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Lisa Dawn Rose-Wyatt better known as Lisa Lashes

Release october 2007 :
debut album "Lisa Lashes" (on Lashed Music)
Included within the outstanding 12 tracks are the recent singles ‘Always Faithful’ and ‘Can’t Sleep’, both of which received rave reviews and various singles of the weeks, as well as collaborations with BK, Anne Savage, and Technikal.

'Always Faithful'
Punk Little Sucka
'Red Admiral'
Lashed Track
all tracks

Tour 2008
She’s about to embark on a world tour alongside friend and cohort, Anne Savage, beginning in late September and running through to 2008, ‘Lisa & Anne’, will see the pair rocking floors across the UK, Europe, and North America.

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Lisa Lashes auto-biography
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"Me, Me, Me!!
My life
I grew up in a place called Holbrooks in Coventry with my mum, dad, 3 older
sisters and 2 brothers; I am second from youngest. It’s not always easy to live in such a big family, especially for my mum (!), but I’m lucky that they’ve always been ultra supportive with whatever I chose to do. I went to John Shelton School in my early years and then to President Kennedy Comprehensive School. When I left school my younger brother, my mum and I moved to Nuneaton where I got my first job in Marks and Spencer’s. I now live in Leicester.

I started going out, clubbing every week-end at places like Moneypenny’s and Chuff Chuff. My favourite DJs at the time were Lisa Loud, John Kelly and the great and late Toni De Vit. I remember it was all new to me; but as soon as I discovered the music I knew I wanted it to be part of my life… and this, everyday. That’s when I decided to learn how to DJ. I had a mate who had decks but his mum wouldn’t let him play loud music in the house, so I borrowed them off him. She did me a great favour there! Then I started buying records from charity shops and borrowing tunes from record libraries. I think my first record was Adam and the Ants “Stand and Deliver”, though I have no idea of where it is now. I often get asked about my DJ name; well I chose it because that’s what my friends and sisters used to call me when I was a kid as I have extremely long eyelashes. Then I guess my style and image suits it rather well!

My first gig was at a boat party on the River Severn in 1996 for Sundissentials. I was lucky to be discovered by Madders that same night, and that’s how I got my first residency. From there, I worked really hard practicing and trying to find other venues to mix at. People seemed to really like what I did and I suddenly got offered more residencies and played regular club nights at some of the most prestigious clubs in the UK: Base, Escape, Euphoria, Eat Your Words, Frantic, Fully Charged, Gatecrasher, Godskitchen, Golden, Goodgreef, Hotdog, Koolwaters, Naughty But Nice, Progress, Radioactive, ROAR, Scream, Slinky, Storm, Temple Theatre, The Met, Tidy, and Tranzaction. I think I’ve named them all! And since 2000, I’ve also had the privilege to headline all the top festivals—Godskitchen Global Gathering, Homelands, Tidyweekender, Tidy Magna, Creamfields UK and Ireland, Homelands, Knebworth, Escape into the Park, Planet Love, Gatecrasher Summer Sound Systems and Dance Valley. I always enjoy these marathonesque parties where la crème de la crème of DJs are reunited.

My job has also enabled me to play all around the globe, and I think I’m really lucky to be able to travel the world like I do. I get to go to the most amazing places, greatest clubs and meet loads of different people. I’ve toured the United States, Canada and Australia, while making appearances in Brazil with Guess Clothing, Tenerife and Corfu. Travelling is tiring and it can take a lot out of you. But I wouldn’t change it for anything. I get to play the music that I love in front of crowds of clubbers who are passionate about what I do. Each gig is unique. In China, on the Slinky in Heinekein Tour, I became the only female DJ to have played to a crowd of over 5,000 in that country. Actually, my best club memory was also a massive gig abroad: I played in South Africa in front of 33,000 people. It’s the best feeling ever to perform in front of huge crowds like that.

The most amazing project I have ever been involved with was the launch of the Lashed parties in Ibiza in 2003. I had already held residencies for several years on the island (Godskitchen, Judgement Sundays, Slinky and Tonic); but I wanted to create something completely unique on the summer’s hottest location. I wanted to put the fun back into the party. Lashed is a more exciting way for me to celebrate my furious brand of music with legions of clubbers.

I still can’t believe the success of Lashed in Ibiza. It has enabled me to take it a step further and bring it to an even greater global audience. This only became possible thanks to the help of everyone at Ornadel Management. I will never thank you guys enough. Their hard work helped to cement Lashed as a premiere dance event and therefore me as a top world DJ. We’ve taken the parties to China, Korea, Canada, New York, Miami, Holland, Russia, Australia, New Zealand and Japan, without deserting the UK & Ireland where we regularly sell out shows.

2005 was another massive year for Lashed. We released a groundbreaking album on Resist that I’m very proud of. I mixed hard dance with techno, trance and even breaks, and it is the first time it has ever been done. In the summer, we organised a one week Lashed holiday in Ibiza which was great fun it must be said! Then we embarked on a colossal world tour where I got to play in more than 30 clubs in 10 different countries in only 2 months! Again, this has never been done before and is definitely one of the greatest highlights of my career.

So far, my DJing career has been phenomenally successful, I am happy to say. I’m the first and only ever female to be considered among the top ten DJs in the world by DJ Magazine. I don’t like to give too much importance to rankings but it is an important achievement for me. And because my mixed albums, Hard House Euphoria (2002) and Extreme Euphoria Vol.2 (2003), have become the highest selling hard house compilations in the world, I’ve been nicknamed the Queen of Hard House! It’s very flattering but this is probably due to the fact that I don’t constrain myself to DJing alone.

Production-wise, my three most successful Tidy releases have been: “Unbelievable”, “What can you do 4me”, “Lookin’ Good”. My latest productions have come out on more underground cutting edge labels that correspond to the direction my style is taking. ‘Desire’ was a release on Gravity Trap in collaboration with hot hard dance producer Ingo and has received great critical-acclaim. My other track ‘Temptation’ on Riot! is another favourite amongst the best Djs on the hard scene with its breakbeat feel I’ve been getting sucked into since the last year.

I have gained my worldwide reputation for playing hard dance but am now being recognised for my skills in the breaks style. I have performed my dirty breaks sets at my Lashed nights alongside people like Freq Nasty, Rennie Pelgrim, Leeroy Thornhill and The Freestylers but also in some of the world’s leading clubs - Godskitchen in Birmingham, Turnmills in London, Bar M in Ibiza. My soon to be released breaks material is getting great feedback and is regularly played by some of the best DJs of the genre like Krafty Kufts. So there’s a lot more to expect from me in that particualr… because I just love it!
Rest assured that whatever I do, I do it hard and dirty; it’s my favourite way!"
Source: Lisa Lashes



Sundissential EP (Part 2) (12")
Tidy Trax 
Lookin' Good (12")
Tidy Trax 
Unbelievable (12")
Tidy Trax 
Unbelievable (CD5")
Tidy Trax 
Looking Good / Hypnobounce (12")
Bit Progressive Music 
Unbelievable (12")
Tidy Trax 
Unbelievable (CD5")
Tidy Trax 
Unbelievable (Picture Disc) (12")
Tidy Trax 
What Can You Do 4 Me? (CD5")
Tidy Trax 
What Can You Do 4 Me? (Disc One) (12")
Tidy Trax 
What Can You Do 4 Me? (Disc Two) (12")
Tidy Trax 
Dance 2 The House (Don't Go)
/ I'm In Control (12")

Tidy Trax 


Make You See God (12") Make You See God (Lisa... good:as 
Give It All You've Got (2x12") Give It All You've Got... Tidy Trax 
HardHouse Anthems 3 (2xCD) Give It All Ya Got (Li... Virgin Records (UK) 
Hard House Nation Three (2xCD) What You're Lookin'? (... Warner.ESP 
The Tidy Girls Annual (2xCD) What Ya Lookin' At (Li... Tidy Trax 
Vital Hard House - Mixed By Anne Savage (CD) The Crow / What You're... Ministry (Magazine) 
What Ya Lookin' At? (CD5") What Ya Lookin' At? (L... Tidy Trax 
What Ya Lookin' At? (12") What Ya Lookin' At? (L... Pulsive 
What Ya Lookin' At? (Disc Two) (12") What Ya Lookin At? (Li... Tidy Trax 

DJ Mixes:

Hardhouse Euphoria (2xCD)
Keep It Tidy 2 : 1998-2000 (3xCD)
Tidy Trax 
Lashed! (CD)
The Tidy Girls Annual (2xCD)
Tidy Trax 
Extreme Euphoria (2xCD)
Extreme Euphoria (Blue) (2xCD)
Tidy FC Annual (2xCD)
Tidy Trax 
Extreme Euphoria (3xCD)
Extreme Euphoria Vol. 3 (2xCD)
Get Lashed In Australia (2xCD)
EQ / Stomp 
Summer Bangers (CD)
Lashed (2xCD)
Resist Music 

Tracks Appear On:

Tidyvision (2xCD) Dance To The House (Do... Tidy Trax 
In The Bag (CD) Looking Good DP Recordings 
Mystery Land 1999 - Club & Trance Edition (2xCD) Looking Good Arcade 
Sundissential EP (CD5") We Came, We Saw... Tidy Trax 
Tidy Girls EP (2x12") Lookin' Good Tidy Trax 
Tidy Girls EP (CD5") Lookin' Good Tidy Trax 
Tidy Girls EP Pt 1 (12") Lookin Good Tidy Trax 
Tidy Trax Spring / Summer Collection (CD) Lookin' Good M8 Magazine 
Fergie - 7 Live #3 (CD) Unbelievable DMC Publishing 
HardHouse Anthems (2xCD) Looking Good Virgin Records (UK) 
HardHouse Anthems 3 (2xCD) Dance 2 The House (Don... Virgin Records (UK) 
Hardhouse Euphoria (2xCD) Lookin' Good, Unbeliev... Telstar 
Insomnia Vol.1 (2xCD) Unbelievable Tidy Trax 
Keep It Tidy 2 : 1998-2000 (3xCD) Looking Good, We Came.... Tidy Trax 
Lashed! (CD) Dance 2 The House (Don... Mixmag 
Milked (CD) Looking Good (Baby Doc... Tidy Trax 
Milked - Triple Disc Pack Two (3x12") Lookin' Good (Baby Doc... Tidy Trax 
The Chronicles Of Hard House According To Tidy Trax (CD) We Came, We Saw Muzik Magazine 
Drink The Rhythm Hard House Mix (CD) Unbelievable Remix Magazine 
Hardhouse Explosion Phase 2 (2xCD) Lookin' Good Roadrunner Arcade Music 
Sundissential The Album! (2xCD) Lookin' Good Sundissential 
The Tidy Girls Annual (2xCD) Unbelievable Tidy Trax 
This Is The Sound Of Hardhouse (4xCD) Lookin' Good Beechwood Music 
This Is... Hard House (3xCD) Lookin' Good Beechwood Music 
Tidy Trax Volume 1 - International Edition (2xCD) Lookin' Good, Unbeliev... Tidy Trax 
Clubbers Journey (2xCD) Unbelievable Green (3) 
Extreme Euphoria (2xCD) Unbelievable (Lab4's L... Telstar 
>Keep It Tidy 3 : 2000-2002 (3xCD) Unbelievable Tidy Trax 
Wanted BPM Vol. 4 (12") Looking Good Bit Progressive Music 
Extreme Euphoria (3xCD) Wat Can You Do 4 Me? (... Telstar 
Extreme Euphoria Vol. 3 (2xCD) What Can You Do 4 Me? ... Telstar 
Resonate Vol. 3 (2xCD) What Can You Do 4 Me? ... Tidy Trax 
Sundissential 3 (2xCD) What Can You Do For Me... Nukleuz 
The Tidy Boys Annual: Summer Seaside Special (2xCD) What Can You Do For Me... Tidy Trax 
Tidy Boys Summer Seaside Annual Album Sampler (CD) What Can You Do For Me... Tidy Trax 
Frantic Euphoria Volume 1 (3xCD) Looking Good Ministry Of Sound 
Get Lashed In Australia (2xCD) What Can You Do 4 Me? ... EQ / Stomp 
Keep It Tidy 4 : 2002-2004 (4xCD) What Can You Do 4 Me? ... Tidy Trax 
Summer Bangers (CD) What Can You Do 4 Me? Mixmag 
Lashed (2xCD) Temptation Resist Music 
Rinsed - Triple Disc Pack One (3x12") Dance 2 The House (Don... Tidy Trax 

Listen to ...

Lisa Lashes

from " Lashed " (2005):

' Global Drum Attack'


' Adagio For Strings'

' Hallucination'

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. Lisa Lashes - photos

. Lisa Lashes

DJ Ron : When you spin are you playing on vinyl or CD or laptop?
Lisa Lashes : " I'm still vinyl at the moment, plastic girl I am. Now and then, I do CDs. Actually, this past weekend I played six or seven CDs which is a very big effort for me because I love vinyl. I like the feel of vinyl, the sound and the heaviness - I don't carry my record box so I like to see the people struggle in with it going into the club "
Source: About , by DJ Ron

Are there any beauty products you would never leave home without?
Lisa Lashes : "I always take my Gucci bodylotion with me wherever I go; I don'tuse many products on my face. "

Hardhouse is quite popular in Holland, but the tough and hard sound of hardstyle isn't n England. Any idea why?
Lisa Lashes : " It's very close to what is called hardcore in the UK. Hardcore is very popular here too; there'are great promoters doing a good job for the genre with the likes of Hardcore Heaven.
Hardhouse suffered from a creative dip, but sounds fresh again now. Do you agree and what was the reason for this dip?
Lisa Lashes : "Yes I totally agree: it's slowing down, there's more melody, more vocals. The influence of trance and breaks has had a great effect on the genre as well. "

DJ Ron : When you spin are you playing on vinyl or CD or laptop?
Lisa Lashes : " I'm still vinyl at the moment, plastic girl I am. Now and then, I do CDs. Actually, this past weekend I played six or seven CDs which is a very big effort for me because I love vinyl. I like the feel of vinyl, the sound and the heaviness - I don't carry my record box so I like to see the people struggle in with it going into the club "
Lisa udc interview

Tour dates

DJ bookings worldwide
Roman Trystram at Ornadel Management
Clearwater Yard - 35 Inverness Street - London - UK
Tel: +44 (0)20 74247500, Fax: +44 (0)20 74247501


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