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Carlos Libedinsky profile
. Guitarrista, Cantante, Compositor, Arreglador, Director de Coros, Docente

Musician, composer, arranger, singer and guitarist ...... from Argentina.

After experimenting with different styles of music, leading Rock, Blues and Pop groups (La Pera and Arqueros), Contemporary Music ( Duo de guitarrs imago) bringing about the formation of Emilio del Guercio and in the group of Renaissance Music and Medieval Music "Música Ficta" in 1992 he entered the world of tango music, with the duet ¨Los Mareados¨, developing a traditional repertoire along with his own work.
He also composes original music for shows, in the San Martín Theatre of ¨La Comedia de las evocaciones¨ by William Shakespeare and ¨Alan in Vulcania¨ both directed by Claudio Hochman; ¨Emociones Simples¨ for the group ¨La trup¨ , in the theatre Regina; ¨ Clun ¨, ¨ Luna ¨, and the musical adaption of ¨ The Magic Flute¨by Mozart, for the ¨ Clun ¨ group, directed by Marcelo Katz, in the Auditorium of the C.C. Recoleta.
In 1985 he founded the music institute TADEMUS, in the Belgrano area, of which he has been the director until the present day. The institute includes a team of 20 teachers in all specialities and around 180 students.

Carlos Libedinsky is working on his new "Narcotango 2" album production and for this reason the Narcotango group will not be playing until next march 2006.
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1980 a 1984: Dúo de guitarras IMAGO. ( Música Contemporánea. Composiciones propias)
1985 a 1989: Grupo de EMILIO DEL GÜERCIO (ex Almendra, Aquelarre.)
1987 a 1991: Grupo LA PERA (Rock y Pop)
1987 a 1996: Conjunto MÚSICA FICTA DE BUENOS AIRES (Música del Medioevo y Renacimiento. Cuerdas punteadas, Vientos, Tenor)
1998: Bajista del grupo de tango "FLORES NEGRAS"
1996 a la actualidad: Grupo ARQUEROS ( Rock, Blues y Pop)
1996 a la actualidad: Dúo de tango “ LOS MAREADOS” (Composiciones propias y repertorio tradicional)


"Narcotango" Line-Up
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Carlos Libedinsky: composer, loops and samplerprogramming, guitar
Patricio Bonfiglo: bandoneon
Luciano Dyzenchauz: double bass
Sebastian Monk: keyboards
Federico Terranova: violin
Fernando del Castillo: drums and percussions

Carlos Libedinsky- selected DISCOGRAPHY

"Narcotango" (album)

"Aldea Global" (album)

Listen to ...
Carlos Libedinsky
from "Narcotango"
vi luz y subí
¿qué onda?
un paso más allá
otra luna
plano secuencia
mejor así
doble o nada

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Danza y movimento



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. Carlos Libedinsky Narcotango group photos

. Carlos Libedinsky


Carlos Libedinsky: "At the hour when there are only a few couples left on the dance floor, magic sneaks (or ‘creeps’?) into the milonga, and I watch people dancing and experimenting with a new kind of tango dance,
when my body is exhausted from dancing for hours and I don't want the night to end, at that hour NARCOTANGO was born. It was then that I could imagine the music that I wanted to dance to, and to see others dance to. At that moment the narcotic power of tango takes over and confirms, once again, that I have entered a universe inside of me that is hard to leave, because like a drug, tango generates an incredible, sensual and powerful addiction."

Carlos Libedinsky: " .... I don't like a whole night of electronic but I also get bored with all traditional.

How would you define yourself ?
Carlos Libedinsky: " I don't know that much about astrology but I do know that I'm a Gemini and my ascendent is in Gemini. (the sign of twins) So 2 x 2 = 4. I identify in that way about myself. I have many ways of life. I am a musician and composer which gives me the ability to have a connection to life in a sensitive way but it is not enough. I need to do something. I have to be a producer. I have a brain that has many portions. I like to use everything. I need to move and change because I don't like to be boring.
The 20 years with the music school helped me alot. I manage the school so I need knowledge about people. We have 150 students so we also organize bands and shows. The students are 5 - 17 years old. It helps me to be a better organizer (as a producer). I also realized that I don't like to have other people telling me what to do. I like my time. If someone pressures me, I don't work. It is important for me to have freedom."

Source: Tangopulse

¿De dónde surge tu necesidad de mezclar ritmos ciudadanos con la electrónica?
Carlos Libedinsky : "Viene de mi experiencia como bailarín vocacional de tango. Frecuento desde hace cinco años milongas como La Catedral, Salón Canning y La Glorieta de Barrancas de Belgrano. Y de pronto me surgieron ganas de bailar –además de los clásicos– otros temas que estuvieran más ligados a mi época, sin perder ese sentimiento porteño y argentino. Sonoramente todo me remitía al pasado. "
Carlos Libedinsky: " Hoy mi cotidiano tiene que ver con el tango y ritmos que vienen de Massive Attack, una música electrónica que impacta en los centros bajos, tan erótica como el género ciudadano. Lo mío es música de Buenos Aires gestada en el corazón de la milonga, ésa de las 4, 5 de la mañana cuando los cuerpos están exhaustos y las cosas se tornan medio oníricas. Ahí todo se hace más íntimo, menos expuesto para los demás. El grueso de la gente ya no está. Se ve otra frecuencia, el nivel etílico sube a veces y hay menos show off, más encuentro. "
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