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“Modelling was just a job, but DJing was my passion”


Lisa Pin-up by Lisa Pin-up

My rise to fame all started the day I discovered the dance scene. It transformed me into an instant party animal and to remind myselfof my wild nights out, I soon started to visit my local record shop and buy the tunes that made me lose it at the weekend. As my passion for the music grew so did my record collection and my next step was to purchase some decks and start to learn to mix like the DJ's l looked up to.
The first club I ever played at was a local club near to where I lived. One of the resident DJ's at the club was ill and asked me if I could do his slot for him. When I played I was so nervous I thought I would never be able to do it again! Now when I arrive at a club and see any resident DJ that is nervous I tell them not to worry, I was once the same, it is only because you care so much about your performance that you feel this way and with each time you play your confidence will grow.
My first big break came when the promoters behind the Pushca nights in London first offered me a DJ slot. While at their club one weekend I handed them a tape, they told me they loved it and soon offered me a weekly residency. It was Pushca who gave me the name of Lisa Pin-Up, I had decided to call myself Lisa Jane (Boring!) but Pushca had different ideas putting my new name on flyers and radio adverts without me even knowing. The new name stuck with me and it wasn't long before I was known as Lisa Pin-Up.
Next to book me was Miss Moneypennys in Birmingham and then Freedom - Bagleys who both soon offered me a residency. Venues soon started to book me up and down the country and you can now find me DJing at venues such as:- Freedom, London, Slinky- Bournemouth, Bristol, Golden-Manchester, Stoke, Insomniacz-Sheffield, Godskitchen - large events; Gatecrasher- Festivals, Club Class-Maidstone, Naughty But Nice- Hereford, Pussy Cat Club- Brighton, Serious- Tours, Trade- tours, Gods Kitchen- Large advents, Dance Academy- Plymouth, Roar- Cardiff, Kool Waters,- Taunton, The Met- Ireland, BCM- Majorca & Tonic-(resident) Eden.
One thing people always ask me about is my career before I became a DJ. I was a glamour/advertising model appearing on page 3 in the Sun right through to pretending to be a school teacher advertising Nescafe coffee, dancing for a car advert and also acting on a washing powder advert. Modelling to me was just a job but my real love was the club scene and my music, so as soon as I started to earn money from spinning records I turned my back on my modelling career and threw myself headlong into the world of DJing.
As well as DJing my other love of my life is producing records. I have now managed to write and remix 36 tracks for labels such as Substance- Ministry Of Sound, Nu-Life, Nukleuz, Tidy Trax, 23/7,Y2K, Slinky, Rude Boy, Honey Pot & OTR.
After writing tracks for other labels I decided to set a stage for my own unique style of uplifting hard house and trance by launching my own label called Rock Hard Recordings. After 2 years Rock Hard has done exceptionally well with signings to other labels such as Nukleuz and plays on Radio 1. Because of the success of Rock Hard Recordings and the huge amount of tracks sent in by other artists, my partner Peter Barr and myself have decided to set up a second sister label call Cuttin Soundz. With both labels I will continue to produce lighter edged hard house that has become my trademark and sign other artists that also make dancefloor friendly grooves.
I have also been very busy mixing 8 huge compilations. 1 for Virgin Records, 3 for Warners, 1 for Telstar,1 for Automatic records, 1 for Charlys Angelz Ibiza and 1 for Trust The DJ. The first released in September 1999 was called 'The Sounds Of Freedom', sponsored by my Saturday residency which spawned a nation wide club tour up and down the country.
Although under the banner of hard house I am more know for playing uplifting hard funky sets and hard edged trance up when playing my DJ sets up and down the country. I think that this is the reason that I have been referred to rather flatteringly as one of the scenes biggest DJs and was voted in the top 30 of the top100 DJ poll in DJ Magazine and also won the award for 'Best visiting female DJ' by Irelands leading dance magazine BPM.



Feel the Poison, by Lisa Pin-Up/Sugar The Pill (White label)
(Released Oct 1998)

Rock With Me, (on Tidy Girls EP) by Lisa Pin-Up (Tidy Trax)
(Released June 1999)

Freedom, by Lisa Pin-Up/Dirty Rotten Scoundrels (Devil May Care)
(Released July 1999)

Future Acid House, by Lisa Pin-Up (Nukleuz Records)
(Released Feb 2000)

What Would We Do?, by Lisa Pin-Up/Billy Daniel Bunter (Honey Pot)
(Released March 2000)

Music For The Masses '99, by Lisa Pin-Up and Tomislave
(Released April 2000)

To Love Is To Listen, by Lisa Pin-Up (Nukleuz Records)
(Released April 2000)

Such A Feeling, by Lisa Pin-Up/Gary Sharkie (Rock Hard Recordings)
(Released June 2000)

It's Not Over Yet, by Lisa Pin-Up/Gary Sharkie (Rock Hard Recordings)
(Released July 2000)

What It Does To Me, by Lisa Pin-Up/Billy Daniel Bunter (Rock Hard Recordings)
(Released August 2000)

Queens In The House, by Lisa Pin-Up/Modelle/Elvira (OTR Records)
(Released September 2000)

Biggest Baddest Mutha, by Lisa Pin-Up (Nukleuz Records)
(Released October 2000)

Another Jam, by Lisa Pin-Up/Modelle/Elvira (Rock Hard Recordings)
(Released November 2000)
Later signed to Nukleuz Records
(Re-released April 2001)

Sexy, by Lisa Pin-Up/Elvira (Rock Hard Recordings)
(Released December 2000)

DJs Make Ya Move, by Lisa Pin-Up/Modelle/Elvira (OTR Records)
(Released January 2001)

Fever, by Lisa Pin-Up (Rock Hard Recordings)
(Released April 2001)

Hard House Stompin', by Lisa Pin-Up (Rock Hard Recordings)
(Released May 2001)

To The Max, by Lisa Pin-Up (Rock Hard Recordings)
(Released June 2001)

To The Bone, by Lisa Pin-Up/Elvira on 23/7 (Ministry of Sound)
(Released July 2001)

Can't Top It, by Lisa Pin-Up (Nukleuz Records)
(Released February 2002)

It's Incredible, by Lisa Pin-Up (Cuttin Soundz)
(Released March 2002)

Turn Up The Sound, by Lisa Pin-Up (Nukleuz Records)
(Released April 2002)

Jump! Jump! Jump!, by Lisa Pin-Up vs London Fiesta (Cuttin Soundz)
(Released May 2002)

Blow Your Mind, by Lisa Pin-Up (Nukleuz Records)
(Released December 2002)

Sometimes We're Dancing/Don't Leave Me This Way, by Lisa Pin-Up (Nukleuz Records)
(Released April 2003)


Biggest Baddest Mutha, by Lisa Pin-Up (The Remix) (Nukleuz Records)
(released February 2001)

Old Skool Flavours, by The Frisky Crew (Frisky Records)
(Released March 2001)

That's It, by Mr.Bishi (Y2K Records)
(Released March 2001)

Boom Jam, by Let's Shake (Rude Boy Records)
(Released May 2001)

How You Like Bass?, by Norman Bass - Substance (Ministry of Sound)
(Released May 2001)

Hey DJ,by Double Figures - 23/7 (Ministry of Sound)
(Released June 2001)

Bomb Thrush, by Organ Donors (Rock Hard Recordings)
(Released August 2001)

Be There, by Carlotta Chadwick (Rock Hard Recordings)
(Released October 2001)

The Drill, by The Dirt Devils (Nu-life Records)
(Released February 2002)

The Call To Power by Project 303 (Rock Hard Recordings)
(Released February 2002)


The Sound Of Freedom (Automatic Records)
(Released September 1999)

Raising Hell (Virgin)
(Released July 2000)

Hard House Nation (Warner Music)
(Released September 2000; received gold disc for sales.)

Hard House Nation 2 (Warner Music)
(Released December 2000; received gold disc for sales)

Hard House 3 (Warner Music)
(Released March 2001)

Hard House Euphoria (Telstar Records)
(Released October 2001)

Charlys Angelz Ibiza Distributed in Ibiza by the club Charlys Angelz
(Released summer 2002)

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Biggest Baddest Mutha
(Nukleuz Records)
All 11 tracks produced by Lisa.
Track listing:
Baddest Mutha, Blow Your Mind (I Am The Woman), Turn Up The Sound, Don't Leave Me This Way, Another Jam, Let's Go Tripping, To Love Is To Listen, Hard House Stomping, Can't Top It, Sometimes We're Dancing, Future Acid House
(Released April 2003)

Lisa Album Set
(contains LP01 & Biggest Baddest Mutha)

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2003 july-august issue 116

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