music

Vinyl or CD ... what do you prefer ?
Vinyl is great for djs, cds are great for listeners, well , i like them both

Do you feel that the internet and MP3s have affected your work in a postive or negative way ?
Defenitely positive. Without internet promotion there is no future. Internet is a great tool for artists, djs, producers to show their talent to the people at first place. Mp3 is a very good format to advertise your work online but i prefer ''wav'' format for my music.

Other than techno music, are there other types of music that you'd like to get involved with ?
I have already been involved with rock/metal music and since 1998 with hard dance and hardbass. Maybe i'll try some industrial and electro sounds in the future but right now it's far away from my plans.
As Lord of Bass (producer) i will follow hardhouse, hardtrance and hardstyle.
As Lord of Bass (remixer) things are more flexible (as long as genre will be generally dance)

What are you working on at the moment and what plans do you have for the future ?
There are 2 new Lord of Bass releases (published by the Italian label Total Wipess Productions):
''Hell Fire'' (11 Hardstyle tracks) and ''The Underground'' (11 Hardhouse, Hardtrance & techno tracks).
As for the future, i would like to make more lives worldwide (working with my dj as a team) and of course to sign to a major record label so my music can be released on vinyls and cds as all the 8 releases i have so far are available in digital mp3 format on the biggest download stores worldwide.

What do you like more, studio work or being on stage ?
I love them both, there are 2 different and unique feelings, but they depend eachother.
First you make your inspiration reality and then you get confirmation from the people

Where are you from ?
The main traits of your character ?
Strict, down to earth, friendly, creative
What is the best moment of the day ?
Midnight till dawn
What are your interests outside music ?
Relaxing, make vacations,t raveling, spending some time with my best friends
What's the best thing in the world ?
Life itself, it's the most important thing that some people ignore
What do you hate most ?
Lies, pretension, depression, nagging
The colour you prefer ?
Black and Dark red
What's your favourite food ?
Greek, Italian, Chinese
Your motto ?
Be REAL, and dont pretend something else

Wars: I'm against
Peace: Defenitely
Heroes: Not in these days
Past: What we will be
Future: The best we want
The Internet: Useful
Drugs: Not for me, i prefer music
Sex: Important
Love: Wonderful feeling, and very rare these days
Heaven: God's place
Hell: Devil's place
Success: Important
Friends: some people say: show me your friends to tell you who you are

Finally, do you have a message for all your fans ?
A very big and real ''thank you'' for supporting me and my music all these years
Your support is the greatest award for me

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. Lord of Bass biography
. Born and raised in Greece, he has led a long musical path that has been the seamless core to his energy and sound. The early sounds of trance and techno influenced him to find his own sound. Inspired by the evening mysterious beauty, his dark and edgy sound has come to make club patrons across the globe dance until the morning light. His professional dj live set with exquisite partners gives a multidimentional twist with impressive results. His edgy view into the music scene delivers a presense that infatuates the people. As an accomplished producer within his genre of hardstyle trance and techno, he has received simultaneous airplay from radio stations such as Technobass-Germany, Rise FM-Denmark, Selecta Radio-UK, Radio Network-USA, Hardbass Fusion-USA, Trance Radio-Switzerland, Nu Energy/Hard dance net-England, Radio Akropolis - Canada, and more.
Currently Lord of Bass has 6 releases by Total Wipess productions, and hundreads of remixes (official and unofficial) for various artists worldwide..


HELL FIRE (Total Wipes) (audio samples)
THE UNDERGROUND (Total Wipes) (audio samples)
KEEP THAT BASS (Total Wipes)
EXTREME (Total Wipes)

Singles / EP
PUMPING HARD (Total Wipes)
BASS ORGASM (Total Wipes)

Anne Clark - Our Darkness (Lord of Bass feat. Mariana) cover rmx*
Jean Michael Jarre remix*
Kate Lesing - Neverland rmx
Dave Bernardi - Circles of Life rmx
PAN - Peace & Melody rmx
Elena Paparizou - GAME OF LOVE rmx*
Elena Paparizou - MAZI SOU rmx*
Elli Kokkinou - SEX rmx*
Despina Vandi - JAMBI rmx*
Tamta - WITH LOVE rmx*
Megadeth - SYMPHONY OF DESTRUCTION (Lord of Bass feat. Mariana)

* unofficial

Listen to ...
Lord of Bass
"The Game Master" (album)
"Pumping Hard" (ep)
"Keep That Bass"
"Bass Orgasm" (ep)

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